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Forum on 12.12.08 Full Moon 21Gem02

Kaden has kindly turned my attention to a Forum Topic of note – the upcoming Gemini Full Moon of Dec 12, 2008.

This Full Moon is infused with an enormous overload of energy due to its involvement in a Mutable Grand Cross (or Grand Square, if you prefer.) Whatever you call it, the Saturn-Uranus opposition is being triggered by Dec 12’s Full Moon, the culmination of something begun two weeks prior at the Thanksgiving New Moon.) Mars is involved at Midheaven which gives even more energy and zealousness, with MC a place for expression.

Actually, with the Mc involved the energies have more outlet than without angular involvement, and one wonders in October if the results of our Nov Elections will be in contention and perhaps resolved under the illumination of this Full Moon.

Bil Tierney, in his excellent, ‘Dynamics of Aspect Analysis’ gives info on the Mutable quality of a Grand Cross as relating to an individual or persons with powerful potential in the professional realm, social status, public ambitions, worldly control, and managerial positions.

Yet as you know, Mutable energy is erratic, inconsistent, and ineffectual unless well-directed – there are great odds to be overcome toward notable achievements; channelling tremendous drive and determination toward societal challenges is the best use of this Grand Cross.

The chart I’m viewing is set for NYC but I’ve also looked at this Full Moon over the White House (as I always do.)

In NYC, 7Pis50 is rising with Uranus 18Pis50 direct in 1st house…if this were a Horary chart, we’d say ‘expect the unexpected’ with an outer planet in 1st house, and something sudden with Uranus.

Chart-ruler is Jupiter with perhaps Neptune as co-ruler. I’ve groused a good bit here and elsewhere about 2009 being the year of the three Great Conjunction/s of the Speculaor Pair, Jupiter and Neptune….the Gamblers; Mystics andVisionaries. They like to gamble with other people’s money, unfortunately for the rest of us.

The current economic crisis (or crash) falls into the waning months of the last Jup-Neptune conj of Jan 9, 1997, 27Cap09…conj US natal Pluto and at Mc in DC each time we inaugurate a new president, Jan 20, noon est.

So if you think you have some links with this Grand Cross Full Moon of Dec 12, 2008, you may be right…with all four corners covered as they are by these planets and luminaries, only imaginary gnomes in deep dark caves could ‘escape’ this one on an inner if not an outer level.

That Saturn in particular is a karmic planet is well-known and at 21Vir26, Saturn is conj Sun-Moon midpoint = addressing problems; Saturn is conj Fixed Star, Denebola: ‘to go against the mainstream’ or ‘against society.’ This action is near Joe Biden’s natal Midheaven, btw…he goes home every night to Delaware from Washington, thus ‘going against the mainstream’ – bwo railroad tracks.

Personally, my knowing that all the outer planets when active tend to give us that “out of control” fated, karmic feeling, and may be an unfortunate side effect of knowing just enough Astrology to stir my fretting function.

Yet there is a ‘silver lining’ midpoint picture afoot: Jupiter-Uranus = Neptune. But it’s also ‘gain from the unexpected; strange conditions seem to heighten individual awareness.’ This may be one of the spots from whence “precog” intuitions are issuing from for those who say they are having dreams concerning this time frame.

And of course, all oppositions have a 2nd harmonic (H2) flavor: Relationships, Values, Earning Ability.

That this particular Grand Cross will affect many people…well, we don’t need Astrology to see that big changes are coming within and to the collective. Pluto and Mercury at a World Point, 00Cap00, can tell you that with its propaganda interests…Mercury-Pluto = a keen and persuasive speaker; influencing the masses through speech or writing, we’ll all be feeling persuaded – or not.

But what will be stimulated within the collective? Even the social tinkerers and chaos-creators who are messin’ with our lives can’t always predict the effects of that particular genie out of the fairy-dusted bottle. 

Only a tiny, select few are indicated by the transpersonal figures shown in this Full Moon chart. And this Moon 21Gem02 at Ic is conj George Bush’s natal Uranus-NN conjunction…’radical political reformers and groups’ combo….Moon = ‘changes’ so we’ll have to see about our lame quacker.

