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For Obama the ‘burning question’ remains

Fund raising for marijuana legalization organization NORML tripled after Pres. Obama glossed over the ‘legalization = tax revenues’ question from Twitterers during the president’s online forum this week.

Besides gaining tax revenues with its legalization of Non-Violent possession, what a savings it would be to taxpayers if smokers were not imprisoned for years – and imprisonment’s social cost to families losing loved ones is impossible to calculate and heart-breaking to consider.

But if the CIA’s traditional and reputed involvement in drug trafficking is a secret part of the issue, they may want to keep their cash cow close and their bong-lovers closer!

And Mary Jane is handy for evidence-planting purposes, you know. (Did I just type that out loud?)

Plus, I guess it was too much to expect the president to give a shout-out to terminally ill patients whose appetites are improved and pain relieved with you-know-what, even with recent seemingly relaxed federal raid policies on taxpaying, regulated medical marijuana operations.

Personally I think anyone who’s ill and dying deserves whatever relief they can get for their pain and suffering and if it’s from naturally growing greenery, so be it. If it were You or a loved one dying, would you feel the same?

The first time I moved to DC years ago, there was a hazy cloud of smoke hanging over the city that surprised me – 9 times out of 10, after dinner drinks included a little sumpin’ sumpin.’ 

Three years later I was moving there again and it was 10 out of 10. So DC politicians, staffers, embassy employees, and the rest can tell ME they refrain from the green herb now, but I cannot believe it for the majority of them.

Still, this is Politics and what US president wants to be known in history as the prez who legalized weed? Perhaps it would take more empathy, compassion, and sympathy than any politician out for his main chance could ever possess.

Wonder if George is stoned right now? ;p

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not reflect opinions of the White House or of other federal agencies – at least not in public forums.


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