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Archive for September 10th, 2008

Palin: is all exposure good exposure?

You may or may not appreciate this as a Sara Palin resource:


I keep seeing her first name with an ‘h’ and without…is this more of Neptune’s work of uncertainty and doubt?

Bailout: socialism for the rich

For years now I’ve looked for an event or events that occurred in 2004 which could relate to the parallel of Pluto and Chiron. They had had their Great Conjunction Dec 30, 1999 and helped usher in the lousiness the world has experienced since the New Millennium party balloons had burst or floated away over 20th century hills, then they paralleled one another mid-August 2004 which indicates timing related to their conjunction/meeting of 1999.

Listening to Steve Forbes speak today at the Common Wealth Club of California (broadcast here only today) I may have heard the call of Pluto parallel Chiron – it was the year the Fed flooded the economy with excess liquidity – the money causing us grief now with the weakened dollar and the ills it brings.

Patrick Wood at The August Review has been writing and alerting us about these issues for years. His article ‘Globalist Ultimatum: Pay Up or Collapse’ is a must-read concerning the bailout of Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac which is more socialism/welfare for the rich than a saving grace for the US economy.

Diverting money from the public sector into certain private hands is part of the ‘New International Economic System’…how ya likin’ it so far?

So where will the Fannie-Freddie bailout lead? Please read Patrick’s article:


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