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Second oil tanker seized by pirates 11.18.08

Yes, it’s happened again. NPR just reported that a second oil tanker, this one run by an Iranian company, has been seized by pirates.

It’s beginning to sound as if oil producing countries are volunteering their oil tankers to be taken, isn’t it? The price of oil will be going up up up, so Russia will be benefiting, too.

Mmm-hmm…this would be one way to up the price of your product. But that’s only my suspicious nature typing, I’m sure.

See just below for my original post about the hijacking of the first tanker, the Sirius Star.

Written by Jude Cowell

November 18, 2008 at 6:11 pm

Sirius Star hijacking pushes up price of oil

In the Gulf of Aden, the hijacking by Somali pirates of the supertanker Sirius Star is lifting up the price of oil. Mm-hmm.

Here is an article in Russia Today: ‘Sirius Star Hijacking the 9/11 of International Seaborne Trade?’


The Sirius Star (a very interesting name for astrologers, isn’t it? Sirius, the Dog Star, is associated with America’s founding and with US links to London and Cairo) was built this year, 2008, and holds approximately 2 million barrels of crude; it is the largest ship seized by pirates in pirate history, and holds over 1/4 of Saudi Arabia’s daily output.

Wonder who named this supertanker? As the Dog Star, Sirius is a barker announcing what or who is to come. ‘Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars’ gives Sirius (Alpha Canis Major) these keywords: “The fires of immortality.”

The Egyptians called Sirius, ‘Sirius Isis’, ‘The Shining One’ and ‘The Scorcher’ and worshipped the star as being linked to the life-giving rising of the Nile River, so it was also called the ‘Nile Star.’

If active in one’s natal chart, Sirius is a star of ‘great deeds.’ President Abraham Lincoln was born on a day when Sirius culminated (at Midheaven) as his Venus set. He is a typical Sirius figure now seen as as one of the great immortal figures in American history (‘Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars’), and he is well-loved (Venus) by many people.

Princess Diana was born with Sirius culminating with her Sun and the great heights she reached as a princess. We remember the world mourning for the Queen of Hearts, and of her work against landmines (which may have had something to do with her demise as Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was part of the cause of his assassination. ‘The fires of immortality’ reminds me of the Eternal Flame placed at certain figures’ grave sites which some say mark the involvement of the Illuminati.)

Well, I could say, ‘at least this didn’t happen when gas prices were over $4 gallon.’ Or how about, ‘certain people had to do something to keep prices from falling lower!’ Take your pick, I’m with ya.

The alternate route for ships to avoid the Gulf of Aden, a busy pirating region, is around Africa’s Cape of Good Hope which takes 3 weeks longer so you know what that means. ~

So Bill Clinton comes here to Georgia tomorrow (Wednesday) to speak on behalf of Jim Martin (D-GA) in his run-off election with incumbent Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss, who has had John McCain, Mike Huckabee, and Mitt Romney here to root for him. 

The run-off vote is Dec 2, so I hope everyone in Georgia will join me in re-voting for the candidate of your choice. A vote for the Chambliss is a vote for Bush-Cheney-Rove. Just so ya know.


Heads-up: there’s a new political cat limerick published at Lim’s Limericks if you’re game for the groanworthy:


Bush’s ‘ownership society’ arriving now

Did you think George Bush meant that average folks should join in by buying a home in his ‘Ownership Society’ when he touted the misleading phrase during the early days of his residency? (not a typo.)

Well, funny thing.

Turns out Bush was pointing to just such a time as the current financial collapse of our real economy with financiers poised to go on shopping sprees and take over ownership of banks and other industries as they further their control of the real economy in order to create a class of working poor their thumbs are itching to control.

But if you’re feelin’ puny, you may wish to skip economics professor Michel Chossudovsky’s article, ‘The Great Depression of the 21st Century: Collapse of the Real Economy.

However, if you’re madder than a wet hen over this political charade for the sake of a new economic and political world order, you’d be better off if you attempt reading it, if you haven’t.

Some of Chossudovsky’s words are as good a description of what astrologers have been saying to describe transforming Pluto’s journey through the sign of Capricorn as you’re likely to find anywhere.

Pluto returns to Capricorn in time for the turkey of Thanksgiving Day. And if turkey Bush pardons the turkey, an always-ridiculous annual ritual at the White House, we can all think of his touted ‘Ownership Society’ and know which of his Wall Street and banking pals will be doing all the owning – and how Bush knew it from the start.

Chossudovsky explains how the *Reagan-Thatcher era, the earlier phase of the 1980s, displaced and destroyed family farms, local and regional enterprises, and small businesses.

Then the merger-acquisition phase occurred in the 1990s under Bill Clinton, and we all know about NAFTA’s role in dissolving America’s work environment. “Thanks,”Bill and Hill. Al Gore, where were you when the American worker needed you?

And his book, ‘The Globalisation of Poverty and the New World Order’ is a perfect description of Pluto-Chiron’s oppressive issues: corporatism, racism, women’s rights, violence, etc.

See? That’s one of the reasons I say we have a one-party system in the US – the haves against the have-nots. But read his article, if you get a chance. There is some hope, however difficult to implement it may be.

Yet with president-elect Barack Obama sending one of the architects of the financial collapse to represent him at the G20 Summit (Jim Leach, who co-sponsored 1999’s Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act – FSMA), a promising start for his presidency’s economic programs looks more like slave labor on the way…possibly disguised as ‘public works programs.’

Now either THAT would be ironic, or I don’t know irony when I see it. Do you?



Nothing here on Thatcher, but you may wish to check out the sidebar column of Pages for the Reaganomics Eclipse, if you haven’t. Its degree links to the natal Ascendant of George W. Bush.

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