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Senator Specter betrays US workers – et tu, Obama?

If your eyes glaze over – or if they don’t – every time the subject of ‘card check’, unionizing, lost jobs, and the political power-and-money games surrounding them come up, please read Maria Cocco’s clearly written article:


Yes, it is typical of a politician that they morph from their candidate phase into something quite different once they’re in office.

But with Pres. Obama working so diligently on (supposedly) saving the US economy and on ‘creating  jobs’ one must wonder if the jobs to be created have a purpose other than paying wages.

And the paradox of the situation seems odd to me since corporate greed has become a headline, the president says he’s “angry, too”, and yet Mr. Obama doesn’t seem to support improvements for laid off workers and others whose wages have fallen through the greedy machinations of corporate gorillas afraid that union organization might cost them their next two or three Lexus payments.

One could suppose that overpaid CEOs, if financially strapped by paying decent wages to the people who make their wealth possible,  could choose to rent out the extra bedrooms in their cushy penthouses – perhaps not a perfect solution since no decent person would want to live with them.

Not coming from a region of the country that has had the advantages (and disadvantages) of unionized labor, it isn’t always possible for me to follow the script on the subject of  ‘card check’ changes, other union labor disputes, and congressional legislation to ‘fix’ things that always seem to make matters worse for the little guy, and thereby plusher for corporate fatcats.

Yes,  Ms. Cocco’s article has given me a boost in understanding what’s up with Arlen Specter on the subject of lost jobs, fallen wages, and lack of negotiating power for the common man  – predictable, but disturbing nonetheless especially considering the economic climate we face.

Duh Moment Occurs:

So let’s see if I have this right: Congress (with its self-voting ability to raise its own pay)  sides with corporations against US workers and their rights.

Yes, I think I ‘get it’ now. And it wasn’t so difficult for a southeast-born simpleton after all.

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  1. Jude,

    If it isn’t already clear, this is just a pure and naked power grab, not the last either as the federal government ramps up it’s role as the mnonlithic corporatocracy. The new model for governance, finance and rule of law is China.

    Wiping out the private sector is first and foremost on the agenda. They’ll do it by supporting toxic banks, funneling money into them, which in turn become blabk holes.

    Then, they take a sledgehammer to what’s left of the economy and business.

    What we’ll be left with is roughly half-a-dozen major players across all businesses, thus having most of the competition eliminated for them.

    The vast unemployd will get green jobs at low wages. Many will not be able to afford their homes and will have to relocate to areas where they can afford to live.

    Look for new forms of governemt housing being built. to meet the demands of workers who cannot afford a home.

    This will be cluster housing. like giant apartment complexes. Keeping people closer together, easier to observe and control. Concentrated living.

    Once the dust settles, upward mobility will be a thing of the past and not just here. The world economy won’t look that much different than the US economy at that point.

    Specter sealed his fate when he was on The Warren Comission. This is just the latest of a series of betrayals.



    April 2, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    • Thanks for commenting – sad to say, but you’re too correct.

      Yes, Specter showed what he was after JFK’s murder and he continues to underwhelm.

      And the attacks of 9/11 were a calling card of these shrivel-hearted string pullers, imho. Not Specter, he’s only one of their ‘political arms’ – but the Midasses (not a typo) of the world. jude



      April 2, 2009 at 3:52 pm

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