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Sun in Scorpio-Moon in Leo today

Last evening at 9:09 pm EDT, the Sun reached the area of the zodiac we like to call Scorpio, sign of the eagle, scorpion, and phoenix, with Moon in Leo, royal sign of the lion and the lion-hearted. This gives a Water/Fire combination for the luminaries.

Today the Moon remains in Leo until 3:40 pm EDT when Luna moseys into Virgo, sign of the virgin, the dedicated worker, and critic. How can one sign signify all these things? It’s all about levels which Astrology describes better than other systems. Life is complex so must Astrology’s descriptions of it be.

A Leo Moon has a reigning need for approval, applause, and adoration while Moon in Virgo prefers order and correctness. The first blend is double Fixed energy which is rigid, focused, and dramatic, while the second blend of Water-Earth is more on the practical and nourishing side.

Here are a few notes on both blends:

Sun Sco-Moon Leo: fixed opinions and emotions, and a solid sense of purpose; sensationalism with much of the energy taken up in commandeering the resources of others. This is a public vs private blend with a determined pursuit of excellence; light and dark, upfront yet secretive.

This combo is fiercely loyal and will do what it takes to get the job done and promote the cause; there is a talent for seeing and encouraging light in the blackest darkness.

“Images for Integration: A Samaritan mirrors sunshine into the depth of a dark pit bringing hope to those who live there…A sexy superstar creates a new charity.”

Sharing this blend natally is: Ezra Pound, Terry Gilliam, Julia Roberts, and Veronica Lake.

As poet Ezra Pound famously said: “The difference between a gun and a tree…is a difference of tempo. The tree explodes every spring.”

Sun Sco-Moon Virgo: Passion vs piety with this blend; romantic, practical, and hardworking; conscientious, satirical, and witty. Surprisingly humble, this blend yearns to make its mark, and has the organizing ability to get ahead in a quiet, dedicated way.

Deep insight and common sense characterize Sun Sco-Moon Virgo which places value on good taste and style. Technical skills and physical stamina aid whether progressive or reactionary, and there is an admirable amount of self-control and modesty. A narrow outlook may impede progress, however, but an eye for the ridiculous can see things through.

“Images for Integration: An artist combines simplicity with intensity in a study of still life…A scientist probes into the mysteries of the cosmos…Britten’s ‘Billy Budd.’ ” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzy Harvey.)

This Water-Earth blend is obviously shared natally by Benjamin Britten, but also by Judy Canova, Richard Burton, Fanny Brice, Henry Winkler, and Eugene V. Debs.

If you’ve never read excerpts of Eugene V. Debs’ famous anti-war speech – Canton, OH June 16, 1918 – you probably should. Plus, you’ll get some hints about the crowd of warmongers we have now…the words, ‘up to their old tricks’ comes to mind:


So the day’s intense drama will be morphing into more serious feelings as the afternoon proceeds and things return to earth…from creative Fire to the praticality and durability of mud!


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  1. HI
    Have you looked at the chart for Dec 21 2008?

    quite interesting
    Just some FYI



    Mary Hope

    October 24, 2008 at 5:36 am

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