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Roubini says: end of 2009+

The Worst Is Not Behind Us
Beware of those who say we’ve hit the bottom.

By Nouriel Roubini

The recession will continue until at least the end of 2009 for a cumulative
gross domestic product drop of over 4%; the unemployment rate will likely
reach 9%. The U.S. consumer is shopped-out, saving less and debt-burdened:
This will be the worst consumer recession in decades.


~:~ Worst it may be but we’ve weathered recessions before. And with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune occurring three times through 2009, I can heartily agree with Roubini. The speculator pair,  Jupiter-Neptune, will provide background atmosphere for the entire year.

Their last conjunction 27Cap09 on Jan 9, 1997 conjoined US natal Pluto…and the current meltdown is within THAT cycle, not the cycle that begins in 2009…

Jupiter-Neptune = Pluto: far-reaching speculations; plans unreasonable beyond measure; major adjustment of life circumstance; a great loss.

Ya think?

Once again may I say that 2009’s Jupiter-Neptune hook-up falls upon US natal Moon in the 24 – 27 AQ range…

Jupiter-Neptune = Moon: going with the wind; an emotional swoon; dreaminess; little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans; becoming involved in speculation, instability, wastefulness. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Hold on tight, m’peops! And whatever you got goin’ – keep it goin’.

TARP: helping or undermining markets?

Down this morning, now up a bit, the DOW and other markets continue their bouncing about the place as investors react in kneejerk fashion from moment to moment, and troubling reports are released continually with the media riding high on the ‘things are very very bad’ bandwagon.

As you know, Paulson’s about-face on the use of TARP monies this week isn’t helping one wit. Was that his intention?

So is it any wonder consumers aren’t spending? And of course my own tune remains the same: it’s all about jobs, loss of jobs, outsourcing of jobs, being underemployed, downsized, etc…that’s why people are missing payments and not shopping. Looks like Santa is on a diet for Christmas so save your doughnuts, cookies’n’milk – if you have any.

At the moment I’m working on another subject, while listening to Radiohead, but I did run across an article on George Washington’s Blog concerning Paulson, Bernanke, and governmental botching of the economic crisis which you may wish to check out for it’s full of linky richness:


And speaking astrologically, with all the financial bad news and lack of confidence in markets, a new meaning may have accrued to America’s progressed Mars retrograde and its Sabian Symbol for ’18Libra’…”Two Men Placed Under Arrest” – a sentiment some are expressing about Paulson and Bernanke.

In fact, if you read the above-linked article, you may find just that sentiment expressed.

Of course, nowadays most Americans can think of several men who should be placed under arrest, can’t we?

One controversial idea to make room for the culprits in our overcrowded prison system: release all non-violent weed lovers currently serving under draconian laws and we’ll have gracious plenty space for the bandits and criminals who have sold America down the tubes by undermining our and the world’s economies!

Suits me – how about you?

First pics of out-of-solar-system planet!

Thanks to ye olde Hubble Telescope and a determined 8-year search, a planet outside our solar system has been captured on film amidst the dust of Fixed Star *Fomalhaut. Hope they got its good side!

Is synchronicity at work with the US Secondary Progressed Full Moon on Dec 25, 2008 having progressed Sun 4Pis10 – near Fomalhaut’s position? At the least, US Secondary Sun is highlighting Fomalhaut’s principles.

As one of the Royal Stars of Persia, Fomalhaut’s keyphrase is: ‘humanitarian and poetic.’

There’s also something of ‘the mystic’ with a sprinkle of fairy dust connected to Fomalhaut (Alpha Piscis Australis), but as with all four Royal Stars, success may be achieved only if challenges and trials are met, or a temptation is resisted.

The Star’s mystical flavor inspires lofty visions and ideals wherever this Star is linked in a chart, and of course we speak symbolically here since the progressed Sun and Moon (based on or issuing from the natal chart of the US), represents the evolutionary moment in time when Sun and Moon oppose one another by degree, minute, and second. So naturally, Secondary Progressed Moon clocks in at 4Vir10.

Because Sun = the leader, and Moon = the People — and with an opposition always indicating relationships, challenges, and awareness, then December 2008 sees George Bush still in place while the heir apparent waits in the wings all drenched in the fairy dust of a needful people’s expectations. 

Harmony is another component of Fomalhaut’s mystique, but gaining it may involve clashing with mainstream thought. The propagandizing media creates the illusion of a “mainstream” all the time, and mind control from the entertainment world and by news promoters is very prevalent and hard to shake off. Yet we must see clearly through the sparkly fairy dust!

And the digital TV transformation (‘divide’) in Feb 2009 is a good example of what the wheeler dealers are up to – spelled out for the entire world to see. As yet, we really don’t know how manipulative digital TV will be vs the television and media broadcasts we’re grown accustomed to.

Will their manipulation morph into something more subtle than before or will its mission become plain as the snoots on everyone’s faces? We know the TV touters have promised, at minimum, to deliver crystal clear images, haven’t they?

Yet somehow the purity of our ideals or dreams must be maintained.

To me this says that our leaders – governmental, financial, and otherwise – have blown the gig with their corrupt ways against Fomalhaut’s warnings, so it’s up to The People en masse (signified in any national chart by the Moon) to find and take a higher path if it’s been carelessly lost or purposefully obscured by the greedy, fraudulent wheeler dealers and movers’n’shakers who think themselves mightier than the rest.

I’ve blabbed previously about the US Secondary Full Moon (see Page in sidebar) and how it’s the culmination stage of the Sun-Moon cycle, and how it signifies that our ‘light’ has reached its peak and must lessen for a while.

Saturn, the Lesson-Bringer:

The August 2009 transit of Saturn to US natal Neptune, planet of ideals, dreams, and illusions, will be a toughy – it’s the ‘facing grim reality’ transit – plus the elected one with the rock star status is intimately involved – US natal Neptune is conjunct Obama’s natal Mars, the action principle.

So when you entertain the dream or hear of others’ high hopes resting upon Barack Obama’s presidential brow, you’ll know that Saturn will soon bring things down-to-earth – and That’s when the real work begins.

Well, that’s Fomalhaut in a nutshell, and the newly photographed trans-solar-system planet hiding in Fomalhaut’s dust is about to say: Howdy, Earth! for the very first time:



* Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars

Frisky Friday Art: Scylla’s Sarong

Is Scylla's Sarong So Wrong?
Is Scylla’s Sarong So Wrong?

Happy Frisky Friday! Drawing by Jude Cowell 2008.

See more Chiffonery Art at:
~> Cosmic Persona Designs is for 17+ only please <~

Does the G20 Summit need Obama?

Here’s a view from abroad concerning President-elect Obama’s sitting out this weekend’s G20 economic summit in Washington and leaving the participants to dance with the one who bring ‘um – George W. Bush:


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