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Virgo Full Moon 3.10.09

This evening over the White House the Moon is Full at 10:37:41 pm edt – Moon 20Vir40 opposing Sun 20Pis40 across the 5/11 axis of Will.

Moon has gone beyond her conjunction with Saturn 18Vir12 Rx, while Sun is approaching Uranus 22Pis30 –  the Saturn-Uranus opposition  and the Full Moon both relate to relationships and stalemates which may culminate and improve under the light of this Full Moon.

The Full Moon chart set for the White House has Midheaven 8Leo51 conjunct the Republican Party’s natal Mercury, the Hour is the Sun’s, and Venus Rx 15Ari03 is in 6th house of Health, Work, and Service.

With natal Mercury at the most visible point in the Full Moon chart,  GOP thinking and planning may be of more notice in some way now, or perhaps a prominent Republican will speak out.

Mars 26Aq51 is conj US natal Moon, a transit of headaches and frustrations when feelings lie just under the surface, ready to be sparked. Life’s pace picks up under this transit, and domestic activities are top of the menu for many people.

It seems interesting to me that with Pres. Obama’s love of basketball, the Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol ’21Vir’ is “A Girls’ Basketball Team”…

Lynda Hill gives these details for ’21Vir’:

The give and take of unity and equality; joyful participation; winning and losing; being on the team (Team Obama?); playing fair and square; codes of behavior; finding it difficult to play by the rules or cooperate; taking things too seriously; the desire to win at all costs.

Lynda always includes a few quotes for each Symbol such as this one from sports legend Vince Lombardi:

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”


For more details, visit Lynda at her website:


And you may be interested in this evening’s  ‘Images for Integration’ for Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo:

‘Small events bring enormous consequences…A mosaic picture of the universe, each piece perfect in itself…Faith and reason shake hands.’

(‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

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