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US Solar Return 2009: midpoint pictures

It will soon be time for America’s birthday celebration we fondly call Independence Day, so I’ve posted America’s Solar Return 2009 using and displaying both the US ‘Sibly’ natal chart, and what I call the ‘Franklin’ chart, the time of which is based on astrologer Benjamin Franklin on the US 20-dollar bill which shows in the background the clock on Independence Hall in Philadelphia marking ‘2:21’ (or 2:22)…am or pm.

I’ve used the 2:21 PM lmt chart for my SR 2009 post, yet there is much to be said for a chart set for 2:21/22 AM which gives Uranus 8Gem55 rising. But since Uranus was unknown in 1776 and was not discovered by William Herschel until 1781, it would probably be the Universe playing celestial synchronicity with us, rather than prankster Ben insisting on signing such an important document in what to me seems the middle of the night (or early morning, if you prefer!)

Another possibility, however (and I’ve not read this anywhere, I’m just imagining it now for you) is that as Franklin and the others declared (treasonous) independence from Britain, they were desirous of keeping their heads and wished to be secretive in order to be safe from British spies or officials.

Hmm. Then the Universe may have conspired after all to have the planet associated with freedom and independence, the one that disrupts the status quo – Uranus – on the Ascendant of America’s birth chart, hence: 2:21/22 am lmt.

A rising Uranus on any Ascendant indicates coping ability with whatever comes up – perfect! With the messes politicians now have us embroiled in, perhaps I’ll start using the 2:21 am chart for America just to see if it helps with anything.

As the president said, Try something. And if it doesn’t work, try something else.

Plus, in the 2:21 am chart Mars is in first house of Identity and the US seems to be awful scrappy, aren’t we? Always looking for a contest and an enemy and creating them if and where they didn’t previously exist.

September 11, 2001:

The 2:21 am chart has certain important links to the planets of a massive event with a well-known time of occurrence: the first attack on the World Trade Center, Sept 11, 2001.

The Sibly chart is often used now by some who didn’t before because 9/11/01’s Pluto crossed the Ascendant and restrictive Saturn was on the Decendant – the Saturn/Pluto opposition whose clock began ticking at their conjunction of Nov 8, 1982 – the Reagan era. He signed the Garn-St. Germain Act on Oct 15, 1982 which opened the door to the current financial collapse.

Do I believe the loosening of regulations made possible by the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act and 9/11/01’s financial effects are related?

Let’s just say, I knew it was You, Reagan.

So, the speculative 2:21 am chart flips this transiting pair on 9/11/01 to transiting Saturn conjunct ASC, tr Pluto conjunct Descendant indicating loss and restrictions for America (Saturn to ASC) by foreign, secretive, and transformational forces (Pluto in Sagittarius.)

Works for me especially with a Gemini ASC resonating with the Twin Towers and their trade/commerce activities (Gemini’s Mercury = trade, commerce; the Twins of Gemini.)

But for the purposes of my US Solar Return 2009 article, I have used the Sibly (5:10 pm lmt) chart and the 2:21 PM chart from July 4, 1776 to calculate the current Solar Returns.

This results in differences between the Solar Return 2009 charts because the Sun returns to two spots in the zodiac: 13Can13 in the Franklin version, and 13Can19 in the Sibly.

And now here are the midpoint pictures formed in both Return charts starting with the Franklin version – you’ll notice that this version has much less “action” – only one picture – than the Sibly SR though both have the traveling Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter trio which is rising in the Franklin SR, but in 11th house of the Sibly Return.

~As always, midpoint pics operate in an ‘any, all, or none’ manner and may respond later on to transiting planets that trigger them particularly if they’re on a SR angle.

And as you know, a SR chart is ‘good for’ a year (from birthday to birthday) so it’s a bit like having a new birth chart for a year to work with (see article linked above for more info) yet Return charts are always read in tandem with the natal charts from which they issue.~

‘Franklin’ SR 2009:

Mercury/Mc = Saturn: one’s point of view comes under scrutiny by authority figures; abandoning one’s former aims; meditation; solitude; separation; melancholy.

‘Sibly’ SR 2009:

Pluto/ASC = Jupiter: an imposing and powerful personality; a large gain; generosity; a favorable turn of circumstances; receiving a bounty; drive to major success.

Plu/ASC = Neptune: potential scandal; otherworldliness; peculiarities; power run amok; away from the middle of the road; disappointments; suffering from the actions of malicious or bad people within the environment; an awkward and unfortunate situation.

(Neptune for the masses and Jupiter for wealthy bankers and politicians?)

Moon/NN = Mc: emotional relationships with intensified ego involvement; initiation of a soul-union.

