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Free the RNC 8!

Monica Bicking, Luce Guillen Givins, Eryn Trimmer, Robert Czernik, Nathanael Secor, Erik Oseland, Garrett Fitzgerald, and Max Spector face up to 7 1/2 years in prison based on dubious charges after weekend searches – which found no explosives, btw – due to Minnesota’s ‘Patriot” Act  provision for increasing sentencing by 50% – as a “terroism enhancement.”

The group’s publicly stated intent to block traffic and disrupt the RNC doesn’t jive with what police and informants are now implying against them, and I wanted to publish their names in case they should mysteriously disappear in Bush’s America.

Minnesota’s last occurrence of trumped-up charges of a violent nature during an Industrial Strike was in 1918, the year of the 10 South Solar Eclipse – same Series as the August 1 Eclipse now operative during the 2008 RNC, and the Pre-natal Eclipse Series of candidate McCain.

The charges in 1918 are now seen as resulting in ‘political trials.’

Read about the RNC 8 arrests here:


And here’s some August 1, 2008 Eclipse info:



Wedding Day Astrology of Todd and Sara Palin

At last! the Palin’s Wedding Day Astrology Page is up if you’re interested in their wedding day (Aug 29, 1988) and the relationship picture thus created by the Sun/Moon blend (marriage; male-female principles) on the day of their romantic elopement:


An American’s view from Paris: McCain’s speech

Tara Bradford, who writes from Paris, France on her blog, Paris Parfait, has summed up many of my own feelings about John McCain’s speech last evening, and you may wish to read/comment here:


You know I tried not to think of hitler’s youth with the chanting and flag furling but it was difficult, very difficult – only a heil was missing in last night’s hero worshipping exercise. And the GOP’s determination to shove it down the public’s throat was painfully obvious, too – as Tara points out, no actual solutions to our problems were mentioned.

It’s as if a percentage of Americans can still be swayed and bamboozled by the old nationalist propaganda without looking beyond the surface of the slogans, code words, emblems, and symbols of what we like to THINK America is…or once was.

Mass hynosis? Trance-like states? Bush used the same personality cult ploy which couldn’t have been more obvious last evening than if Karl Rove’s snout had been spied peeking out from behind the curtain.

And, as we would expect, McCain played the terror card, too, lest we forget the ‘official’ line about the attacks of 9/11.

November approaches and the rig is on the way!

Frisky Friday Art: Tamara’s Tulle Tutu

Tamara's Tulle Tutu

Tamara's Tulle Tutu

Hurrah!! Political conventions are over! Slogans are touted, balloons are popped, and exhaustion sets in so now I say it’s time for a little Frisky Friday Art, