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Poll: shall there be perp walks on Wall Street?

The public knows that fraud and abuse of power took place on Wall Street and in banking and insurance boardrooms all over the nation…should perpetrators be held accountable?

Read more on this excellent subject here:


Update Oct 30: so far the ‘bandits in handcuffs’ selection is way ahead! Have you voted yet?

Update Oct 31 9:57 pm edt: perp walks’n’handcuffs winning by far, no contest really…

Update Nov 4 12:03 pm est: Whoaaa! Perp walks it is!

Written by Jude Cowell

October 29, 2008 at 3:03 pm

Ego games between France and Germany

France’s Nicolas Sarkozy and Germany’s Andrea Merkel have opposing views on what to do concerning the world economic crisis.

America’s Jude Cowell thinks it’s all part of a one-world-government script which is the ‘new economic order’ as called for by Bush Sr, Pope John Paul II, and many others through the decades. And they’re implementing it as the ‘only way’ to “Save The World.”

How else will the sheep accept it?

Sarkozy wants government to take over banks and just about anything else that moves and has money, while Merkel says no. So there’s kind of a he said-she said standoff in Europe…or least that’s the script they’re following for best effect:


These are the thespians who should have a writers’ strike – the world could use a break from their dramatic, dire histrionics.

Clock running out for an October Surprise

Republicans are desperate characters!

So what will the American ‘electorate’ (and I use the term loosely believing US presidents are chosen based on other criteria than citizens’ druthers) – what will the loosely-termed American electorate do if faced with NO October Surprise to sway them to the right by playing upon primal fears?


Puts me in mind of storybook reading days with my kids…pardon a smidge of Brer Rabbit but I got the most goosebumps out of reading this bit – misspelling may be off and I’m paraphrasing here:

‘Cos I de wull o’de wust

and YOU de one i’m after

i’m gon skin you jest fer fun

you better run – you better run!

cos i de wull o’de wust

and YOU de one i’m after.’

~:~Skeery, yes?

When Roubini speaks people listen

U.S. Should Enact $400 Billion Stimulus, Roubini Says

By John Brinsley

Roubini, who predicted the current financial crisis in 2006, said the
economy risks falling into “a self-fulfilling animal spirit recession that
is more severe than otherwise” because of the collapse of credit markets and
weak consumer and corporate spending.


“Animal spirit recession”? That sounds like primal fear to me.

Now Stop It! Hoarding is the worst thing to do right now and I know yo Mama told ya that just because a bank’s chairman of the board hoards us off a cliff doesn’t mean you should, too.

Have you seen ‘Palin As President’?

Have fun clicking!


And here’s a tale going round about Palin as a ‘whack job’ picked by a hothead sans vetting…


Rs to use legality to keep Obama from the ballot?

An American Patriot is telling a tale of GOP ballot trickery as expected pre-November 4:


Some varmints are So Predictable, aren’t they? Is this an (or the) October Surprise?

This relates to Obama’s ongoing birth certificate question about which I’ve always thought that he could’ve been born in Hawaii as stated in the current version, but if his Caucasian mother did what I would expect her to do in the early 60s – and considering Muslim traditions and laws – Obama’s Hawaiian-based birth certificate probably said: ‘Muslim’ for his religious affiliation.

Of course ‘Muslim’ is what would have been entered in that category…his father was of the religion with its paternalistic heavy-handedness – and it was the more paternalistic 60s. We were in process of ‘letting go the rule of the father’ but the mindset wasn’t in effect everywhere. And perhaps she hoped to continue their marriage so she wouldn’t have listed something that would provoke him, now would she?

So none of this convinces me that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii – that his birth seems shrouded in veils of mystery  – or, just as likely, in politically created veils of confusion and deceit by opponents who, as An American Patriot points out, have come too far and done too much to give up now.

‘The ends justify the means’ creed covers a multitude of sins and crimes…just not very convincingly.


Alaska’s Senator Ted Stevens has been found guilty on all counts…first in 27 years.

Obama’s speech Canton, OH 10.27.08

If you look under ‘Speeches’ in my sidebar you’ll find a link to Barack Obama’s Closing Argument speech delivered today in Canton, Ohio – full text courtesy of Time’s The Page.

