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Jefferson, Lincoln, and the Statue of Liberty

As Independence Day 2009 approaches, here is a good and timely presentation for America’s 233rd birthday:

Today’s installment of PRI’s The Changing World looks at the presidencies of Jefferson and Lincoln and the impacts their presidencies have had on the rest of the world particularly considering President Obama’s symbolic links with President Lincoln, a man to whom Mr. Obama has said he feels a “special gratitude.”

BBC’s The Changing World site has archives of interest with features available on iTunes and as podcasts or MP3 downloads as well.

And for the Statue of Liberty, unveiled and dedicated by President Grover Cleveland on Oct 28, 1886 as a gift from France’s government to mark the Franco-American alliance in the American Revolution (and perhaps to rev up the French people for their own revolution), we shall consider her Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio on that ceremonial day in New York Harbor.

President Cleveland was a supporter of the gold standard, and the Sabian Symbol of the Sun that hallowed day was ‘6Scorpio’: “A Gold Rush.”

Moon ’24Sco’: “Crowds Coming Down the Mountain to Listen to One Man.” (Note: it was a select crowd for the masses were not allowed on the island for the festivities, however, and suffragettes hired a boat to circle the island and shout at them!)

Of course, raising enough money for the large project had been a central issue all along so it must have been with much relief that ‘Lady Liberty Enlightening the World’ was finally presented to the American people.

This copper-bound lady, whose form is based in part on the Roman goddess of freedom from slavery, Libertas, wears a diadem modeled on the Sun-god Apollo’s solar rays shining from her crown of seven spikes. We see this concept repeated on the back of the dollar bill – the all-seeing eye of Horus – and on the Great Seal of the United States.

And as you know, Venus’ metal is copper.

Liberty’s torch represents ‘enlightenment’ and possibly points toward the Illuminati Society which had gained ground in our halls of government long before 1886.

The website of the National Park Service gives pertinent info including her torch being opened again to the public this July 4, and Wikipedia has more to read on The Statue of Liberty, if you wish.

The symbolism of the famous Colossus of Rhodes applies to her as well with Emma Lazarus’ 1883 sonnet, ‘The New Colossus’ conceptually linking the ancient world with the New engraved on a bronze plaque which was added in 1903…I quote:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me.

I lift up my lamp beside the golden door.”

(And now, thanks to our ruling bankers’ and erstwhile politicians’ sorry ways, America has more homeless than she can house, the ‘tempest-tost’ are already here, and the door is ‘golden’ only for the elite few, as it turns out.)

The Statue’s unveiling took place just after a New Moon, signifying a time of new beginnings.

This relates well to the new beginnings of the 12 million immigrants who for 32 years were welcomed and uplifted by the sight of the beckoning Lady in New York Harbor. (Not that all were let in but that’s the story of Ellis Island which I do not cover here.)

Well, for me the ‘Images for Integration’ for the Water-Water Sun Sco-Moon Sco are somewhat puzzling in relation to Lady Liberty but I’ll give them anyway. It’s the quote of the person who shares this blend natally that seems most practically applicable to America’s spirit – then and now.

‘A pile of manure slowly permeates the deeper soil as the November rains soak the still, dark garden…A millionaire businessman establishes a foundation for medical research.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

A ‘pile of manure’?

Perhaps this word picture implies the early and strong dislike of the Statue by many folks which had to be gotten used to to be appreciated by the public! Did they become more accepting of her presence and inspiring beauty by ‘November’? It wouldn’t surprise me – she’s quite a beaute!

And ‘a millionaire businessman’ could refer to Joseph Pulitzer who was involved with the fund raising for the project.

So in closing, check out this famous quote and see what you think as it relates to the very spirit of America:

“Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest.”

Georgia O’Keefe

Our America, Land of the ‘self-made man’ – and woman!

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