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UK’s stimulus plan: a view from abroad

As in America, things are rough in Great Britain and getting rougher, and the pros and cons of the government’s new stimulus plan are under discussion:


Written by Jude Cowell

November 25, 2008 at 7:33 pm

FDR quotes and Uranus rising

Heads-up here at Jude’s Threshold – a fresh Page is now in the sidebar column: ‘Enduring Words from FDR & natal Uranus rising.’

Born in 1882, our 32nd president served three full terms and part of a fourth. With Rx Uranus rising in Virgo, he was one-of-kind personally and politically, and was blessed with inspiring and uplifting oratory skills.

The list of my favorite FDR quotes will be updated as time allows, and a post or Page concerning his natal chart is in the works, so stay tuned, if you may.

As do many Americans who are celebrating Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, I have out-of-town family members arriving this evening, so blogging time may be brief this week. Or maybe not – for it has developed that I will not be doing all the cooking as first supposed – yippee!

Hope everyone has a great holiday with family and friends, because it’s all about being grateful to be together to celebrate our blessings, isn’t it? We, too, have had a recent job loss hit, and who knows what’s in store for the near future.

But for now, it will be great just being with loved ones. And the pies. Don’t forget the pies and cranberries! A la mode, Y’all!

Souplines Across America a legacy of Bush?

The more people lining up for their daily bowl of soup, the more I think of the presidency of George W. Bush.

Heads-up to an observant reader who noticed that I never put the title ‘President’ in front of Bush’s name – never have, never will. A ‘Mr” I’ll grant him but nothing more exalted. Most men who have inhabited the Oval Office have risen to the title, President of the United States of America.

But there is One who has lowered America’s standing in the world as he beggared her citizens.

Even now he’s busy justifying himself to…himself, no doubt. With me he’d have a harsher critic than his mirror if he cared to ask. He doesn’t, but if he did.

And since I knew I’d been grousing about such distressing matters as the dwindling economy, the wastefulness of the Bush administration, foreclosures, and hunger for quite a while, I set about finding certain SO’W posts for you – some containing links to articles (by writers who actually know what they’re doing), some with links to other posts with or without astrological observations involved.

It’s a mixed bag, especially because you’ll discover that there are couple of cross links between posts, but that’s how the blogging goes.

My criteria was the search term, Souplines across America, starting with January 2006:






Yes, the plutocratic, overbearing Pluto-Chiron duo is wallowing in its richest element now, isn’t it? And renting our social fabric into tatters.

So tell me – did I overstate the case in the above posts? Were my comments about souplines offensive to proud Americans?

Be that as it may, if you do nothing else, be sure to look for a link to FDR’s ‘test of our progress’ …it’s a dilly when placed next to Bush’s lack of empathy for his fellow man.

Catch ’em while we can: Bush secrets out the door

Bush-Cheney papers, communiques, and other presidential information are in danger of being destroyed or removed from the White House by Bush loyalists – all two or three of them:


I know I know – what could they possibly have to hide, right?

Abraham Lincoln on forfeiting confidence

Now this quote from Abraham Lincoln would be a good one to tuck inside a group email and forward to each anti-social miscreant on or from Wall Street, Capitol Hill, the Fed, and to world bank managers and monetary funds all over the globe:

“If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem.”

Abraham Lincoln
(1809 -1865) 16th US President

~To view Mr. Lincoln’s natal chart (with transits of his assassination) see Pages column in sidebar.~

Now that I think about it, you know how the last several years much has been said and written about Mr. Bush’s low approval ratings with the American public – and how we rated Congress even lower.

‘They don’t like us – they really really don’t like us,’ perhaps they moaned. ‘They don’t approve of the jobs we’re doing.’

But actually (funny story) – we don’t trust you. We really really don’t trust you. And you have justified our deep distrust several times over in the last year. You, sirs and madames, are not acceptable.

So Congratulations to the nearly-ended Bush administration and Junior. Poppa Bush with his New World Order dreams must be so proud of the job you’ve perpetrated about now.

Pardon me, boy

Here is a list of Bush pardons as it stands so far with a gaggle of new ones added today:


Of course, some say that Bush will pardon Cheney just prior to pardoning himself.

Personally, I think it should be the other way ’round – or preferrably not at all. Besides, both varmints  continue to pretend they’ve done nothing that merits pardoning what with their illusionary bubble floating far above the rabble and all!

Written by Jude Cowell

November 25, 2008 at 12:16 am

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