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Obama’s reforms modeling wrong Roosevelt

Simon Johnson makes the point I’d make if I were an economist who could write like Mr. Johnson: that President Obama’s reforms of the US financial system should follow Teddy Roosevelt’s actions before it attempts to model FDR’s.

And astrologers everywhere know that the July 22 Solar Eclipse at critical degree (29Can) is nearing with its ‘failed system; new methods and ideas needed; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed’ vibe.

And yes, an Eclipse’s influence may occur about 2 weeks early, or begin during its 6 month season of strongest influence.

Advice? Hold on to your piggybanks, and don’t depend so much financially on the internet, just in case.


Eclipse details: Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’

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  1. Sorry if I managed to sneak out some of you forecasts for the rest of the year, because you are right about the markets reacting to every change as really good or really bad – nothing in between!

    I’m quite fascinated (and worried) about the upcoming cardinal crosses because I have my sun at 6 Cap which is in the conjunct all natal Uranus, Saturn and Neptune, so I’m in a state of fear about what that could mean so I was looking all over the web for information on the eclipse as some sort of signal for that and your quote of new systems and new ideas really summed it up for me!



    June 23, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    • Al, i know what you mean – yet forewarned is forearmed so you have Astrology to help you prepare…which is more than most people have.

      Do be aware that a good bit of your level of fearful feelings is because you have the links to the Cardinal Grand Crosses so you’re sensitized to the energies and may be able to protect yourself in ways you don’t yet know. Listen to your Higher Mind on these things for guidance; see change as opportunity. Use your planets that are connected to the Crosses – bwo their signs, degrees, and aspects – to aid you…use their energies for your own and for others’ benefit. Ex: perhaps your Sun has a positive aspect from say, Mars, in your natal chart – study the aspect and use it!

      And as usual: it isn’t events that occur, it’s our responses to them that matter most in the long run.

      So thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it very much esp because blogging into silent space isn’t as easy as it looks and it’s often easy to wonder, Why Bother?! jude



      June 23, 2009 at 5:50 pm

      • Hi Jude, I really enjoy reading your site and I would say its one of the best on astrology because you have a more simple and yet informative way of explaining which is why I keep asking you questions!

        The cardinal crosses will be strange for me because transiting Uranus will square natal Uranus from one side and transiting Saturn will square natal Saturn from the other side, with my Sun right between them! Not to mention Pluto near all these! I really don’t know how to interpret all this, although I’m probably clogging up your post with all my questions now! Thanks, al.


        Al, you’re not ‘clogging’ at all and i do appreciate your interest and queries.

        Just remember that zillions of people have had similar transits to their natal planets (and worse!) and lived to tell the tale! You know that there must be at least 3 indications in a chart for a particular thing to manifest, right?

        And angular contacts are more likely to bring big events or changes…without angularity, events may be quite small or even unnoticeable – or manifest on an inner level Only with no outer manifestation at all.

        The Saturn-Uranus-Pluto transits are generational – so everyone in your age group is experiencing similar things to one of their planets or another – this indicates lack of flexibility, clashes, and disruptions – pretty much what’s going on already but continuing. Knowing this, you can think twice before reacting (which is an example of what i meant by our responses being important.)

        The fact that you’ll have more than one transit going on at one time indicates complexities, sure, but that too occurs to people all the time and describes life’s complex nature. And i assume you’re checking your progressed chart and perhaps a Solar Return with transits to it.

        Plus, the Return of your natal chart’s ruler (if not the Sun = your Solar Return) is important to keep an eye on during difficult transits and gives a fuller picture of how things may proceed for you. ‘Identifying Planetary Triggers’ is my personal fave for Returns of all kinds (Celeste Teal.)

        Hope this helps as much as it can, but if you’re really concerned, Al, do have a consultation done which should include progressions for the time period you’re concerned about…you can specify your concerns with most astrologers for they like to know where to zero in for the best reading. jude



        June 23, 2009 at 9:49 pm

  2. Hi Al, a Solar Ecl in Cancer relates to Cancerian things such as security, home, real estate (homelessness?), homeland, products used in the home, nourishment, momma, and crab-filled oceans…you can probably think of more linked with the sign of Cancer.

    The most recent years an Ecl in the 11 South Series occurred are:

    July 11, 1991 ’19Can’ (th eone i’ve blogged about on Stars Over Washington relating to the murder of Danny Casolaro who was finishing up his book on ‘The Octopus’ (world crime syndicate)-Bush Sr and his NWO pals-the stolen PROMIS software and its progeny that tracks terroists’ bank accounts, various countries’ and yours, too-’19Can’ is a violent degree and is Casolaro’s ntal Mercury, the writer’s planet…Casolaro called it The Octopus because its tentacles are in everything (as we should now recognize.)

