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Bailout 2008 mirrors 1929 – 1931

Having just published a link to an enlightening list of quotes and headlines from 1929 to 1931 and their likeness to words and deeds of the economic crisis of 2008, you may be interested in checking it out if you’re feeling financial today:


The post contains some interesting Astrology notes from July 1931, but is written in English, so not to fret if you don’t speak astrologese.

Or you may skip my post entirely and go directly to the list of  quotes and headlines if you wish:


This list from Great Depression times makes for an interesting script that was followed by government, bankers, and mainstream media, yet with more than a little rehash 2008 going on – it’s sort of a ‘revival of a classic’ now playing at the Wall Street Theater.

So, have we? Have we learned anything?

Obama’s budget inflates the baseline

Of President Obama’s newly presented budget, John Dickerson at Slate Magazine says we’ve seen this sort of budgetary flim flam before:


The president’s staid, conservative, rule-maker Saturn in his own sign of Capricorn (papa!) isn’t going to venture too far outside the lines even with moneybags Jupiter, happy in freedom-loving, egalitarian Aquarius, nearby and encouraging, “Anything is possible!”

But this demonstrates how life so often is: nothing is all good, and little is all bad…it’s the balance in between that puts ideals into form, and lifts our restrictive realities into higher realms, though made riskier when you’re tiptoeing on a highwire that’s being buffeted by heady winds of change.

Or by braying radio gasbags and other opponents who want you to fail. And for them, any misstep will do as political fodder.

Tiresome. Very tiresome.

Frisky Friday Art 2.27.09


‘Borrowed Glove Dispute’ – a fanciful Chiffonery Art drawing by Jude Cowell 2009+.

The Day of Venus is here once again, so Happy Friday, Everyone!


Update: one of my art blogs, Secret Moon Art, has now been updated to the newer, fresher Blogger layout, so please drop by when you get a moment and check out what’s been done with the place!


And if you’re an artist, I’d love to trade links with you especially since updating to the new layout loses all your former linky friends!  Jude

Ds trick Rs into voting pay raise freeze 2010

Har har, this is hilarious! Apparently the Democrats in Congress  learned a trick or two from the high-handed Republican tenure as top dogs, and they demonstrated it perfectly today:


But now is your chance to share a little fiscal suffering, Mr. Boehner. It seems that those ‘after-midnight’ pay raises you fellas passed under the people’s table with the lights turned down are only nostalgia from the past.

And did you think ahead and get the president’s autograph last evening? It’s worth much more $ than your own, so stock up while ye may.

Perhaps a congressional pay freeze will help you learn to manage your personal budget a lot better than you and your colleagues ‘managed’ ours.

Bobby Jindal June 10, 1971

After reading some of the remarks online today concerning last evening’s ‘New Pisces Moon’ address to Congress by Pres. Obama, I soon noticed some interesting analysis about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s Republican response meant to counter the president’s address and ideas.

Watching Gov Jindal rush toward the camera last night and began speaking at 10:24 pm New Orleans time with ‘6Sco’ rising, “A Gold Rush,” it occurred to me that no one should have to follow President Barack Obama’s oration, as others have said today.

(“Gold” may refer on a level to the the 1890s’ ‘gold Republicans’ vs ‘silver Democrats’ tiff. It was all about money then, too.)

But someone had to give the R response for such is American political tradition, and Jindal, who some say has presidential dreams, rushed at me through the TV screen, whether live or taped, I know not, and began his counter attack against the government’s attempt to fix a society that it helped break.

That an open mike snagged Chris Matthews off-camera saying, “Oh my God” as Jindal walked out to speak only piqued my interest this morning to know how Jindal’s response was received.

>Above paragraph Update 9:44 pm est: later I find it was, “oh God” and was uttered because of the eeriness of the scene. Yes, Spanish moss affects many people that way.<

From what I’ve read and heard so far, “atrocious” has been the more operative word, and someone noticed his laughable similarities to the “Kenneth the Page” character from 30 Rock, and with this I cannot disagree. As I watched Jindal, I apologize, but the word, ‘elfin’ came to mind.

Now putting his speech aside, what of the man, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal, born June 10, 1971, Baton Rouge, LA?

Checking his birth date we see that the Moon remained in Capricorn for the 24 hours, so here are a few details using his Sun Gem (18 – 20) and Moon Cap (3 – 17) for June 10, 1971:

This Mercury-Saturn, Air-Earth blend represents the cynical optimist who is quick-witted, humorous, and a devoted friend. This focused and speedy mind is at home with facts and makes for a reliable personality which may pursue education throughout  life with a serious (Saturn) yet carefree (Mercury) approach.

Air-Earth types have a challenge: to learn how to bring together abstract thought (Gem) with practical issues of getting on in the world (Cap) – being up-in-the-air yet down-to-earth at the same time…the ‘square peg in round hole’ dilemma between Gem and Cap.

Yet once this is mastered, there is clear-headed objectivity with a scientific approach to life. A difficulty is a lack of being in touch with feelings and emotions which may give a ‘dry as dust’ flavor to the personality.

Here is a good business mind which spends much effort hiding its more anxious side under flippant laughter and conscious brightness. This upbeat Pollyanna side insists that there is always a silver lining.

(Reminds me of the Jupiter Mantra: ‘every day in every way I’m getting better and better.’ It pumped up the high-flying dreams of George Bush, didn’t it? R-Party = Jupiter; D-Party = Saturn.)

But back to Gov. Jindal:

Expert with routine, this blend comes to grips with basic facts and principles, then works hard to implement them. Here is talent for  finding all the short-cuts for maximum efficiency, and a special aptitude for math, accounting, science, and administrative work.

A gift for simple explanations of complex issues makes for an excellent teacher; an interest in people may result in a social conscience that helps the underprivileged.

Emphasis is on Career and getting ahead with the ‘reigning-need’ Moon in ambitious Capricorn along with the nervous vitality and communicative ability of Sun in Gemini. Any position which offers both movement and power is attractive.

Organizational skills there are in abundance, yet real sympathy for others may be replaced with ‘common sense.’  Paternalism toward family members may cause problems since others may not be as organized, capable, or intelligent; plus, the emotions of others may be quite unfathomable for this blend.

Now for Sun Gem-Moon Cap’s Images for Integration:

‘A socialite becomes mayor of the town…A scientist captures, examines, and names a new species of exotic butterfly…A philosopher points to the deeper realities behind the transient world.’

(‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles & Suzi Harvey.) ~:~

Well, you may not have appreciated Gov. Jindal’s wonky delivery from the GOP cheer-leading book last evening, or perhaps you’re one of the few stalwarts who dare to admit that the Jindal ingredient on last evening’s political menu was on the lackluster side with a tired, lukewarm sauce of No Better Ideas dribbled lavishly on top.

But now you know a little more about the Sun Gemini-Moon Capricorn personality blend which America will apparently be seeing more of in the elfin form of Piyush “Bobby” Jindal as he rushes toward the camera. Oh my….good-den-ness.

A Pisces Mandala for you!

My friend, writer Layla Morgan Wilde, has created an inspirational and dreamily beautiful mandala for the sign of Pisces.

Layla includes a comprehensive account of the traits and foibles of Pisces as well, so check it out in honor of this evening’s (est) New Moon in Pisces – and because we all have Neptune and the collective sign of Pisces somewhere in our natal charts even with no Pisces planet therein.


Great work, Layla!

Written by Jude Cowell

February 24, 2009 at 4:34 pm

Comet Lulin and Saturn: show at 1 am!

As Comet Lulin has streaked (or glowed!) toward our neighborhood, its tail has been broken off by solar wind but is now doubled. The gassy green blur will hook up with Saturn in the wee hours after midnight – 1 pm, to be exact, your local time – so be sure to check out this odd couple.

So far I’ve found no astrological writings on Comet Lulin’s significance and I’m not certain I have any insights either. But it couldn’t hurt to consider the chart for 1:00 am est, White House, to see if anything is revealed.

For starters, SpaceWeather is giving the hook-up as occurring in Leo, but for most western astrologers using the Tropical zodiac, this would be Virgo.

A quick way to convert a position between sidereal and tropical zodiacs is to ‘add 6 degrees, subtract 30 degr’ or one sign. So taking Saturn’s position – say, 19 Virgo since the Old Man is Rx, we have 19 + 6 = 25, minus 30 (one sign) = 25 Leo.

And since the Comet is not in my SolarFire software being so recently discovered by Chinese and Taiwanese astronomers, I’m using Saturn’s position (19Vir22 Rx) to mark Comet Lulin’s approximate position as well. (Or 25-26 Leo, if you prefer the sidereal.)

Setting the 1:00 am chart for the White House (Feb 24, 2009) I find that rising is 1Sag45 along with the Mars-Saturn midpoint. (Placidus, true NN, Tropical.)

Mars-Saturn = ASC: obstacles caused by others; struggling for every step of  advancement; separation; the necessity to economize  (Tyl; Ebertin.)

At Midheaven (MC =  the Goal) ) is 16Vir06 with ’17Vir” having what I hope isn’t an apt Sabian Symbol…”A volcano in eruption.” And there near MC is Saturn 19Vir22 Rx and the hazy green comet, still within orb of opposing Uranus 21Pis39.

These two planets do tend to be tensionally involved in volcanic or quake-related events with Saturn signifying Earth and tectonic plates, and Uranus = lightening and upsetting events. And comets have sometimes heralded natural disasters.

This could also point to the Middle East, of course, and an event there due to the Saturn-Uranus cycle’s connection to the Middle East, especially to Palestine and Israel.

But I’m focusing here primarily on the economic tsunami ongoing in the West – especially since America’s Lunar Return (27AQ10) occurs soon after at 2:31:50 am, Feb 24, 2o09, Washington time.

As you know, Aquarius is the least stable of the Fixed signs which are known for stability and rigidity. But AQ likes change and freedom with its co-ruler Uranus often the catalyst for it. And Saturn brings change, too, of the long-coming variety. Their opposition isn’t always easy to predict as far as results, but we do know that change, however hard-fought or hard-won, is in the air.

On another level, a political ‘earthquake’ or ‘volcano’ may be on the Saturn-Uranus menu with Comet Lulin the messenger.

Traditonally all comets were viewed as ill omens. But modern Astrology tends to take the up-side. But if you’ve read much of my writings, you’ll know I’m a Saturnian astrologer, seeing DNA where Uranians may see ‘past lives’ and I also prefer to receive the (realistic) bad news first, yet this is difficult for some folks, I know.

Yet you can’t deal with demons or problems until you admit their existence and identify them, so read on, if you may.

Honestly – with the negative things that have occurred in the first 8+ years of the much-touted “New Millenium” – you don’t think I can be all sunshine and flowers now, do you? ;p

So, Saturn rises once more with Fixed Star, Denebola, keywords: ‘to go against society.’ This rising was in play in Fall of 2008 which incriminates the economic crisis and its greedy varmints.

Plus, the electronic run on US banks – the draw down of $550 billion on Sept 18, 2008 – may be more a factor in the financial mess than the Fed is letting on, and mass media (Neptune!) seem to be playing it down as much as possible.

Back to the 1 am chart which shows the  Aquarian line-up positioned in 3rd house:

3rd Cusp 9AQ46 – conj NN 9:13, Mercury 11:34, Jupiter 11:37, Mars 15:14 (conj some difficult asteroids), Chiron 22:11, Neptune 24:23, and Moon 26:22. Sun 5Pis46 (conj Pres. Obama’s natal Chiron) is in 3rd house as well.

If I had time now (gotta motor soon) I’d give all the relevant Sabian Symbols AND their Illumination Points – in this case, their opposition degrees in Leo. Becausewhen so much cosmic energy is tied up with 0ne zodiacal sign, the Illumination Points can be very…illuminating.

Well, my interest in mysterious, veiling Neptune in the chart was tweaked when I noticed that the nebulous giant was focal point of two midpoints relating to criminal activities:

Sun-Mercury = Neptune: inspiration; imagination; deceptions; swindlers and crooks.

Sun-Jupiter = Neptune: the crook; a material loss.

Seems that if we want to find some of the swindlers in the pile, we may glance toward Neptune.

Here are other, somewhat sunnier, midpoint pictures from the chart…

Mars-NN = Mercury: collaboration; forming associations to further one’s own ends.

Mars-NN = Jupiter: successful teamwork.

Uranus-Pluto = Mercury: an inventive, resourceful person; new plans.

Ur-Plu = Jup: striving for social improvements. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Well, I like the last one in particularly! However, I do think that there may be a ‘message’ from East to West (Lulin’s discovery coming from China/Taiwan) – perhaps an actual message, or one delivered by stealthy actions or interferences on the economic front.

That Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just returned from talks in Beijing may be significant.

And I can’t rule out financial hacking shenanigans from the direction of the Middle East (Neptune = Islam; oil; gas; water) which I believe may be part of stock market volatility of late – or this may describe any persons or countriesin the East.

Or not…the Neptunian interference may originate from several sources, separately or in league…particularly considering that the plutocratic, oppressive Pluto-Chiron midpoint is now conjunct US natal Pluto, secretive planet of abundant power, manipulation, and spying.

So – if you know me, you know I don’t let the western power elite off the hook so easily believing them to be set on destroying the world economy to set up a New World economic and political Order.

Gold-hoarder Midas 7Gem33 is now direct (7th house in the 1:00 am chart) so he may be more active in the world having his money-counting activities caught up for now. And gold-buying businesses and schemes have become popular again as people sell their gold  jewelry for a few bucks.

So! Not a pretty picture unless you agree withme that  a green haze of a Comet is pretty next to ‘golden Saturn’  (as SpaceWeather News has put it…see link below.)

Lulin’s effects over the globe remain to be seen. But coming on the date of Feb 24’s New Moon 6Pis35 – along with the president’s address Tuesday night – we may know quite soon whether or not Comet Lulin has anything important to tell us.