Sun/ASC = Venus: harmony and affection; a love of humanity; peace.

Mercury/ASC = Mars: negotiations and discussions; quarrels; emphasizing one’s own ideas; the urge to attain success; deciding on the best course of action in collaboration with advisers.

Saturn/ASC = Mercury: change of environment; getting into trouble through others; a journey; others influencing one’s thinking; wanting to be alone, to get away from it all.

And on a joyous note, here’s a picture formed with US natal Jupiter (5Can54/56) as focal planet for the year of America’s Solar Return 2009 and operative in either chart (Mercury 2Can36/51):

SR Sun/Mercury = n Jupiter: optimism; broadening one’s horizons and mental focus; successful travel; speechmaking; uplifting thoughts about religion; good connections; a good thinker, orator, and organizer; protection and sponsorship.

Well, light the grill, pass the mustard, and Happy 233rd birthday, America and warm felicities to all my fellow Americans!


(Midpoint pictures: ‘Solar Arcs,’ Noel Tyl; ‘The Combination of Stellar Influences,’ Reinhold Ebertin.)


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  1. Jude — You’ve been mighty busy here with not one, but two solar returns.

    In terms of a Gemini rising for the U.S., astrologer Debbi Kempton-Smith has espoused it, noting that Americans talk all the time. I’ve long been a fan of the Sibley chart because the Sag rising resonates with Manifest Destiny and the Marlboro Man, but maybe that’s how our partners and open enemies (7th house) see us. In any event, given the spread of cell phones and the American love affair with the iPhone, I’m coming around to a Gemini rising myself. Best, Monica Starr



    July 7, 2009 at 10:28 pm

    • Yes, thanks Monica for ‘fessing up!

      Am on the verge of using the Gem rising chart enough to blog on it and you know the amount of time it takes – esp to switch canoes in midstream.

      But the twinkle in old Ben’s eye in front of Independence Hall clock haunts my dreams (seriously – i did dream about him and the clock.)

      Hope your weekend was relaxing and thanks again for weighing in on the which-US-natal-chart puzzle, jude



      July 8, 2009 at 1:29 am

  2. Thanks for the info. I guess what everyone was chatting about in 1982 re Prince William was “eclipses occurring the day of the Heir Apparent’s birth don’t bode well for a monarchy.”
    Breaking news: as I am tapping this out, word has ‘just come over the wires’ that Sarah Palin will be resigning as Alaska’s governor. Some wags have wondered if this is going to be another one of those ‘I have a lover in Argentina’ things. (impending scandal).

    Anything on your plate about Sarah Palin or Mark Sanford?
    (Especially Mark, because his ‘love is more important than anything’ sentiments are somehow reassuring that (men especially) can be motivated by things other than lust for money, power, and position.



    July 3, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    • Ah yes, of course, i remember those wonderings about the Prince’s Eclipse birth. He has continued to be ‘eclipsed’ hasn’t he? Not sure he’ll ever reign.

      Yes, i just posted a smidge on Palin’s sudden resignation and am listening to NPR about it now…she sounded very emotional and odd to say the least.

      Actually, I’ve punted on Mark Sanford since i don’t usually care to focus on sex scandals but have a post here with a link to a great astrological article on him if you’d care to search for ‘Mark Sanford’ – it’s from Out the Comet’s Ass.

      When Sarah Palin burst on the national scene, i posted a bit on her natal planets with transit Neptune to her Sun and Mars in AQ, but not since then. i figured the transit would be trouble for a politician trying to define herself for the general public. Now today she mysteriously resigns her office way ahead of time…weird…and Neptunian.

      Of more interest to me is the recently found copy of America’s Declaration of Independence in the British National Archives! It’s a rare artifact that varies not at all in its text from the others and is in good condition with one mended tear.

      The copy was discovered by an American researcher months ago but is being announced in time for tomorrow’s celebrations. Cool!

      Also, Sandy – do you have a site or blog? i’d appreciate your link, if so! i’m assuming i don’t have it already. jc



      July 3, 2009 at 9:26 pm

  3. Thanks for your work-up of the Garn-St Germain signing ceremony. This was really helpful. I had read that Paul Krugman article about ‘blaming it on Reagan’ in the NYT a few weeks ago and I couldn’t agree more.

    In my own personal life the two eclipses of 1982 (the solar eclipse at 29Gem47 on June 21– conjunct my MC within two minutes of arc and the one in July (conjunct my Uranus at 28 cancer)….were indeed momentous, life changing…disastrous.

    And as I had to leave DC on Oct 13, 1982…glad to see something ‘bad’ happened on Oct 15, 1982 at 11:03am….Garn-St Germain. Definitely a painful time.

    Here is something else: as you know, Prince William born on the day of that solar eclipse. ..June 21, 1982….at the time, astrologers were all a-twitter (pardon the expression) because the heir to the British throne was born just a few hours after this solar eclipse. If you have any thoughts about this, (now or at some future point) I’d love to hear it.

    Also re: Ronald Reagan…..it always irked me that he was credited with the ‘fall of the Soviet Union.’ I always thought it was obvious that the USSR’s ‘collapse’ was due to the costs of their protracted war in Afghanistan.

    Now look where we ( the United States) is: our military is deployed not only in Afghanistan (on the eastern flank of Iran) and also in Iraq (on the western border of Iran)……what can you say except ‘yikes.’

    And speaking of ‘Dragon heads’ and “Dragon tails’…(north and south nodes)….there is China, which has a small border with Afghanistan itself





    July 3, 2009 at 1:52 am

    • Thanks very much, Sandy! Yes, the Reagan post has been in the wings for a long time and Paul Krugman’s op-ed ‘triggered’ its completion and publish (unbeknownst to Mr. Krugman, of course.)

      Woo that’s a lot of Ecl action for you in 1982! Obviously you came out the other side but i resemble your remarks since I had had to leave DC in the 70s around Nixon’s scalded-dog leave-taking. For years I had dreams of still being there on those lovely avenues of embassies with its parks and historical monuments (i wasn’t aware of their Masonic importance then though i saw zodiac emblems in various buildings.) My favorite apt there was on Kalorama Rd just off Connecticut Ave – wonder if the apt building is still there…probably so.

      Anyway, you ask about the ‘Eclipsed Prince’ a subject which has been on my posting list for years now but the closest i’ve come so far is the sidebar Page on ‘Diana and Dodi killed.’ Don’t think i mentioned her children in it, however, but i was aware of the significance of William’s PE when i wrote it.

      That Prince William was born just after the 2 Old North Eclipse turned out more unfortunate than i (still) can deal with – i didn’t worship Princess Diana but i greatly appreciated her landmine work, her ambassadorial talents, and thought she got a raw deal in the marriage department…big time, big swindle actually. (As an American i’m ‘constitutionally’ incapable of being a monarchist other than historically and astrologically, of course, yet as disfunctional families go, they’re interesting, aren’t they?)

      The flavor of the 2 Old North of June 21, 1982 may be known to you (too well!) but i shall add it here for the Other person who may read this and not know its details…

      unfortunate news concerning relationships or friendships; endings and separations, but fast action brings good results (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’) The 29th degr of Gemini you cite is crisis-ridden or critical, as you know.

      The Initial Ecl in this Series occurred June 24, 792 (OS) with Sun/Moon 5Can49 – conjunct what would later be US natal Jupiter’s position, plus the year 792 Ecl has Jupiter 6Can53 which is basically a pre- or unconscious US Jupiter Return! A converse Jupiter Return chart to 792 might yield helpful information but who has time?!

      Then the New Millennium (which actually began at midnight + one second of Jan 1, 2001, not 2000, Other reader) was ushered in in part by the 2 Old North of July 1, 2000 (’10Can’ between US natal Jupiter and Sun) and then another Solar Ecl occurred July 31, 2000 (‘8Leo’ – 2 New North conj Bush’s and the GOP’s natal Mercuries and Bush’s n ASC – ‘The Tower’ = ‘collapse of lifestyles; dust settles and rebuilding begins; this reshaping will have far-reaching results’…9/11/01, a travesty which i believe was part of the financial agenda since the Garn-St Germain Act was signed by Reagan.)

      So actually the year 2000 was Grand Eclipse Year with 4 Solar Eclipses (you probably know all this but once again i add info for the Other reader) which ‘ushered in’ the New Millennium with the 21st century’s PE on Dec 25, 2000 being the final (Eclipse) send-off to the 20th century (‘4Cap’ in the 2 South Series – and PE of Bush’s 1st term…’involvement with unusual groups through which one gains a great deal’…And Ronald Reagan’s PE.)

      So Sandy, i’m not sure that Prince William is very near the top of my list of ‘to-post’s right now, esp since so much has been written already concerning the Astrology of his birth, life, chances for kingship, his mother’s death, etc, but i hope this info is a little something for you!

      And with the US Solar Return 2009 and the upcoming Eclipses, plus several other posting subjects i’m trying to catch up on, there’s a lot going on on Earth – and in Washington – so we can only imagine what’s going on up above!

      Be well, jude



      July 3, 2009 at 4:26 am

  4. thanks



    July 2, 2009 at 1:36 am

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