    Prior to 1991, 11S manifested on:

    June 30, 1973 ‘9Can’ (Palestinian/Arab terroists attack Athens and Rome airports and US and Israeli embassies – Israel bombs in reply; Egypt and Syria attack Israel; Nixon’s complicity in Watergate is being uncovered; US VP Agnew resigns over tax evasion; drought in Ethiopia kills appr 100,000; 3-day work week intr’d in UK to save energy);

    June 20, 1955 ’28Gem’ (‘Bankruptcy’ degree in Sabian Symbols; Church of Scientology established; Churchill resigns due to ill health; Eisenhower has a heart attack; Bill Gates is born);

    June 8, 1937 ’18Gem’ (see below for events);

    May 29, 1919 ‘7Gem’ (see below for events – 7/8 Gem is where transiting asteroid Midas has hung out of late and the degree of the Great Nep/Pluto Conj of 1892 – which marks the Robber Barons’ natal chart – this brings into the picture the plundering of natural resources – such as the Amazon forest natives fighting back which is now in the news;


    May 18, 1901 ’00Sag’ (Commonwealth of Australia founded; Pres McKinley shot and dies 8 days later/assassin executed; US military rule ends in Cuba; oil discovered in Texas; Pacific Railway founded in US; Wilson publishes ‘History of the American People’; 1st Nobel Prize awarded.)

    Al, it would take several articles to cover the historical events of those time periods using Astrology, but anyone interested may research what was going on in any of those years for a presaging of flavors to come – esp when similarities to today’s events ‘pop out’ ! And it all relates to systems failures and new ideas and methods being needed.

    (I’d pay special attention to 1919 (League of Nations proposed; assassinations in Afghanistan and Bavaria; League of Nations proposed; Mussolini founds the Italian fascist movement; Hitler just getting started; the Weimar Constitution adopted precisely on the Saturn/Uranus opposition; Pres Wilson has a stroke), 1937 (FDR; Japan invades China; Musolini, Hitler, and Brit cabinet minister Lord Halifax confer; major floods in midwest US leave a million people homeless.)

    And then there’s 1991, when Bush Sr was calling publicly for a new world order – see YouTube! plus, Desert Storm; aparteid is dismantled in South Africa; US hostages in Lebanon are released; Pan Am Air collapses under massive debts; major flooding in China; Gorbachev resigns, Soviet gov is dismissed/USSR dissolves; Freddie Mercury dies of AIDS.

    ‘History repeats, but details may vary’ due to the ever-changing canvas of other planets’ aspects/relationships to one another so how things play out is about more than an Eclipse, of course. An Eclipse is a sort of ‘backdrop’ i guess you’d say, but some are stronger than others – totality and their path where visible being most important; Fixed star contacts and critical and sensitized degrees fill out the picture.

    Another big aid when we’re looking forward is to check out the Initial Eclipse in any Series (they all have a beginning and end) – in the case of 11S that would be: June 14, 1360 (OS = Julian Calendar) with the Sun/Moon at World Point 00Can48 with 1360’s Mercury at ’19Cancer’ conjunct the 1991 Eclipse degree and Casolaro’s natal Mercury (a time link)!

    Thanks for your Q, Al, hope this gives you some food for thought! jude



    June 19, 2009 at 4:02 pm

    • Thanks for that! Is the eclipse even more important though because of its degree, which goes with the new system and old themes? Jude what do you think will be the general feeling for the rest of the year, will it be the same kind of optimism we have seen so far or will the eclipse change that to more panic and gloomy like we saw at the end of last year?



      June 22, 2009 at 10:47 pm

      • Al, the crisis 29th degree does strain toward the next sign, always, and with a ‘cycle completed’ flavor, you’re right. What all this means will have to play out before we’ll really know which systems are affected most adversely. Obviously the weaker a system is, the more it may be under siege by the events brought on by the Eclipse.

        Glimmers of optimism sparked by media culpability/propaganda are part of the Jupiter-Neptune theme (Jupiter as natural ruler of 9th house publishing, Neptune = the masses; media) so yes…becoming involved in speculation continues but the ‘system failures’ of the Eclipse can interfere – but how much?

        So my forebodings for the rest of 2009 are showing, aren’t they? My sense is that we’ll know more around the time of the July Eclipse and soon after – more market paranoia may be on the way – unfortunate since markets are ultra-sensitive to moods and fearmongering…which i why i haven’t said too much about it! Blogging gnats must hold their tongues sometimes, assuming that gnats have tongues to hold.

        But you ferreted me out on my forebodings so i must add: try to stay cool and calm, Everyone!! And if we have to do without the ‘interweb’, just know how totally grumped up i will be! jude

        ps: i posted on the July 7 Lunar Eclipse near US natal Sun at Stars Over Washington in case you haven’t seen it…Lunar Ecl at ’15 Capricorn’ sign of business, law, politics…all of which are based on systems and i hope to add more details to the post pre-July 7. jc



        June 23, 2009 at 1:31 am

  3. Hi Jude, the eclipse will be interesting won’t it, do you know of any recent similar times when there was something like this and if we can get an idea of what the eclipse could mean?



    June 18, 2009 at 10:36 pm

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