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Reagan’s remarks at 1976 RNC

A ‘political thespian’ if there ever was one, Gov. Ronald Reagan was asked to give a few impromptu remarks on August 19, 1976 at the close of the Republican convention after he lost the presidential nomination to Pres. Gerald Ford.

He waxed philosophical on how people 100 years into the future would judge the job they were doing – with nuclear missiles, and concerning “the erosion of freedom that has taken place under Democratic rule…”

Historical speeches intrigue me – primarily as a process of propaganda catapulting which can be investigated.

When Reagan complained of the Democrats in August 1976, he added, “…the invasion of private rights…” which reminds me that both parties have perpetrated the Same erosions, the Same invasions – they simply take turns at the top of the ladder as they shaft we-the-people and undermine our nation’s sovereignty, its foundation, and its social fabric.

The ‘Ds vs Rs’ kerfluffle is a divide and conquer tactic that has worked well for Washington and for local governments and unfortunately, most Americans still fall for it and cling to it as if it’s being honored in good faith.

Yes, from little erosions great invasions are born…politicians get us used to minor losses incrementally so that the big ones are easier to shove.

In 1976 Gov. Reagan added, “the controls and restrictions on the vitality of the great free economy that we enjoy.”

As of 2008, everyone in the country can now see that they’ve “enjoyed” us “freely” and unrestrictedly over the economic abyss of deregulation and its handmaiden, fraud. We don’t have to wait a 100 years to understand that.

And yes, it took both parties in our illusory “two-party system” to get the New World Order plan progressed this far – into the future.

If Pres. Reagan’s natal chart had a higher Rodden Rating (it’s DD for ‘dirty data’) I would have published and written about his chart before now.

However, I have looked at a chart for ‘after midnight’ of Aug 19, 1976 in relation to Reagan’s chart which AstroDataBank gives as: Feb 6, 1911 4:16 am CST, Tampico, Il; ASC 27Sag16, Mars 3Cap59 and rising; Sun 16AQ31 in 2nd house, Moon 13Tau43 in 4th house conjuncts US Inaugural ASC = the oath of the presidency – as does his n NN (public contact) 14Tau19; MC 21Lib16.)

On August 19, 1976 Jupiter 29Tau36 hosted Reagan’s natal midpoint of Saturn/Pluto 28Tau27 so we see that…

n Saturn/Pluto = tr Jupiter: excessive modesty; simplicity; religious and social fanaticism; sacrificing oneself to a cause; trouble with authority; staying out of trouble; trying to save what’s left; adoption of the austere.

At 12:05 am in Washington, August 19, 1976, the MC 9AQ25 conjuncts Reagan’s Syzygy Moon at birth 9AQ24 (the lunation – New or Full Moon – prior to his birth. In RR’s case, a New Moon.)

Transit Mercury 22Vir33 was conj US natal Neptune, a time when it becomes difficult to grasp the true meaning or the accuracy of information yet trying to get to the bottom of issues gives more questions than answers (we seem to be in a permanent state of that!); ideas are understood in a mystical or spiritual sense; papers, correspondences, and keys tend to be misplaced, and mysticism or the occult are on the menu.

The Solar Eclipse Series in which August 19, 1976 fell was the 14 South: obsessive ideas or methodologies are finally accepted then followed by Jupiter’s promised rewards.

I could go on but time grows short – gotta motor. But here is an ‘Image of Integration’ for 1976’s Sun Leo-Moon Gemini (9:08 at 12:05 am):

‘On a bright summer’s day a butterfly turns into a radiant being.’

Ah hah – Ronald Reagan as he went on the capture his presidential dream while promoting a global agenda…his Solar Return for 1976 contained these midpoint pictures —

Sun/Pluto = Neptune: sacrifice to a cause; vocational problems; impressionability.

Jupiter-Neptune = Sun: following the dream; potentially misguided states; feeling the spirit; trying to capture the essence of things.

The Sun Leo-Moon Gem blend is shared natally by Reagan’s fellow dreamer, Alfred Lord Tennyson, who wrote:

“For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be.”

It is my belief that Newt Gingrich and other Reagan idolators and *Albert Pike followers are in process of implementing a Reagan-promoted world ‘Vision’ into the New Millennium with the economic collapse of the global economy and other attacks on our very social fabric for the purpose of creating chaos and rubble from which a New Economic World Order will rise like a phoenix.

Thing about the phoenix myth is: only one phoenix can be alive at one time, so the first one – America – must be snuffed out before the new version can be born.

So. How are you liking their New Millennium plans so far?


Resources: ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ Charles & Suzi Harvey; midpoint pictures: Tyl and Ebertin; ‘Brady’s Predictive Astrology’; and my little peabrain.

*a reference to Albert Pike’s NWO plan of Jan, 1870.


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Senator Durbin goes all truthy

We must be having a collective Duh Moment on this one – the US Congress is owned by big bankers.

After all, any American with a busy credit card or three is owned by them, too.

And no one seriously expected the ‘cramdown’ legislation (meant to keep people in their homes by judge’s order) to be crammed down the Congress-owning bankers’ greedy throats, right?

But wait – with all the bailout billions from US taxpayers the big bankers held out their claws for at the public trough, is this how we’ve finally found ourselves ‘owning’ ‘our’ Congress again?

Oh the irony of it all.

Why, it could almost trump the thievery and sleaziness of Washington and Wall Street – as if.


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