A constitutional lawyer as president? Yeah, I could get used to that, as long the US Constitution is being upheld so that America can be. Isn’t that what a US president’s Oath of Office SAYS he will do?

Forum on 12.12.08 Full Moon 21Gem02

Kaden has kindly turned my attention to a Forum Topic of note – the upcoming Gemini Full Moon of Dec 12, 2008.

This Full Moon is infused with an enormous overload of energy due to its involvement in a Mutable Grand Cross (or Grand Square, if you prefer.) Whatever you call it, the Saturn-Uranus opposition is being triggered by Dec 12’s Full Moon, the culmination of something begun two weeks prior at the Thanksgiving New Moon.) Mars is involved at Midheaven which gives even more energy and zealousness, with MC a place for expression.

Actually, with the Mc involved the energies have more outlet than without angular involvement, and one wonders in October if the results of our Nov Elections will be in contention and perhaps resolved under the illumination of this Full Moon.

Bil Tierney, in his excellent, ‘Dynamics of Aspect Analysis’ gives info on the Mutable quality of a Grand Cross as relating to an individual or persons with powerful potential in the professional realm, social status, public ambitions, worldly control, and managerial positions.

Yet as you know, Mutable energy is erratic, inconsistent, and ineffectual unless well-directed – there are great odds to be overcome toward notable achievements; channelling tremendous drive and determination toward societal challenges is the best use of this Grand Cross.

The chart I’m viewing is set for NYC but I’ve also looked at this Full Moon over the White House (as I always do.)

In NYC, 7Pis50 is rising with Uranus 18Pis50 direct in 1st house…if this were a Horary chart, we’d say ‘expect the unexpected’ with an outer planet in 1st house, and something sudden with Uranus.

Chart-ruler is Jupiter with perhaps Neptune as co-ruler. I’ve groused a good bit here and elsewhere about 2009 being the year of the three Great Conjunction/s of the Speculaor Pair, Jupiter and Neptune….the Gamblers; Mystics andVisionaries. They like to gamble with other people’s money, unfortunately for the rest of us.

The current economic crisis (or crash) falls into the waning months of the last Jup-Neptune conj of Jan 9, 1997, 27Cap09…conj US natal Pluto and at Mc in DC each time we inaugurate a new president, Jan 20, noon est.

So if you think you have some links with this Grand Cross Full Moon of Dec 12, 2008, you may be right…with all four corners covered as they are by these planets and luminaries, only imaginary gnomes in deep dark caves could ‘escape’ this one on an inner if not an outer level.

That Saturn in particular is a karmic planet is well-known and at 21Vir26, Saturn is conj Sun-Moon midpoint = addressing problems; Saturn is conj Fixed Star, Denebola: ‘to go against the mainstream’ or ‘against society.’ This action is near Joe Biden’s natal Midheaven, btw…he goes home every night to Delaware from Washington, thus ‘going against the mainstream’ – bwo railroad tracks.

Personally, my knowing that all the outer planets when active tend to give us that “out of control” fated, karmic feeling, and may be an unfortunate side effect of knowing just enough Astrology to stir my fretting function.

Yet there is a ‘silver lining’ midpoint picture afoot: Jupiter-Uranus = Neptune. But it’s also ‘gain from the unexpected; strange conditions seem to heighten individual awareness.’ This may be one of the spots from whence “precog” intuitions are issuing from for those who say they are having dreams concerning this time frame.

And of course, all oppositions have a 2nd harmonic (H2) flavor: Relationships, Values, Earning Ability.

That this particular Grand Cross will affect many people…well, we don’t need Astrology to see that big changes are coming within and to the collective. Pluto and Mercury at a World Point, 00Cap00, can tell you that with its propaganda interests…Mercury-Pluto = a keen and persuasive speaker; influencing the masses through speech or writing, we’ll all be feeling persuaded – or not.

But what will be stimulated within the collective? Even the social tinkerers and chaos-creators who are messin’ with our lives can’t always predict the effects of that particular genie out of the fairy-dusted bottle. 

Only a tiny, select few are indicated by the transpersonal figures shown in this Full Moon chart. And this Moon 21Gem02 at Ic is conj George Bush’s natal Uranus-NN conjunction…’radical political reformers and groups’ combo….Moon = ‘changes’ so we’ll have to see about our lame quacker.

