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Full Moon ’20 Libra’ Apr 9, 2009

In the US natal chart’s 10th house of Public Status and Career fall the rays of a Full Moon on April 9, 2009, ’20 Libra.’

Occurring at 10:55:44 am edt, Washington, DC, Hour of Venus, there is but one pattern, a T-square which I may as well mention now as later…

Pluto-ASC = Venus Rx (00Ari34 conj Aries Point of Prominence): propaganda; emotionalism used to excite others; wielding a strong  influence on others by way of an extremely attractive personality; a love relationship.

Take out the hubba hubba and we’ve got a whole lot of manipulation goin’ on as this Full Moon ends a cycle begun at the New Moon 6Ari08 on March 26.

One of the interesting things to me about this Full Moon is that it falls across America’s current Secondary Progressed Venus-Mars opposition (18Ari30/18Ari40 Rx respectively at the end of Sec 8th house – in fact, Sec Venus is conj Sec 9th cusp 18Ari58. This means that the Venus-Mars opposition has recently progressed into the 2/8 house polarity of Money.)

Venus opposite Mars in a Secondary chart indicates that the Venusian desire for pleasure, comfort, stability, and ease are at odds (opposition) with the desire for independence, courageous acts, and the pioneering spirit of Mars.

From ‘Unveiling Your Future: Progressions Made Easy’, Maritha Pottenger and Zip Dobyns say that a Sec opposition between Venus and Mars shows an inner ‘male vs female’ conflict that may manifest as tensions in relationships with the opposite sex.

Both sides are needed for integration so if we identify with and express only one side of the opposition, we risk meeting others who express the other side. Desire vs attraction = Mars vs Venus.

And of course, the Full Moon of April 9 and US Sec Mars (18Lib40 Rx) are conjunct, reflecting the Moon’s light upon the US military branch of our government, our police forces, and on young men between 25 to 35 years of age, give or take a year or so.

Meanwhile, the Sun’s position in April 9’s Full Moon tango – for any opposition of planets or luminaries implicates relationships –  is at the Sun’s Exaltation Degree ’19 Aries’ – although ’20Ari’ is in plain sight.

Asteroid Nemesis (‘the unbeatable foe; divine retribution’) is conj the Sun which no sane person wnats to see but issues must be dealt with, in this case by the Sun (‘the leader’ in a national chart.)

In 11th house  (Associations, Hopes, and Wishes) is Mercury 00Tau03, the so-called ‘Hitler’s trigger’ degree (his natal Sun. This degree may be prominent in charts of violent events.)

Closest planet to an angle is Pluto 3Cap18 Rx, setting in the chart into 6th house, a cadent or preparatory position for the ultimate string-puller to assume. Saturn 16Vir04 Rx is angular as well in 4th house and when I see this placement I always think of miners and their problems.

Real Estate (4th house) is also a restricted area now, as we know, and Saturn here is bringing much sobriety to the subject.

Mars 19Pis56 near Midheaven, the Aspiration/Goal Point of any chart, and he’s revving up for his bi-annual meeting with Uranus on April 15 (IRS Day) at 24Pis27, 6:10 am edt, in DC.

The Full Moon’s Ascendant is 4Can50 which brings up America’s natal Cancerian trio of Venus, Jupiter, and Sun for further consideration.

MC 13Pis35 has three midpoints upon it, one of which is the money combo of Venus-Chiron. And as always with midpoint pictures, it’s an ‘all, any, or none’ proposition. The other two pictures are:

Sun-NN = MC: tending to fight other people’s battles; becoming prominent through associations.

Venus-Neptune = MC: losing oneself in illusion; profiting from creativity; a dreamy nature; a peculiar and strange disposition; disappointment in love (all midpt pics Tyl and Ebertin.)

In the house of Debt, Credit, Insurance, Shared Resources, etc, the 8th house (cusp 25Cap03) is the North Node (NN) of the Moon which gives clues to the path or future direction. 6AQ23 points directly to the Solar Eclipse of Jan 26, 2009 (6AQ30) which I have termed the ‘New President’ Eclipse.

