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Is Hank Paulsen a “national hero”?

Matt Taibbi doesn’t mince words in his reply to Evan Newmark’s call in the Wall Street Journal for the enshrinement of Hank Paulsen as a “national hero.”

(Be sure to read the second half.)

Mr. Newmark is a former managing director of Goldman-Sachs, so he may be a little – biased – and/or on the payroll.

No, “enshrinement” isn’t what I think Bush’s Treasury Secretary Paulsen deserves either for his role in TARP murkiness or for his role in the downfall of the US financial system.

But perhaps you disagree!


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  1. Hi Jude:
    In my own thinking, if the USG had done comething to control gas prices last summer, this house of cards would not have collapsed. With so many people living on credit, you need to pay the car gas to get to work, to pay the mortgage (or at least some of it.) But small businesses could not take the shock and so fewer jobs, no money, no consumer/home owner debt repayment without an income. And without regulation, the Republican establishment, aided by the Dems under Clinton allowed many boundaries to be crossed in the insurance and financial industries. The assumption was that the economy was strong enough to withstand any shock. And now those of us around who can still pay taxes are stuck. While I am sure that the USG had to prop up the financial system, it would have been far better to regulate it.

    And then there was Madoff…even the local Jewish community center has money with him and has lost a big chunk of their reserves with both the drop in the market and his theivery. Most importantly, with the eclipses yet to come, anyone who is saying the financial crisis over is blowing smoke. We haven’t hit bottom yet. This is just the up loop of the roller coaster….



    June 22, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    • Excellent points, Eileen, and i agree with you: the bottom isn’t hit yet.

      For one thing, we’re only in the middle of the ‘Jupiter-Neptune = US natal Moon’ period which will be influencing markets (Jup-Nep = liquidity/grand imaginings and plans — they’re in conj in the NYSE natal chart of 1792 but in Libra) and The People (Moon) on into 2010 since their last conjunction isn’t until Dec 2009.

      Chiron’s transiting position amongst Jup-Nep only intensifies the ‘elusive money’ wounds, yet may also lift us spiritually, if we let it.

      Plus, the Jup-Nep-Chiron trio may represent the Jewish community’s charity losses and other religion-based projects now suffering thanks to faulty and fraudulent (Neptune) money and religious (Jupiter) dealings.

      Thanks for your comments, and hope you’re hangin’ in! jude



      June 23, 2009 at 1:13 am

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