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Spring Equinox 2009 chart now posted

Some effort has been made to publish the horoscope with details for Spring Equinox 2009, if you’d like to have a look.

Check my Pages list in the sidebar column for ‘Spring Equinox 2009’ and there it will be waiting for you.

The chart has been set as usual for the White House and your comments and observations on-subject are most welcome – but no spam will be moderated for publication, just so ya know.

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  1. Okay, Donna, I read Sanford’s article and some of what he says makes sense to me, i admit. Federal money always has strings attached though so if he and the rest of SC don’t care for the strings, I guess they know what to do.

    If he refuses the federal $$ and suffers complaints from South Carolinians who would benefit Now from the stimulus money, it probably won’t affect him overmuch since, as he says, he’ll be out of office in 2 years.

    My main concern is that the people of SC – and of all our states – who have been sold out to the power elite’s selfish interests bwo their manufactured econo-crisis – will suffer further regardless of Sanford’s thespianisms and in spite of his political dreams of higher leadership which, I agree with you, may be in process of being staged for future public consumption (with the enabling of the WALL STREET Journal.)

    To paraphrase: ‘Nothing in politics happens by accident – if it happens, you can be sure it was meant to happen.’ – FDR, if memory serves. jc



    March 22, 2009 at 10:11 pm

  2. Hi Jude,
    Thank You so much for the 2009 Spring Equinox 2009 chart-viewing solution.
    Looking at it sure verifies the events we are living through. Your explanation of it is illuminating.

    As I ponder the explosive changes we are witnessing I find my myself feeling behind the eight-ball – saying to myself “Why didn’t I see that coming?”

    And with my 1st house Saturn opposition to a 7th house Uranus, it is comforting to get your take of the workings of the machine of our world. I agree with your overview of “who is in charge, what they are doing and why.”
    Reading your blog has been a thread to sanity for me.

    While you haven’t mentioned it, I wanted to ask you a question.

    In the middle of the 2008 election cycle, I read S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford-R, a Bilderberg member, was being groomed for 2012 and I did some Webnet viewing on him. I wonder if he is being groomed to be a Republican candidate for “after the purge,” in 2012 or 2016.

    This morning I read an article by him in the Wall Street Journal at

    I wonder if Obama isn’t being set up to fail – right along with the average American – and to be the short-term hatchet man for our house-of-cards monetary system … and if someone like Sanford is being set up to look like the sane politician who warned Americans of our current bailouts and debt debacle when his state turned down the stimulus money.

    I was wondering if you had done a 2012 election chart. I thought you mentioned it some time again during the 2008 election.

    If I’m supposed to be learning, with that Saturn-Uranus opposition, to be a competent, assured human in my elder years it really shouldn’t matter what craziness abounds around me. But I do enjoy reading your take the our shared political history. And it helps me feel more informed.

    Happy Sunday,
    Donna Davidson



    March 22, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    • Well, Donna, you seem to be reading from the power elite’s play book, imho!

      Yes, Sanford’s schtick ($ grandstand) had lightly entered my consciousness and your thoughts on BHO’s interim position as hatchet man seems probable to me – if he finishes his term which i am so far not completely confident about.

      My intuition says that near and after the July 2009 Solar Eclipse things will appear more clearly – not that we’ll like them any better (‘old systems fail; new methods are required to deal with the events brought by this Ecl’ – Brady) but the writing on the wall will be clearer even to those who make no effort to understand anything that’s going on.

      Actually, i have calculated and saved the Inauguration 2013 chart but have not peeked at the election chart for 2012. It’s on my to-do list though as you may imagine.

      Will read Sanford’s article now – thanks for providing the link.

      And thank you for your encouragement, Donna – you know it is much appreciated in this freebie blogging world in which i toil!

      jude ;p



      March 22, 2009 at 9:48 pm

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