Yes, the NN 6AQ23 marks America’s Nodal Half-Return (True Node) , exact on April 7, 2009. But since I’ve blabbed on this before, I shall not repeat it boringly here.

Chart-ruler Moon forms three applying aspects with other planets after she leaves her exact opposition with the Sun so that we may investigate how this Full Moon will ‘proceed’…

1. Moon inconjuncts (adjustment) Mars (0A02 – very closely and as you see, they are both on ’19’ degrees which has  fated or karmic implications; Sun 19Ari53) = feeling powerless to oppose oppressive demands of others; bitterness and disappointment over being exploited; being a victim of collusion; versatility in handling a variety of vocations.

2. Moon trines Jupiter 20AQ39 in 9th house of Philosophy, Religion, and Foreign Lands. Chiron is still traveling between Jupiter and Neptune, the ‘grand plans’ and ‘speculator’ pair – the trio is in 9th house of April 9’s Full Moon chart.

Moon trine Jupiter may make someone’s fondest wishes come true; thus the Sun sextiles Jupiter which makes the jovial giant here operate as the Thales Point – the planet that gives special and particular aid toward the integration of the (Sun-Moon) opposition (sextile one, trine the other.)

3. Moon trine Chiron (5A03) is great energy for artists and musicians to ‘get busy’ by;

4. Moon trine Neptune (5A56) = heightened intuition; extreme sensitivity; domestic ideals and fantasies take wing – along with speculation dreams (Moon conj 5th cusp of Risk-Taking and Gambling which has US Sec Mars Rx upon it.)

So with the chart-ruling Moon in her fullest regalia, we may expect bright light to be spilled over certain matters that could use the transparency promised by our ‘new president.’

And even though I know the following energy is ‘in the air’ at the Full Moon, my hope is that one little midpoint picture involving  ‘Hitler-degree-triggered’ Mercury doesn’t run away with the Full Moon chart and the bright Moon’s ability to uncover truth whose time it is to be revealed…

Neptune-ASC = Mercury: the misfortune to deceive oneself regarding other people’s character; exploiting other people’s weaknesses; guided by wrong impressions and perceptions; taking the wrong pathin life; malicious scheming; open to deception; special perceptions; awareness of special levels of interaction with others.

Now That sounds more like the corrupt,  power-mad Washington political and military establishments we’ve come to know, distrust,  and fear, doesn’t it?


Also of note in April 2009: US Minor Progressions (the mental plane) show a New Moon 11Sag49, conj Minor Jupiter 12Sag37 (which conj US natal ASC and the Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron, the oppressive plutocratic pair of disenfranchising everyone you can get your hooks into – of Dec 30, 1999…’12Sag.’

And in the US Tertiary Progressions (the intuitional/spiritual plane)  there is a New Moon 21Cap20, near Tert Saturn 25Cap42 conj Tert Desc 25Cap07 – the 8th cusp in April 9’s Full Moon chart is 25Cap03; transiting Pluto-Chiron midpoint 29Cap07 which conjuncts tr Neptune-Pluto (‘Robber Barons’) and US natal Pluto.

The reason I mention these two New Moons in US Progressions is because they both occur on April 23, 2009…Terts first, then Minors. So we feel emotions, then think about our feelings.

Plus, the US Minor chart has Uranus conj NN at IC (Uranus-NN = ‘radical political reformers’ at the base of things; IC is also “The Drain”) and SN-with-Pluto at MC…the disruption of war and violence.

Yet Uranus-NN conjuncts a Royal Star of Persia, Regulus, whose caution must be successfully overcome for success to last or benefit: ‘success if revenge is avoided.’ (‘Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars.’)

Oops, the world isn’t mature or compassionate enough for that massive trade-off!

One stand-out feature in the Tert chart is Mercury 10AQ02 conj Pluto 10:35 in 7th house of Partnerships, Open Enemies, and Legal Affairs…feeling emotional and intuitive about harsh words, deep thoughts, propaganda – and about being swayed by it.


