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Chronicles of Narnia based on 7 heavens!

Recent research by Michael Ward is highlighting the theory that C. S. Lewis based his popular children’s classic ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ on “7 heavens” with each book in the series based on the characteristics of one of the 7 planets’ energies and influences.

Ah hah! say astrologers.  As with many things, it helps in reading the Narnia books to have some familiarity with planetary archetypes as known through the centuries.


Here’s a link to Wikpedia’s bio on “Jack’ as he was known to family and friends (such as J. R. R. Tolkein):


And now for a  little Astrology…

Clive Staples Lewis was born on Nov 29, 1898 in Belfast, now Northern Ireland, birth hour unknown.

Since the Moon remained in Gemini for the 24-hour period of that date, we may consider his Fire-Air Sun Sag-Moon Gem blend with Gemini the sign of the writer.

Sag-Gem is a witty, versatile, friendly combination with the disposition of a literary genius.

Profound yet fun-loving, this blend indicates one who desires both knowledge and wisdom, an eternal child who is only satisfied when getting the moral of the story.

Playing the devil’s advocate to the nth degree, this combo loves the sound of its own voice and can out-talk anyone.

And with ‘The Screwtape Letters’ being one of my all-time favorite books, it was little surprise to see this blend for author Lewis because he certainly plays the devil’s advocate – his assistant, Wormwood  – in this brilliant book which explains the tactics Satan uses against the human race (second only to the Bible) in a marvelously elucidating way.

In relationships, however, this blend is quite out-to-lunch in the emotional department, yet is always able to give practical advice due to a natural talent for logic.

Commitment is often avoided because of a fear of boredom and the possibility that adventure may be blocked or stymied in some way. Life should be one adventure after another, says Sun Sag-Moon Gem, with its tendency to wiggle out of emotionally tight corners.

These energies make for a gifted teacher, communicator, and inspirational catalyst – one who is always open to new cultural experiences and has amazing verbal skills and an attractive way with words.

Negatively, there is the possibility of spreading oneself too thin, and of over-analyzing things as a way of avoiding or hiding from feelings.

New Age ‘prophet’ Benjamine Creme shares this natal Sun-Moon blend along with Persia’s Akbar the Great,  Noel Coward, Billy Connolly, Edith Piaf, Anna Freud, and Francisco Franco.

There is only one ‘Image for Integration’ for Sun Sag-Moon Gem, but it’s as charmingly adventurous as we might expect:

‘Robin Hood as a young boy plays truant from school to go to his archery lesson, but ends up teaching his card tricks to his master.’

(‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

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