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A View from Abroad: Obama’s Hurdles

A President Obama faces many hurdles as we in America know – we’re the ones suffering from the last several years of Republican “leadership.” So you might find this article with a European view of his challenges of interest:


Some notes concerning Wednesday, November 12, 2008:

Meanwhile in the heavens, asteroid Hopi is lined up with the transiting North Node (the Head of the Dragon, the path or destiny) at 13AQ. This will be in effect on November 12 when Venus and Pluto conjunct although Venus will still be out-of-bounds and able to act on her own without interference – and possibly – in an outstanding way.) Venus represents values, relationships, art, culture, and money (usually smaller amounts, with larger amounts being in Jupiter’s realm and untold riches in Pluto’s.)

Venus-Pluto contacts may indicate karmic emotional involvements, intense passion, possible rape or sexual indulgence, dramatic and transformative art and music; plus, their connection can have a tinge of bankruptcy to it. Their conjunction takes place at 12:54 am est at 29Sag32 in Washington, and occurs in the 4th house when the chart is set for the White House.

At Midheaven 5Gem08 is asteroid and trickster, Pan 5:16 Rx. Midas is up there, too, 8Gem07 Rx, and the Mars/Pluto midpoint 13Sag18 is conjunct US natal ASC (Sibly or Rudhyar charts), 3rd house Sun 20Sco13, 9th house Moon 6Tau02 (in the Venus/Pluto conj chart.)

Mars/Pluto = ASC: showing the hero image; the fighter who dares the impossible; aggression; daring and temerity; the desire to face danger; an accident. (Tyl; Ebertin.) Any, all, or none may apply.

And Venus to Pluto in 4th house may relate to the ongoing mortgage crisis and to a large amount of money changing hands…being ‘gifted’ perhaps. Issues of blackmail and ransom money cannot be ruled out.

At the Venus/Pluto conj, Sun 165 degrees 49 mins Moon, so they are in a quindecile aspect of obsession-compulsion – security is sought through recognition; there can be a lack of objectivity, along with self-centeredness which is oblivious to the rest of the world. (‘Quindecile’ by Ricki Reeves.)

Hope for Hopi?

In Astrology, Hopi’s keywords are ‘ambush’ and ‘prejudice’ and of course, it sounds like HOPE, a word we’ve heard a lot lately – and much needed. The asteroid’s heliocentric North Node is 18/19Cancer, and Pluto’s NN is 19/20 Cancer.

~:~This may be why, as I’ve wondered aloud previously, ’19Can’ turns up in many of the charts I’ve studied related to violent events or murder. Pluto and Hopi’s NNs may answer my question (whether Castor and Pollux are involved in the case or not.) And Saturn’s heliocentric NN is 23/24Can.

As you know, the Hopi tribe of southeastern North America is famous for carving Kachina dolls, with the word ‘Kachina’ meaning ‘God.’

Kachina dolls are used in traditional Hopi ceremonies which they continue to hold on behalf of the entire human race. So Thanks, Peaceful People! (‘Hopi’ is short for Hopituh Shi-nu-mu which means ‘Peaceful People’ or ‘Peaceful Little Ones.’ They are, as you may imagine, anti-war, as is this blogger.)

Hopi beliefs are tied in with the Pleiades constellation (‘the seven sisters’) and they consider themselves to be direct descendants from the Pleiadians. Petraglyphs are found across the southeast and relate to the mystic Hopis’ astronomical focus with discs of light appearing on many of them. The Hopi have an intricate ceremonial calendar and are possibly related to the Aztecs of Mexico…star-gazers all!

To view my drawing, ‘The Pleiades Sisters’ click: http://www.lulu.com/content/2280099

To read more on the very interesting Hopis and Kachina dolls, here are two links of interest:



This post brought to you by a spirit of audacious Hope (that you’ll glean something of value from it!)

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