Maybe George will be kicked out of the Hegel Society crowd he propagandizes for. Or will a political affiliation end? Is the Middle East – esp Palestine and Israel – about to break like glass (Saturn-Uranus)? 

Here’s a go-get-’em word picture…Saturn-Uranus = Sun: egoccentric drive against controls; rebellion; separations in order to find one’s way.

Asteroid Minerva (Journal of the Hegel Society = ‘Minerva’) is conjunct Pluto-Chiron, the resource-plundering plutocrats; also conj asteroid Tisiphone (‘retaliation’) and the Mercury/Chiron midpoint, all are near Jupiter 24Cap37 in 11th house. (Minerva’s keyphrase = ‘the need to be accomplished.’)

North Node 10AQ21 is conj Cheney’s natal Sun and his natal Mars is at Mc with Mars 19Sag 08 just past his Mars Return 17+.

And as usual with Life, and with Astrology that describes it, it’s our motives and how we handle the energies that can make a tremendous difference as to our weathering any storm.

To view the chart/s, and follow an excellent discussion on this Grand Cross Full Moon, click here:



Since we’re still having family doings here at present (10.26.08) my blogging time is short so perhaps I may add to this post as time permits esp since the Dec 12, 2008 Full Moon relates to another Gemini Full Moon (1:55) on Nov 24, 2007 with ‘1Sag” as: “A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire.”

So Thanks, Kaden, for the heads-up on an Astrology Forum with such an interesting thread!  December’s super close Super Moon should be a raving beauty!  jude


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  1. One more thing, Saturn is conjunct my Uranus and (widely) North Node in the 10th house, so work is very interesting.



    December 9, 2008 at 11:37 pm

  2. Your blog on October 27, on 12.12.08 full moon at 21Gem02 is the one I am using to navigate this week. I am looking for indicators of what’s to come and noticing my motives about all things I think about.

    “And as usual with Life, and with Astrology that describes it, it’s our motives and how we handle the energies that can make a tremendous difference as to our weathering any storm,” you said.

    You guided us to Julie’s astrological site where she said:

    The Sun makes a square to Saturn (Friday the 12th) in pre-retrograde mode (change of direction the 31st at 8:26 AM PST) and

    “we are given a preview of what may be restricted, withdrawn, or materialized in solid form. This is one of those ‘Believe what you see’ days–the foreknowledge can be invaluable in preparing you for the retro cycle.”

    “The Sun also makes its post-direction square to Uranus (the 9th), offering us a summing up of the changes instituted during that retrograde. This particular post-direction square often makes what changed readily apparent, especially things we just seem determined not to notice or acknowledge, and can bring a payoff of sorts, if your recent efforts have been along Uranian lines,” she went on.

    So each day I am writing down what I see that is being restricted, withdrawn or materialized and the list is getting long.

    Come March we are going to see what is left on the table for us individually, globally, spiritually.

    I feel like I’m riding down the white-water rapids with snakes, alligators and bogeymen.

    So little is known, so little is shared, and what is shared is faulty – error-prone. So this really is one of the times in my life where the person I trust is myself.

    Paranoid? Why not? The times are slimy, loosey-goosey and smelly.

    But Jude, your blog has been a light in the dark for me and I want you to know that you are right on target, as far as I’m concerned, about the Obama picks, the pockets’ picked, and the wickedness of our leaders, seen and unseen.

    Will excessive greed run smack dab into the middle of excessive need?
    If so, I smell trouble, revolution, nasty deeds.

    I mentioned to a friend a few weeks ago that we all know someone who has been laid off, “well no,” she answered, “I don’t.” Well we all know someone who has come back from the war with no job to go to, “well no,” she said.

    “I’m just looking forward to no insurance companies.” she proclaimed. “What” I asked? You think the healthcare solutions by this gang is going to mean no insurance agencies?”

