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Horoscope of the New Millennium 2001


New Millennium, Jan 1, 2001, 12:00 am est, Washington, DC.

With Venus (values; money; relationships) as chart-ruler, the world entered the New Millennium of the 21st century. My usual emphasis is on America and Washington, DC as representative for our nation, so this chart is set to show Washington’s ‘world leadership’ such as it may be as we go forward into this new century.

On a personal level, if you have natal placements within a 2 degree orb of these planets or points, you may find clues within the chart concerning new successes you may gain through development of the talents signified by the aspected planet’s energy as it relates to your nature.

Venus as chart-ruler is posited in the 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, and Creative Pursuits and has only one applying aspect: a square to Jupiter (2Gem10 Rx in 8th house of Shared Resources – 4A59.)

A Venus-Jupiter square indicates deception to gain attention, indulgence and inattention to responsibilities, defensiveness, and exaggerated plans for the future.

Venus-Jupiter from 5th house to 8th house we may infer that this is one of the chart’s indicators of financial greed, taking stupid chances, and fiscal irresponsibility. Venus also rules the 8th house of Debt, Credit, Insurance, and Corporate monies of the Taurean (greedy) kind.

But the closest aspect in the chart is the Mars-Neptune square (0A16), an aspect that echoes the Mars-Neptune square in America’s natal chart (July 4, 1776) so the following relates natally to the US.

With Mars SQ Neptune, it’s difficult to be assertive without causing turmoil. There is fluctuation between intense desire for action (Mars) and complete apathy (Neptune.) When things go badly there’s a tendency to blame others in order to deflect criticism; a proneness toward lowering relationship standards attracts negativity; plans toward control of others should leave nothing to chance.

With this difficult square of energies, it’s hard to accept the reality of our own motives or to even ‘see’ them – disappointments cause bitterness and resentment but others are not the to blame…the fault is in ourselves and our confused motivations which cause others to mistrust us.

Mars-Neptune (with deceptive, dissolving Neptune in 4th house of Home) shows the mortgage and housing crises ongoing with Mars (loan officers making mega-bucks off unstable mortgages and the bosses who encouraged them.)

As you see, Venus 27AQ12 is conjunct US natal Moon (the people) which indicates an amiable and sociable time (New Millennnium celebrations galore!), yet we know the 21st century has brought many difficult events and circumstances into everyone’s lives (except for the select few who pull the strings and live high on the hog.)

Negatively (as it turns out), the Venus-to-Moon transit does indicate a tendency to rely on intuition and inspiration rather than on the cold, hard facts.

Around the chart I have added natal positions from the US chart but with an exception – I neglected to add US natal Mercury Rx ’25Can’ a degree whose SabianSymbol fascinates me…”A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power” which I tend to  believe relates to our secret or shadow government and to America’s Great Seal which some think was brought to us by Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt with its obverse ‘All-Seeing Eye’ of surveillance.

In any case, US natal Mercury is the very visible 10th house of Public Standing/Career in the New Millennium. Perhaps our nation’s much-touted ‘Manifest Destiny’ is leading the way through natal Mercury’s influence – and the satellites surveilling us all as I type. 

North Node 15Can31 is in 10th house as well opposite the New Millennium’s Mercury 14Cap367 conjunct South Node showing humanity’s already developed mental abilities ready to be directed into the 10th house of the Wider World.

Mercury conj SN = ideas either ahead or behind the times and one may have difficulty gaining support for them. Positively, it shows much originality of thought. Yet feeling mentally alone is a pitfall of the new era, a problem which many people experience as we pseudo-connect online in an attempt to offset the loneliness of modern life.

Venus square Saturn supports alienation and relating difficulties.

Sun in Capricorn likes to manage and be in charge…Sun = adult personality, Capricorn = the father archetype. Perhaps a father complex is closer to the truth. This Sun makes no applying aspects which strengthens its sign and house position with Domestic Concerns (4th house) of our ‘Ownership Society’ (as George Bush put it) being highlighted (Sun) along with 4/10 Security Issues and Secret (Ic) Control (Capricorn.)

Money sign Taurus on the 8th cusp opposite Mars 5Sco03 in 2nd house (and Scorpio’s traditional ruler)  indicates motivation toward financial activities with societal planets Jupiter 2Gem10 Rx and Saturn 24Tau35 Rx (8thhouse)  fairly fresh from their Great Conjunction of May 28, 2000 (’23Tau’ = “A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magificent Gems”) and affecting 8th house money matters particularly by way of our political parties (Jup = Rs; Sat = Ds. The 20-year cycle of Jupiter-Saturn relates to money and stock market cycles, as you know. Their clock ‘started over’ on May 28, 2000.)

