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Paulson takes responsibility + US Gem rising chart

Today on Capitol Hill, US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson defended himself and admitted it was he who applied pressure to Bank of America’s Ken Lewis to go through with the deal to buy the ailing Merrill-Lynch, whose losses were hidden from BoA shareholders so the ‘deal’ would pass muster with them.

Yes, I was tempted to use my favorite, ‘I knew it was YOU, Paulson’ for the title here but the glow from Ben Bernanke’s attempt at shielding Paulson from the full force of Congress’ (mock) indignation blinded me by its very selflessness. So I’m writing this as if I take all their shenanigans at face value – no easy feat for a suspicious astrologer of the Political Astrology persuasion.

Also, if you’d like to view the ‘Franklin’ natal chart for America (the Gemini rising chart: 2:21 am lmt), with details, you might try a fresh post at SO’W where you may click to enlarge the notation-laden chart, an image of my American obsession.

The earlier hour of the Franklin chart shows a few planets one degree earlier than the more commonly used Sibly placements (5:10 pm lmt, July 4, 1776, Philadlephia, PA) and include: Sun, Venus, and Mars; and of course, the Moon (the people) is earlier as the fastest mover. In this case, Moon is at 18AQ14 and conjunct natal Midheaven 15AQ29.

In this chart, our Cancer planets are lined up in 2nd house, one of the Money houses of Values and Earning Ability; no planets reside opposite in 8th house but the Syzygy Moon is in 8th house…a Syzgygy Moon is the last lunation and in America’s case in July 1776, that would be a Full Moon 10Cap12.

The 8th cusp 1Cap58 (Placidus; tropical) with transiting Pluto’s transformations now ‘at the door’ once again – Pluto will begin his trudge through 8th house after making a Direct Station 00Cap39 on or about September 11, 2009 (the precise hour may depend on your particular time zone; a Station by such a slow mover lasts several days before and after the exact date.)

Why a ‘Franklin’ chart?

Astrologer Ben Franklin is said to have delayed the signing of the Declaration of Independence until the Moon moved beyond opposition to our planets in Cancer…belated thanks, Ben! Otherwise it might have been signed on July 2 since it was at-the-ready.

A few notes have been included on the current but soon-ending Solar Eclipse season which began with the 11 North ‘New President’ Eclipse of Jan 26, 2009, so see what you think, especially if you’re accustomed to using a different natal chart for the US.

And do let me know if you have input or observations to add, either here or at Stars Over Washington!

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