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Madoff in court – Uranus rising

Looking at the chart for sunrise in New York City this morning (edt  and a Saturn Hour) disruptive Uranus 22Pis34 rises with the Sun 22Pis01. This is a willful combination of energies ready to fight for its rights, and is free-wheeling and arrogant.

Yet Bernard Madoff is pleading guilty to the 11 counts against him after finagling the avoidance of giving information that would point to co-conspirators.

Here’s what Bloomberg News has to say about the case this morning:


And today NPR had this concerning Madoff’s plea:


Yet Mercury was last planet to rise before the Sun making Mercury the ‘oriental planet’ which indicates a crossing Ts-dotting Is situation – appropriate for a courtroom even as Mercury is confused and perhaps deceptive in Pisces.

There are no out-of-bounds planets so all the energies are working together; however, Mercury and Pluto are unaspected which emphasizes their sign and house positions…Mercury 5Pis59 in 12th house of behind-the-scenes, karmic conditions, large institutions such as prisons, and self-undoing.

Pluto 3Cap09 is in 10th house of Public Standing and Career, and Pluto is the ‘dragon guarding the treasure.’

 Midheaven, the Goal Point of any chart, is at 25Sag46, ruled by moneybags Jupiter 15AQ11 in 12th house.

By 10 am, the trial’s scheduled start time, the Hour has passed to Venus Rx 14Ari44, with 13Gem34 rising – which makes unaspected Mercury the chart-ruler of the session. Mercury 6Pis15 is in 10th house at 10:00 am aling with Mars 28AQ01, Neptune 24AQ58, and Chiron 23AQ18; Mc 18AQ57.

At sunrise the Moon is in Libra 9:25 (7th house of Partnerships – Mrs. Madoff?) which conjuncts Fixed Star, Vindemiatrix, ‘loss of partner; the widow; the widower.’

By 10 am, Moon 11Lib31 is in 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling  and applies to a trine with Jupiter (perhaps Ruth Madoff will be allowed to keep the millions supposedly not involved in the Ponzi scheme) but Moon applies to an opposition with Rx Venus in Aries.

You may disagree but it looks to me as if the outcome of Mrs. Madoff’s monetary situation may be punted down the road awhile or that part of the money may be confiscated.

Here are the midpoint pictures for 10:00 am edt, NYC, March 12, 2009:

Sun-Mc = Mercury: gaining experience; self-contemplation; mediating about oneself.

Uranus-Mc = Mercury: nervous unrest in expectation of change; the stage of expectancy; an excited discussion; new ideas.

Pluto-Asc = Sun: ruthless conduct with regard to people in the environment;  seeing a whole new avenue for development and success; full steam ahead!

Pluto-Asc = Uranus: unusual events fan the fires further; success at all costs; living in constant anxiety; extraordinary incidents and upsets.

Mercury-Mc = Mars:  open-mindedness and frankness; a clear consciousness of life’s aims; making a decision about where one stands professionally.

Mars-NN = Mc: a good team worker; partnership values are important.

(midpoint pictures: Ebertin; Tyl.)

The Water-Air combination today of Sun Pisces-Moon Libra is a very dramatic blend, perfect for a courtroom. The Images for Integration are:

‘A theatrical musical artist entertains his entourage of friends and fans…Two lovers dream the same dream…A team of writers create a masterpiece.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

This Sun-Moon blend is shared natally by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr, who said:

“As life is action and passion, it is required of man that he should share the passion and action of his time, at peril of being judged not to have lived.”

This is certainly a day of passion, yet considering all the harm Mr. Madoff has done to his fellow man and to their retirement accounts, I doubt that he will be judged as not having lived.


Here are some brief notes on Bernie Madoff’s natal chart:


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