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Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune and World Health

Having just discovered a very thoughtful post concerning the ongoing conjunction of Neptune and Chiron, now with expansive Jupiter in tow, I want to be sure you discover it at Astrology by Kingsley for a cosmic, world health approach to this difficult-to-diagnose trio.


Written by Jude Cowell

April 30, 2009 at 4:26 pm

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  1. Thanks for the reply. I actually also have Uranus and Saturn conjunct the Sun too (in Cap 2nd house) and the Moon in Virgo trines them all while my Scorpio ascendant also gets involved and sextiles all of them!

    Jude do you have a strong Neptune, your art is really good and isn’t Neptune good for artists? I’ve never been good at art actually even with a strong Neptune though although I definitely get a feeling that I’ve become much more spiritual and started thinking about all the social ills we have and the article you mention just highlghts the global health problems, I mean we in the West might be fine but what if swine flu gets to Africa?

    Also Neptune is now less than 2 years away from dipping into Pisces so do you think the events we see during the conjunction could be play out during its long transit through its home sign? In fact when you think it was Neptune who dissolved the regulation in the business and financial industry while it was in Capricorn!



    May 1, 2009 at 2:52 pm

    • Yes, Neptune has been up to economic dissolutions since it slipped into Scorpio, sign of big business – that’s when (devilish, usury) credit cards were invented in the 50s.

      But Neptune in Capricorn has been a dissolving influence over Saturn-ruled Cap, yes, when structures/laws/governing systems/business practices melted into slush but with a feel-good veil over most of the shenanigans.

      And you may know that I tend to grouse a lot about the Ura/Nep conj(s) of the early 90s and use their 3rd conj of Oct 24, 1993 as a marker for the NWO’s modern birth chart, the pair now bringing us a new Economic world order.

      Not sure if you’ve read my posts at Stars Over Washington, but ’18Cap’ – POLITICAL POWER – is the spot and consolidating power/money (gold) for world domination is the goal.

      I mention this because earlier today I read Robert Scheer’s article at Truthdig (Apr 28) on The Clinton Bubble which reminds us that the so-profitable 90s (Ura/Nep in Cap) gave Wall St everything it wanted and nothing it didn’t (regulation) which has led directly to our present frauds and collapse.

      Al, you have strong outer planets contacts to your personal planets so you are on schedule to ‘care’ about such matters and possibly act on behalf of the collective. So keep studying, we need you!

      And thanks a bunch for viewing my artwork and your kind comment – yes, I have Venus sextile Neptune and Venus trine Pluto – a good bit of art indications are in my chart, as Noel Tyl told me in consultation – back in the 90s! jude



      May 1, 2009 at 10:45 pm

      • I actually have Uranus and Neptune within orb in my chart with the Sun and Saturn in between them! I’m really fascinated by what could happen during Neptune’s stroll through Pisces. I get the feeling that it could possibly be a culmination of all that has happened since it last was there and could be quite intense. Food, health and suffering could be highlighted or if the NWO goes, get worse to expand their control.

        I was going to comment on the other post regarding Reagan and the supposed difference between the R’s and the D’s because we in the UK also have a similar lack of real difference between the two big guns. There really is little difference between the major parties now, its all about the people in charge not the policies which suggests they have complete political control and they just have a few loose ends to ‘tidy up’ now. Call me cynical but swine flu is part of this wider fear and control don’t you think? I do wonder what they have planned next though!



        May 2, 2009 at 7:06 pm

  2. This conjunction really fascinates me, and I was wondering Jude what effect this may have on people with a strong Neptune in their charts. I have Sun conjunct Neptune, Moon trine Neptune and Neptune sextile the Ascendant! Chiron just adds to the mix and opposes Neptune in my chart too!



    April 30, 2009 at 11:09 pm

    • Zounds, Al! that’s a lot of Neptunian energy for you.

      Consider the house polarity – where the conj is and its opposite house/issues. Will it enter a new house soon? That could be significant esp if Angular….there may be some outer expression of the energy relating to the ASC/DESC – you/others or MC/IC -career/home.

      Then the conj’s aspects made to your natal planets are significant. Wonder if your Progressions are showing any Neptune activity as well? Even so this traveling show of planets is triggering something (nebulous? spiritual? illusory? all?) in your psyche – as evidenced by your interest shown here.

      And you’re probably reading all you can find about it, right?

      Thing is, this trio is not a common conjunction so we’re all waiting to see how it will play out – and yes, for super-Neptunians such as yourself, you may find out before anyone else! jc



      May 1, 2009 at 12:07 am

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