Well, I recommend you check out today’s Comet Lulin-Saturn update I published from SpaceWeather News, if you haven’t already – it has photo gallery links of the lovely Comet as well:


Can salt cure shopping withdrawal?

Shopping much these days?

This video is on the salty side, yet it contains advice from The Onion which may be just what you need for what ails ya:


Written by Jude Cowell

February 23, 2009 at 12:32 am

Posted in US economy

Leonard Peletier’s words of wisdom

Remember this? It’s good advice for everyone – with bloggers definitely included:

Silence, they say, is the voice of complicity. But silence is impossible.

Silence screams. Silence is a message, just as doing nothing is an act.

Let who you are ring out & resonate in every word & every deed. Yes, become who you are.

There’s no sidestepping your own being or your own responsibility.

What you do is who you are. You are your own comeuppance.

You become your own message. You are the message.

‘In the Spirit of Crazy Horse ‘  Leonard Peletier


This quote compliments of the Information Clearing House Newsletter:


Written by Jude Cowell

February 22, 2009 at 1:59 am

New Moon 6Pis35 Feb 24 2009

new-moon-in-pisces-224091As you know, a New Moon is the beginning of a fresh cycle, and Feb 24’s New Moon 6Pis35, occurs in Washington DC at 8:35 pm est, with asteroid Cupido Rx and rising 9Lib45.

Cupido is a multi-purpose Uranian planet with a double Libra quality so we expect its influence to be strong while in the sign of Libra.

Associated with the Roman god Cupid, close relationships, the family – and The Family as in ‘syndicate’ – are related to this esoteric point.  Other keywords are : Corporations, sociability, and harmony. (‘New Insights into Astrology’ by Nona Gwynn Press.)

With chart-ruler Venus in lusty Aries, conjunct Descendant (partnerships; legal affairs) and opposing Cupido, we may expect some relationship stand-offs to enter a new phase.

There is but one planetary pattern in the New Moon chart (if you generously allow MC which is a public outlet for the Venusian energy here) so we have:

Venus-ASC = MC: a sense of beauty.

Perhaps Art will take centerstage in some way but we can’t discount the Family/Corporations connection to Cupido with a Venusian influence which may be beautiful – or, if scorned – may be vengeful.

If so, the revenge is affecting testy Mars 15AQ52, conjunct some heavy-weight asteroids which you see marked in the lower right corner. One is Tisiphone, keyword: retaliation.

Health is another flavor in the chart with gold-lover Midas 7Gem33 sitting upon 9th cusp (and finally Direct which doesn’t happen often! Let go the money, bankers), conjunct asteroid Hygeia which parallels MC (similar to a strong conjunction and useful for timing purposes.)

Moon-ruled Panacea is Rx and conjunct MC so perhaps bromides may be applied to our sour health care system as the light of this Moon increases and Washington politicians come up with A Plan.

Pisces has health connotations as well through ruler Jupiter and co-ruler Neptune as a leaking effect may complicate things or indicate   difficult-to-diagnose conditions. Plus, Pisces is opposite the sign of health, Virgo, whose body part is the bowels and relates to purification issues.

One thing we know: our health care system is in tatters, toxic, and definitely in a difficult-to-diagnose state!

Now since I’m looking at the chart set for Washington DC, I’ll mention the ‘radical political reformers’ midpoint of Uranus-Chiron which is being triggered by the New Moon.

Asteroid Ceres (nurturing; food; security) is Rx 7Vir13 in 11th house and opposing the New Moon.

Here are the midpoint pictures from the chart which, as usual,  may apply in an ‘any, all, or none’  fashion –  some of them lend support to what I’ve said above….

Uranus-Pluto = Mercury: new ideas and plans, all for a new perspective; intense thought activity.

Uran-Plu = Jupiter: enormous success potential.

Mars-NN = Mercury: plans to cooperate, collaborate, share; promotion through partnerships; community-minded; salesmanship; publicity.

Sun-Jupiter = Neptune:  increased sensitivity; a sense of the spiritual; loss of concentrated orientation.

Moon-Jupiter = Neptune: losing focus of objectives; success feels like it’s leaving one’s grasp.

Sun-Mercury = Neptune: something undermining the perceived reality; fantasy; imagination; possible deception by others.

Moon-Mercury = Neptune: reverie; hypersentience; falsehood.

So! Take your vitamins, eat your veggies, create something new, appreciate your partner, meditate, look before you leap, and accept nothing at face value during the dark of this New Moon in fanciful, creative, hard-to-pin down Pisces!

And check out Truthdig’s article on health care reform as it relates to Capitol Hill:


~Midpoint pictures from Dr. Noel Tyl.~

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