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Russell Brand 4 June, 1975

English comedian, writer, and actor, Russell Brand continues to make a jolly spectacle of himself with rare grace, charm, and wit, and I think it’s high time he was mentioned herein.

With my inspiration and astrological nosiness spurred by a rousing interview with Russell Brand on today’s Fresh Air radio programme (I’m turning a little British as I write about Mr. Brand – notice the birthdate in Brit style), here are a few natal details concerning his nibs.

Only child of two parents, Russell Brand (for our purposes now ‘RB’) has accomplished a level of fame in the UK which is perhaps exceeded only by controversial qualities which may at times outshine his brilliant wit and communications talents.

Fired from MTV and ‘resigned’ from the BBC ? That’s quite a resume and he’s only 33. Oh, and he made a little film in 2008 called, ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ – you may have seen him as the rock star boyfriend, a part re-written with him in mind.

Yet! We’ll not despair, for even in America his light now groweth, this self-described ‘S & M Willy Wonka’ with the teased-up hair, ropes of necklaces tucked underneath unbuttoned shirts, and tight leather pants which are major parts of his repertoire, if one may say so.

Born 4 June, 1975, the soon-to-be 34-year-old arrives at Hermes’ Crossroads quite naturally if his natal chart – his…dare I say it? – horoscope…is consulted. You see, Gemini is the sign of the Eternal Youth, the Peter Pan archetype of our modern days.

Rock stars, music producers, and actors often fall into this category and it isn’t easy for many of them to break free and deal with the realities of aging and of ordinary life. Garner enough money, fame, and prestige and you’ll be lead by the hand (Gemini) right into the mirror-tiled bedroom (soon after your 10th botox treatment and your last album-release party) for a romantic rendezvous with the perfect stranger who awaits the prince.

On 4 June, 1975: Grays, Essex was the scene of the bouncing and happy event for although darkness exists within Mr. Brand – and is also to be found in his memoir ‘My Booky Wook’ as he instructively points out in today’s radio interview – his natal Sun in Gemini along with the writer’s planet, Mercury Rx 22Gem24 (using a Sun-to-Midheaven chart at the moment: 12:56:50 pm bst) give him plenty of Pan-ishness in all departments. The trickster element’s elfin charm!

Desire nature = Mars – RB’s is in lusty Aries, 7 degrees from an Arian Jupiter; Venus = what one is attracted to and what one attracts – RB’s is in creative Cancer, sign of nurturing + planet of the anima (the perfection of womanhood within the psyche.)

So by sign only, we may simplistically say that RB desires Aries, and is attracted to and attracts those of the Cancerian persuasion.

Now  although I just did, I don’t like to pry so it’s a good thing Mr. Brand’s birth hour is unknown to me. But the Moon remained in Aries for the 24 hours of his birth day; therefore, let us consider Sun Gem-Moon Aries and see what may be seen about this entertaining genius from Essex.

Sun Gem-Moon Aries is an Air-Fire blend with a freshness and clarity to it. Quick and alert, decisive and versatile, Sun Gem-Moon Ari is passionately impulsive and endlessly curious.

(Instantly one might think of  Mr. Brand’s oft-touted ‘bed-them-all’ approach with the ladies which seems to work well for his libido and for establishing a lotharian legend which naughty Mercury in his Hermes guise can well admire.)

Intense will power combined with strong communication ability makes for a poetic salesperson, a whiz with words, and a vivid speaker whose exuberance may be envied by less nimble types.

Yet feelings are not the strong suit here – feeling  ‘passionately’ about things isn’t the same as being able to empathize. And saying what one thinks isn’t the same as sharing feelings about human emotions. Gemini usually finds emotions ‘too heavy’ so “let us flit to something fun and up-to-the-minute, pleeese, I’m so bored,”  he pouts.

Yet oddly enough, there’s a pugnacious forthrightness here that can make for bitter enemies, yet the Sun Gem-Moon Ari blend of energies is often surprised to find this out even as it’s being shrugged off with a hilarious joke or two and a bye-your-leaves, MTV and BBC.

However, no amount of negative experience dulls the spontaneity, the puppy-with-two-tails quality that gets this blend through life’s challenges and helps immensely when one must talk oneself out of tough corners.

Any career that involves ‘thinking on ones feet’  is perfect for this combo, plus, the ability is supported by his having Jupiter oriental (last planet to rise before the Sun) which favors work situations that require spontaneous actions and quick decisions that ‘pay off’ handsomely, it is hoped.

Comedy, stand-up, acting, and music are good ways of using Jupiter oriental – anything that includes improvisation is excellent for Russell Brand’s varied and impressive talents.

Weaknesses may be:

egotism (in show business? Whaaa?); insensitivity to others’ feelings; partiality; monopolizing conversations (like his pal, TV’s Craig Ferguson, RB doesn’t really need anyone on stage with him – that’s Gemini’s multi-characterizations so it’s not really a negative trait for a performer…Ferguson has Mercury and Venus in Gemini); riding roughshod over others is a temptation (which may play into libido games, of course, along with his ‘Pluto-Chiron = Saturn’  in Cancer…ouch! The oppressive authority figure suppresses the psyche and sense of inner responsibility at an early age. To be recognized as an authority in adulthood is a prime motivation while Gemini still insists on romping about the place tossing confetti.)

Natally speaking, this Air-Fire blend is shared by Bill Moyers and John Constable, the painter mentioned below…

‘Images for Integration: A nimble-footed streetfighter dodges his way to victory over all comers’ (hush! – jc)…’The eternal freshness of a Constable landscape.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Well, Mr. Eternal Freshness certainly plays the Artful Dodger archetype with grand enthusiasm – yet with a past of drug problems and family myths and complexes weighing him down. And frettingly, a Rx Morya (opiates such as morphine) closely opposes natal Sun in Gemini…with Morya near Neptune 10Sag21 Rx.

And you know about Sun-Neptune oppositions…

…early misunderstanding of authority causes a sense of being singled out for discipline (or being so); acting defiantly toward anyone who tries to control and manipulate…obvious obstacles are lost in crowds of imaginary ones…self-doubt, fear of entrapment, running away from reality…yet highly creative and potentially successful later in life once a full awareness of the creative talents is developed.

And yes, that creative if often self-deceptive  Neptunian ‘urge to merge’ can be fatal if one doesn’t escape the lifestyle in time, so I hereby declare that I am most sincerely glad that Russell Brand is with us now to spread his amazingly cheeky comedy all over the land because everyone on the planet can benefit from a good larf now and then!


Wiki bio with link to Wiki page about his ‘My Booky Wook’:


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