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G20 Summit wraps up 11.15.08

Yes, the G20 Summit in Washington this weekend has wrapped up with agreements to coordinate their economic efforts and to overhaul accounting rules. Whoo.

Accounting rules are probably in need of overhauling but following them honestly and consistently will be the next thing – the thing so many ignored so well.

Creative or fuzzy math, two or three sets of books, etc…banditry can occur no matter the rules, can’t it?

And NPR reported today that four countries were left out of this meeting: the Netherlands (quelle surprise!), Iran (non surprise!), Spain (whaa-a-a?), and Taiwan (hmmm…to placate China?)

The next summit is planned for late April, 2009 when a new US president will be on the case.

Also Barack Oabma has premiered his new Presidential YouTube Address but I’m not finding the video yet – are you? Perhaps it hasn’t occurred (or been published.) Dunno, but I will be watching for it since President-elect Obama will be using the YouTube format for his addresses, thus making the president’s Weekly Radio Address obsolete, I assume.

(Okay, under Bush I’ve referred to them as the ‘Weakly Radio Addresses’ and I’m unrepentant, but I hope this measly bit of “humor” can now be retired with a forward-looking, YouTube-y, text-messaging Obama presidency.)

In his first Presidential YouTube Address it is said that Obama is calling for congressional action on the economy Before he takes office, just so ya know. I would suppose this includes aid for the auto industry, but we’ll see.


If you wish, check the sidebar feeds for Stars Over Washington where I’ve published all the midpoint pictures for Inauguration Day 2009, noon, Washington, DC.

Financial astrologer Ray Merriman on the next 15 years

Margot the Mystic has it linked – expert financial astrologer Ray Merriman on the economic situation for the next 15 years which includes Pluto’s re-entry into Capricorn ‘for good’ this time – meaning that Mr. Underworld will be done transforming fiery Sagittarius in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

You’ll find some interesting astrological comments weighing in, too, $o check it out:


If above link isn’t live, go to Mr. Merriman’s site here for several interesting articles including his comments for the week of Nov 17, 2008:


Or better yet, try:


G20 gang sips discount wine with tonight’s dinner

Tres symbolique!

Laura Bush says not to fret over tonight’s dinner wine being tres pricey.

It’s being savoringly sipped at the G20 economic summit’s dinner in Washington – but don’t stress – the White House gets a discount on all its fermented grape beverages. ‘Hillside Select’ Cabernet 2003 never sounded so delicious, rrright?

And there are some mighty good recipes in your future if you choose to recreate this evening’s fare.

My first choice must be the Thyme-roasted Rack of Lamb which reminds me of decades-long new economic world order plans and the way implementing them now requires roasting The Sheeple on the rack of loss and bankruptcy. That’s probably just me though. I would think that.

Besides, who am I to disgruntle the assembled ‘world leaders’ (or those figureheads who play the role) out of a decent meal with Lame W. Bush – at least their dinner doesn’t involve barbeque, tacos, ducks, or hamburgers. Not that there’s anything Wrong with those gastronomic temptations, no sirree bobtail. And I think the Fruitwood-smoked Quail tonight would attest to that (if he could.)

Yes, I’m quite willing to graciously allow our gastronomically pampered economic geniuses to have their after-dinner brandy as well if it will gird them for tomorrow’s summit which the media has promoted as having low expectations on the financial improvement front.

So check out the rest of tonight’s fancy menu while you put a Ramen packet in the microwave – unless you’ve already advanced to the vegetable course – fake-buttered popcorn?



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