    Shock and awe on both our parts. I figure she drank the Obama drink, and I’m sure she thinks I am the gloom and doomer. And both are probably right.

    Any way I look at it I see the financial situation in the US changing dramatically, can’t others? I see Obama picking Daschle to fix healthcare with the near dead Ted Kennedy to help and the one person who really could have fixed healthcare is farmed out to the state department with probably a hope of her demise on one her boon-doggles.

    Yes, gloomy I am. Upset about no 401k match next year, my IRA halved, my home equity loan – saved for a rainy day – like a hurricane, put on hold, housing prices diving, historic job cuts, war mongering and banks being unsecure (plus lock boxes) and wall street buddies sitting pretty.

    I just learned last night that building seven on 9/11 that was beside one of the towers that imploded, also imploded, like an engineering blast and it was the building that had all the ENRON evidence. While I have been suspect of events on that day this film was extraordinary in it’s sourcing and evidence of perhaps a crime being committed by us not them.

    I want a voice. I want to shine a light on the truth, whatever it is. I want to be safe in our systems of government. And I have none of these things and my motive stems from perhaps an overflowing of fear and emotions, but I still want them, so thanks for being there.

    And now my cat, Amber, is demanding some loving combing.
    donna d



    December 9, 2008 at 11:35 pm

  3. Thanks Jude! I appreciate your response. I guess out of everything the career/work suggestion would fit best. I have been unemployed for some time and could use any astrological help. Perhaps the energy boost this week could get me noticed and help me get a foot in the door somewhere.

    I just started studying Astrology on my own so I know it will be a long time before I can take everything in and understand how to read transits/progressions/solar arcs/solar returns/lunar returns etc. of my own chart – maybe someday…

    If you are curious to see my entire chart, I was born Oct. 9, 1971 in Bethesda, Maryland 3:30am and I haven’t been able to find solid full-time work since I finished graduate school in ’04.

    Thanks again Jude!



    December 9, 2008 at 5:34 am

  4. Virgo/Libra, thanks for commenting and you’re welcome.

    Taking one placement out of context is dicey – i can easily give you a wrong idea esp since there are many other factors to consider.

    Very generally we could say your planet is being triggered during this lunation regarding 10th house (Career; Public Status) matters but it can also relate to your parents, esp your Mom (Moon) since the 4/10 axis is the Parental axis.

    Time of life also affects how one experiences or deals with transits. If a 4-year-old has 10th house planets activated in some way, we wouldn’t expect Career to have anything to do with it – unless perhaps the child is an actor or model.

    Now if the Full Moon is actually a Moon Return to your Moon’s natal position, you’re more likely to ‘feel’ it with a Moon (‘Lunar’) Return giving clues about the daily pace of life – which is likely to pick up bwo Communications, Siblings, or Short Trips (Gemini) and possibly relating to family or career.

    And though your Moon is angular, there must be at least 3 indications involving progressions, Returns, etc, so if i were you I wouldn’t fret but be glad that you’re aware that your 10th house Moon is involved (Moon = publicity; public relations) and use the time to promote yourself using the Grand Cross energy which is a very motivating pattern of energies when used positively.

    The midpoint picture with the Saturn/Uranus opposition has been forming off and on with your Moon…the Full Moon may be the timer for its exactitude (strength)…

    Sat/Ura = Moon: changes for freedom; emotional courage emerges out of duress. (Tyl.)

    Make any sense to you?

    Well, I hope this helps you a little – I’m taking a real chance spouting off here not knowing your entire chart! jude ;p



    December 9, 2008 at 5:03 am

  5. Thanks for this post on December’s full moon in Gemini, especially concerning the Saturn/Uranus opposition that is triggered by the full moon on the 12. What would it mean if my natal moon is exactly at 21Gem (in the 10th house)? I’m concerned since you mentioned an overload of energy due to the Grand Cross. Just wondering…




    December 9, 2008 at 1:45 am

  6. I am here at a forum newcomer. Until I read and deal with the forum.
    Let’s learn!



    December 4, 2008 at 11:02 pm

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