Jupiter and Saturn are the only planets above the horizon and in 8thhouse, they show that corporations will continue to exist but with restructuring transformations.

And now that Pluto has moved into Capricorn, sign of Saturnian structures, this has become imperative. (Breaking up giant monopolies would be okay by me – and we’ve been down this anti-social path before…how soon we forget!)

Asteroid Persephone (‘transition’) conjuncts Midheaven(Aspirations) opposite Icarus (‘risk-taking; flight; assassination’) at Ic, the Foundation or Drain of the chart.

This may be one picture of the attacks of 9.11.01 against US authority and financial businesses (Cancer), and/or with the aspiration of transitioning our nation into what it’s become under the Bush-Cheney administration.  (As mentioned, Pluto was conjunct US natal Ascendant on 9.11.01 = permanent transformation, a long time coming due to Pluto’s slow-pokiness.)

Neptune 5AQ20 is conjunct US natal SN, a conjunction indicating America’s lack of popularity through being out of tune with the environment. 

Mercury conj SN plays into this unpopularity along with the Venus-Saturn square which is separating, therefore unconscious. (Not that America is the only one – we just brag a lot, overcompensate, and project…looking-for-enemies-r-us.)

(And with Mercury out-of-bounds, I suspect the original, futuristic ideas come from we know not where but from people not within our usual orbits.)

Intrigue and unfortunate circumstances cause pilfering of things we’ve worked hard on for a long time with Neptune-SN, but working out spiritual purposes under very difficult conditions is the cloud-with-eventual-silver-lining flavor of this conjunction. This makes right actions and upright motives ‘musts’ for true success (oops!)

As you see, I’ve marked the Sabian Symbol for Mars – ‘6Sco’ = ” A Gold Rush.” Speaks for itself, don’t you think? Scorpio is the sign of stocks, bonds, and big business. And if I had typed this pre-2008, few might have agreed with me on the many money issues found in this chart!

So there in 3rd house of Communications we find Pluto 13Sag47 (conj US natal ASC as the ‘old dragon guarding the riches’ was on 9.11.01) and Chiron 22Sag33. They’re fresh from their Great Conj of Dec 30, 1999  (conj US n ASC at ’12Sag’ = “A Flag That Turns into an Eagle That Crows”) and together this pair of energies signify oppression, corporatism, racism, women’s suffrage, disenfranchisement, primal violence, fascism, andother -isms which only the ‘power elite’ seem to be fond of because they suit and promote their totalitarian purposes of control.

I’ve notated on the chart, Pluto-Chiron’s parallel of mid-August 2004. Planets in parallel act much like a strong conjunction and it’s one of Astrology’s useful timing devices. And since they are placed in 3rd house, I believe propaganda is a major part of the “crowing” of ’12Sag.’

Moon 21Pis14 in 6th house of Work, Service, and Health shows a populace in need of Piscean things such as spiritual standards, compassionate giving, and being our brother’s keeper. The Golden Rule never goes out of style, just out of our hearts – and humanity can only benefit from putting it back.

The previously mentioned Mars-Neptune SQ is a clue toward these spiritual needs since Neptune is associated with the sign of Pisces (personally I use Jupiter as its ruler, and Neptune as a higher octave influence.)

Fluctuations (Moon) in work environments and jobs are indicated here, too, and with confusing conditions including dissolution (Pisces-Neptune.) Changes in healthcare – or the sacrifice of it – are reflected as well.

I have yet to mention the ‘erratic and indulgent with money’ wide conjunction of Venus and Uranus in 5th house of Risk-Taking. Guess everyone knows where that energy has gone so far.

Yet new and original works of Art are positive 5th house manifestations here with the possibility of becoming famous (Moon) in America (Venus conj US n Moon.)

Well, of course, there’s more to be read in this chart, but I’m going to mosey for now and add to this post if and when I am so inspired. The midpoint pictures from this chart will be published momentarily at Stars Over Washington so that I can publish a shout-out there to this chart….SO’W’s feed is in the sidebar column to your left.

Update 6:52 pm edt: details on the New Millennium’s Prenatal Eclipse Series (including the karmic implications of an Eclipse in Capricorn) have been added to my SO’W post, along with the Sun Cap-Moon Pisc blend info.)

So let’s dialogue! Your comments and observations on-point are most welcome (but will be moderated, so spammers don’t bother. Shoo.) 

Plus, I am especially interested in your views and interpretations on current transits to this chart, so if possible, please advise!

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