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Planets of the G20 Summit April 2, 2009

Using a sunrise (solar) chart for April 2, 2009, London, England, the G20 Summit’s horoscope with details has been published, if you’re the least bit interested:


And don’t fret overmuch if you don’t speak astrologese – the article is written in quite plain English.

‘Pluto’ Update, Monday, Mar 30, 2009:

One thing not in the SO’W post but very telling is the Pluto transit to US natal Venus which appears on the MC/IC angle of the Summit’s chart.

Since I had blabbed about Pluto’s stint opposing America’s natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in Cancer (3 – 14) over the next few years, I didn’t want to mention it, I suppose. But Pluto opposite Venus on the chart’s angles has proven too difficult to ignore so I’ll mention it again here.

Pluto opposing natal Venus is a period of time when joint ventures, legal matters, and social relationships are strained – and manipulated by powerful people, to say the least – outcomes are not promising.

Manipulation and jealousy are on Pluto’s agenda as America’s values, priorities, material possessions, and relationships are in conflict with current circumstances.

‘Retreating to a safe distance’ is the usual advice during this transit, but the G20 Summit makes this impossible, as do the other issues Mr. Obama has to negotiate as president. This doesn’t look good as Pluto moves on to our natal Jupiter, then natal Sun in self-protective Cancer. Argh.

So when will ‘secret hand’ Pluto be out of our Cancerian neighborhood? Allowing a 5 degree orb, which we must for slow-moving Pluto, I’d say the worst of the ill effects won’t lessen until 2015 with some improvement a year or so before.

Sorry. Long slog with bright spots here and there pre-2015, imho. Even Robert Reich dances around having to say how long he thinks the  US economic downturn will last and gives ‘2 or 3 years’ as the rosiest scenario (in his presentation to the Commonwealth Club, Jan 29, 2009) which would point to 2012 or so.

And in the UK chart of Jan 1, 1801, Pluto will oppose natal Moon in 2011-12 (7 Can = abuse and emotional manipulation, possibly trauma) then go on to conjunct UK natal Sun (10 – 11 Cap) in 2013, ’14, and ’15.

Yet using a 5 degree orb, the ‘master spy’ and manipulator is in their neighborhood already, isn’t he?

So by only looking at Pluto transits, can we say that the powerball will be in England’s court to America’s detriment? It would seem so, but again, that’s my opinion…and this is my personal weblog, isn’t it?

After all, we’re the dolts who blew our fortunes on war – while other nations allowed our American-taxpayer-funded military to police the world on their behalf. #

Original post continues here:

Another thing I neglected to add to the post on the G20 Summit, and which you may wish to know, are details on the Fire-Water Sun Aries-Moon Cancer blend.

This combination of energies indicates an extremely charismatic leader but one who becomes bitter if his/her ideas are not embraced wholeheartedly.  No, an ’embrace’  is not likely to happen for Pres. Obama at this Summit unless it’s for the cameras!

And since UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has no absolutely no charisma whatsoever, perhaps another ‘world leader’ will stand out from the herd.

There is great difficulty handling personal criticism with this moody blend, a tendency that is echoed by the Summit’s Venus oriental (see post), with the planet of money, values, and relationships still retrograde until mid-April.

The ‘Images for Integration’ for Sun Aries-Moon Cancer are as follows:

‘A child in a petulant fury runs away from home…A lightening storm at sea gives way to a peaceful, radiant dawn…The Salvation Army.’

(‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Should be a riveting Summit because of current world fiscal and social conditions – and its chart is certainly interesting.


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  1. Hi Jude: As someone with a bucketload of Pluto (yes, really), I often find it surprising how intimidating it is when active. For myself, I can be devious and I can be fierce, but after a lifetime of having to live in it, what I can say most about Pluto is that is is always transformative. Pluto always has 2 parts: the action and then the reaction.
    I think that the G-20 meeting this week will crack open a few minds and open everyone’s eyes to what needs to happen to get us all of this morass. Expect the French to be the ones to shake things up. The US love-hate relationship with them always ensures that the US rethinks itself when confronted by our Gallic compatriots and history tells us that they wont’t easily acquiesce to British thinking. It may be time to look at Sarkozy’s chart this week. At any rate, everyone will be forced to reveal their cards now since the manipulation part of financial events has already occured and the transformation part of the Pluto equation will be in the forefront. This does not mean the best decisions will be made, but one has to trust that they will come about eventually since it is impossible to hide from Pluto power indefinitely.



    April 2, 2009 at 1:32 pm

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