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Obama-McCain debate 9.26.08 Taurus Rising

00 pm cdt

Obama-McCain debate 9.26.08 8:00 pm cdt

Thanks to a wonderful astrologer, Julie Demboski, I’m clued in that McCain is seeking to postpone the Friday debate whose astrological details follow.  You can read Julie’s comment and my reply on why McCain might wish to reschedule (Mercury Rx! Or as I said to Julie, McCain’s astrologer looked at the debate chart and said, “you should have consulted me first”?) You may also wish to read what Huffington Post is saying about it:


~:~ my original post begins here:

On the campus of the University of Mississippi, Oxford, on Friday evening, 8:00 pm CDT, Senators Obama and McCain will engage in their first presidential debate during an Hour of the Sun.

Rise and shine!

With money sign Taurus 2:28 rising, the current dire financial issues may come up early on with 20Cap02 at Midheaven, the Aspiration/WHY? Point of the chart. ’20Can/Cap’ are critical/crisis degrees, and disruptive Uranus 20Pis07 Rx resonates with them being at 20 degrees also and soon to leave the behind-the-scenes 12th house of Karma, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions such as government institutions, AIG, Lehman Bros, Fannie Mae, & Co., the Fed, NYSE, etc.

These economic issues have in a sense ‘disrupted’ the dialogues of both candidate’s campaigns.

Moon 6Vir14 is spotlighting McCain’s natal Sun 6Vir02, in debate’s 5th house and I believe this indicates that the public (Moon) is noticing McCain’s ability or inability to “shine” (Sun) but in the back of everyone’s minds (Moon) is the issue of McCain’s health (Vir) and vitality (Sun.)

Plus, old man Saturn 14Vir47 has passed McCain’s n Sun but remains in his Sun sign until the end of Oct 2009.

The debate’s Sun 4Lib18 is in 6th house of Health, Work, and Service. Healthcare and Medical plans will be on the menu here with Saturn’s restrictive quality in hardworking, health-conscious Virgo giving his serious tone to the subject.

The start time for this debate was found on the Ole Miss website, and at 8:00 pm there are three midpoint pictures formed with the Sun, and one with Pluto as focal planet (all mdpt pics from Ebertin and Tyl, and are as usual: any, none, or some combination.)

Mercury/Saturn = Sun: discipline pays off; getting down to work; knowing what’s got to be done; a person with retarded mental development; changes; separations; love of travel.

Mars/Saturn = Sun: weak vitality; inability to meet all demands or to master all situations; illness; breaking down under stress or strain; eking it out; possible threat to health or body.

Moon/Venus = Sun: actors or stage performers; marital love; gracefulness.

Venus/Neptune = Pluto: a painful renunciation; extremely emotional.

If you can view this chart well enough perhaps you can make out my highlights in Red for some of McCain’s and Obama’s natal placements around the chart. Angles, Sun, and Moon are in Yellow. 

McCain’s Sun is already mentioned conj Moon in Virgo, and North Node with its joining quality is conj Obama’s natal Ascendant (using his ‘7:24 pm’ chart which is the only natal chart I use for him now. You too?); NN (the public) is in his corner and it’s Obama’s to lose because it’s ‘his time.’

Plus, you know that 2009’s Inaugural Moon 29Sco+ is conj Obama’s natal Mc, the Career and Public Status Point (again, using his ‘7:24 pm’ natal chart.) Whether Rovian shenanigans will snatch his victory away and bestow where it isn’t earned is another matter.

But back to the Sept 26 ‘debate’ (and I use the word loosely based on past presentations which don’t resemble true debates, as we know – they just market them that way):

McCain’s natal Ascendant 17Lib+ is in cadent 6th house (again: Health, Work, Service) which is not as strong a placement for him as Obama’s ASC in 11th house which is on its way to the debate’s Midheaven and thus on display to the world. At 10:00 pm Mc will be 19AQ20, Asc will be 9Gem21 (with Aldebaran, Antares setting) so Obama’s Moon will rise during the debate (Moon 3Gem21 conj 2nd cusp at 8:00 pm with Pan and Midas in tow.

Chart-ruler Venus is in intense Scorpio and setting with asteroids Bacchus (substitution; how one manages uncomfortable emotions; how ecstasy is sought; addictions) and Arachne (entanglements; intrigue; perceptions of intricacy; the web; networking) hanging on Venus’ every word, esp words that concern the US and global economies, big business and greed (Scorpio.)

Well, as you know, Mercury, planet of debates, speeches, and announcements is Rx and along with Mars 25Lib12, encases two lovely Fixed Stars, Spica (‘the potential for brilliance’ – Brady) and Arcturus (‘success through patient work’ – A. Louis.) We’ll be reviewing this debate for weeks.

In fact, as the first of three, it represents them all, or the 2008 prez debate ‘season’ in an astrological sense.

Yet Mercury 22Lib24 is conjunct a star we seldom hear about – Foramen 22Lib09, whose keywords are rather varied: prosperity; indecision; leadership; shipwreck; eye and ear problems (A. Louis.) This star has a Jupiter/Saturn influence. (Jup/Saturn = Mercury: desire to make changes.)

At the Foundation/Ic of the debate chart we have the previously mentioned critical degree 20Can02 on its natural house cusp and signifying the housing crisis and sub-prime foreclosures which are much of the reason the economy is in turmoil, aided and abetted by Wall Sreet crookery.

And with rich man Jupiter, planet of professors and gurus everywhere,  – and symbol of the Republican Party – ruling 8th and 9th houses and wealthy stealthy Pluto, plus greedy, often intolerant Taurus rising (the Bull, Merril Lynch’s emblem)  we know what the evening holds – or should hold. Hank Paulson’s total control may be a fait accompli by Friday night.

Dumps and Humps!

So will McCain have a suspicious hump on his back to help him remember talking points, feed him answers, and give him the quick repartee he’ll surely need? Or will the hump be the haunting ectoplasm of an unmasked George Bush, whose White House tenure has taken America into more dumps than a talking point or a mere evening’s debate could ever address?

Will this first of three debates clear the air or give us a clearer picture of the presidential rivals’ viewpoints and plans?  

It may not last until 10:00 pm – although the attending commentary may depending on one’s TV channel or radio station with internet comments never-ending – but it’s interesting to see that a certain midpoint ‘goes angular’ at 10:00 pm…Mc, the Aspiration Point, will then have Neptune/NN upon it…

Neptune/NN = Mc: taking a position off the mainstream; needing the help of others to succeed.

Ebertin gives the Nep/NN combo as ‘anti-social elements, a lack of team-spirit or communal sense; exploiting, deceiving, and/or cheating others.’ And Neptune/NN is also ‘mass media.’

Yes, nebulous, filmy Neptune’s image-projection qualities tend to help public figures project what they want to project (NN = ‘the public’) and ‘illusions used to fool the masses’ often result. Of course, motive is everything (and this places Obama’s n ASC at Mc, too), so it’s possible instead that ‘ideals and intuitions make contact with the public’ and give us Neptunian hope.

Or this picture may represent the media spin we’ll have to endure as pundits and anchors busily tell us what to think about what we just heard with our very own ears!

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