You’ll find that the Full Moon’s Sun Ari-Moon Libra information has been placed here along with a note on Terpsichore conjunct Venus and Aries Point:



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  1. information about moon with the nine planet for 2009


    muazu s musa

    April 20, 2009 at 11:08 am

  2. Hi again,
    I’m curious what source one would use to place the asteroids, like Nemesis,
    in an astrological chart.
    Donna D


    Donna Davdison

    April 5, 2009 at 8:11 pm

    • Hi Donna, SolarFire software is what i use which includes Nemesis on its asteroid list.

      From Nona Gwynn Press’ book, ‘New Insights into Astrology’ (1993) the Heliocentric Nodes List gives the NN of Nemesis as 16Gem03 in 1990. jc



      April 5, 2009 at 8:36 pm

  3. Thanks so much Jude!
    I love walking in the rain! Sans umbrella and galoshes.

    In regard to: “the relationship vibe of a Full Moon applies as well within the house polarity where 20Ari-Lib fall for you.”

    This happens in my 8th to 2nd house.
    So I feel challenged in my income, self-worth and death departments.

    Donna D


    Donna Davdison

    April 5, 2009 at 2:06 am

    • Full Moon across the 2/8 can bring many serious considerations for you.

      As you know…2nd = Earning Ability and 8th = Shared Resources, so you’re dealing with themes similar to many folks just now with something – a relationship or situation with others concerning $ issues – implicated, so perhaps there’s a culmination of some sort boiling on the hob.

      Well, i hope things are revealed by the Full Moon that will increase your awareness on the subjects involved – esp if you have decisions to make. jc



      April 5, 2009 at 8:43 pm

  4. Hi Donna, thanks for your kind comments!

    Having your Moon at a sensitive degree is something you’ve grown accustomed to, i should think and it may not mean much to you personally – however, the Full Moon chart shows a Mercury-to-natal-Moon transit for you when communications pick up within the family circle or concerning domestic matters.

    Real estate issues may be on your – or on someone in your family’s or environment’s agenda. Errands increase in frequency for a day or so, and neighbors or relatives may offer support of some kind…or they may be in need of support.

    And yes, you Know i can’t say much with only partial chart details, but the relationship vibe of a Full Moon applies as well within the house polarity where 20Ari-Lib fall for you.

    Sorry to say, Donna, if i could do reports and consultations just now, you know you’d be in the Top 3 on my list….

    and as i may have told you, the economic downturn causes working in the real world to impose more on my schedule, so something had to be jettisoned from the daily menu! Blogging time is lacking, too (which miffs me into snitdom because i’ve been at it since 2005. Does Oilcan Harry have to win every time? Not according to Mighty Mouse.)

    So i hope this little bit of detail informs you – besides: a Full Moon may make you temporarily crazy like walkin’ in the rain without galoshes, a nostalgic celebration which i think You’d really enjoy! jude



    April 5, 2009 at 1:41 am

  5. Dear Jude,

    Wow, this is why I wanted you to do my chart. I would much rather travel a treacherous rocky path in the sunlight than in the dark. Feeling blindfolded my senses have become heightened, but remain uninformed.

    With my natal moon at 00T47 in the 8th house inconjunct my natal 3rd house Venus 00SAG03 and Mars 01SAG04 at the bottom of my chart 03SAG06, I wonder how this full moon will affect me. So far, I have pushed the pause button on my life and just done the best I can at work.

    I would love light to shine on our political world, for all to see what a few believe. But I’m not sure I would believe my eyes – I might suspect a large stage and actors – and seem paranoid to others and perfectly sane to myself.

    My natal 3rd house Sun at 15SC14 conjuncts my Jupiter 09SC24. This duo squares my natal 12th house Saturn 08LEO45 and Pluto 13Leo21.
    I was told by my friend, an astrologer, that I have agreed to totally transform this lifetime. I ponder transform – transform to what, who, how.
    You have helped in that by defining the four corners of an astrology chart.

    When I read your overview of the full moon on April 9, 2009, I shuttered.
    I know you can’t give personal advice on less than a full chart, but does anything occur to you based on what I have written? With all that is going on in our world, I feel selfish asking, but would you consider doing my chart.

    Donna D


    Donna Davdison

    April 4, 2009 at 6:47 pm

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