Maybe George will be kicked out of the Hegel Society crowd he propagandizes for. Or will a political affiliation end? Is the Middle East – esp Palestine and Israel – about to break like glass (Saturn-Uranus)? 

Here’s a go-get-’em word picture…Saturn-Uranus = Sun: egoccentric drive against controls; rebellion; separations in order to find one’s way.

Asteroid Minerva (Journal of the Hegel Society = ‘Minerva’) is conjunct Pluto-Chiron, the resource-plundering plutocrats; also conj asteroid Tisiphone (‘retaliation’) and the Mercury/Chiron midpoint, all are near Jupiter 24Cap37 in 11th house. (Minerva’s keyphrase = ‘the need to be accomplished.’)

North Node 10AQ21 is conj Cheney’s natal Sun and his natal Mars is at Mc with Mars 19Sag 08 just past his Mars Return 17+.

And as usual with Life, and with Astrology that describes it, it’s our motives and how we handle the energies that can make a tremendous difference as to our weathering any storm.

To view the chart/s, and follow an excellent discussion on this Grand Cross Full Moon, click here:



Since we’re still having family doings here at present (10.26.08) my blogging time is short so perhaps I may add to this post as time permits esp since the Dec 12, 2008 Full Moon relates to another Gemini Full Moon (1:55) on Nov 24, 2007 with ‘1Sag” as: “A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire.”

So Thanks, Kaden, for the heads-up on an Astrology Forum with such an interesting thread!  December’s super close Super Moon should be a raving beauty!  jude

2008 candidates Rats and Dragons!

Goldfish by Giant Kelp

Do everyone a favor including yourself and allow Margot the Mystic to explain McCain, Palin, Obama, and Biden to you using Chinese Astrology, a system of the ancient discipline that is archetypally informative and not familiar to this reluctant astrologer.

And since the candidates profess to represent the collective they should be understood on many levels because their decisions may even impact your goldfish in her bowl:


Non-voters may gain from Margot’s insights as well. Don’t stint yourself. Acquaint yourself with all the candidates as much as you can until it’s all an untidy jumble rattling round your pate.

~:~ image: Goldfish by Giant Kelp, drawing by Jude Cowell 2008.

You may wish to see the final version of this incomplete rendering by moseying to  http://dreamyfishart.blogspot.com

Are Politicians snarly cats?

 Wiley on deck!

Well, of course I know that politicians are not in actuality, cats of the feline persuasion.

But don’t you think that when their hackles rise up on the House floor or dramatically in front of cameras and microphones – don’t they kind of remind you of old tomcats hissing and growling at one another trying to defend their territory? 

Maybe it’s just me. Or somebody needs a good catnap on his/her office sofa, cellphone OFF.

Anyway, Mr.A. Cat, an agent formerly in service to our nation but now retired to an undisclosed location, has phoned in a new political limerick to his contact, my boss, Lim over at Lim’s Limericks where I do the typing…because cats don’t have hands. Also my spelling is a bit better, but not by much.

Yes, it’s an unpaid position but it’s the least I can do for the mysteriously elusive Mr.A. who put himself at risk so many times on our nation’s behalf while foregoing the soft cushion in the corner by the fireplace as most kittycats would do being the creatures of comfort they are.

How often have I asked this burning question: who knew that cats could be so political? and not yet have I received a satisfactory answer from man or feline on this issue.

So the feed for Lim’s Limericks is now added at the end of the feeds list in my sidebar hereupon if you should wish to check out Mr.A.’s latest limericky growl…seems he’s concerned over our November 4th elections – and who wouldn’t be?  Can I get a Meow Meow?

Besides, everyone knows that cats have opinions of their own and obviously hold membership in the Independent Party, yes? There’s an unsubstantiated rumor going round that some political cats may even be affiliated with the Libertarian Party.

So at worst I’m guilty of allowing the political cat limericks of Lim and Mr.A.Cat to help me get through the merde of the Washington litterbox by laughing at these jokers whose mamas must’ve taught them better than they’re doing against us. Rrraorrrww-w-w!

~:~ photo cred: Wiley Earl of Ashen Coat by Maya

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