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Senate race in Georgia turns rabid! video links

Do you suppose Saxby Chambliss is trying to lose his senate seat to Jim Martin by airing ads saying that Martin is soft on crime – and soft on crime against CHILDREN?!

What kind of social misfit would be soft on crime against children? Particularly one whose daughter was abducted at age 8 (and returned safely, praise be.)

Has the GOP gone completely rabid? Are they frothing at the mouth at the thought of 60 senate seats falling into Dem claws, or did GOP strategists lay off their fact-checker from the Chambliss campaign? It’s craziness either way!

I know this is Georgia, but the Chambliss campaign seems to be 3 nuts shy of a pecan tree on this – or are trying to lose.

So far as I can find, they and Chambliss’ folks aren’t commenting on a rather astounding feat of advertizing imbecility.

Well, never mind, because come hay or high water, I’ll be at the polls on December 2 to vote Democratic or my name isn’t Fifi. It isn’t. But I’ll be there anyway.

See crazy ad videos here:


Written by Jude Cowell

November 23, 2008 at 10:36 pm

Eric Holder has a mess awaiting at Justice Dept


Over at Slate Magazine, Dahlia Lithwick has written an informative article on the mess being left behind at ‘our’ Justice Department by Attys General Michael Mukasey and his predecessor, Alberto Gonzales, a Bush compadre I have often referred to as a ‘weasel’ in previous posts…not that others haven’t, too, but I confess to being snugged deeply among them, primarily at my other blog, Stars Over Washington.

At one point, when forgetful Gonzo was mooning Congress with his ‘testimony’ about the politicizing of the DOJ, it seemed likely that the blog’s title would morph into Weasels Over Washington, but with Alberto’s resignation (given none too soon) I just barely avoided the change in time to save SO’W from its crooked-politician fate.

The only upside would’ve been being able to abbreviate its title to WO’W, and since I haven’t had pork in my diet for over 30 years, pehaps a WO’W would’ve been nicer than SO’W – especially with all the political weasels and other vermin infesting DC (my favorite city) these days.

More Disclosure: I have also been known to refer to Al Gonzales as ‘Gonzo.’ I just thought you should know, but don’t let knowing my Gonzo secrets keep you from reading Ms. Lithwick’s excellent article on what Holder – or whoever – is facing come January 20, 2009:


And as far as speculations going around about Eric Holder’s suitability as US Attorney General, I’m in my usual wait-and-see-what-they do-not-say mode until the new administration gets officially underway and the piper begins to play what may yet turn out to be much too similar a tune.


Image: the drawing above is a detail from ‘Dahlia’ by jude cowell 2008.

You may find a full view of ‘Dahlia’ and other examples of Chiffonery Art (for the 17+ers among us) at:


if you wish. So does my ‘Dahlia’ favor Dahlia Lithwick in the least? I doubt it but I can’t be certain!

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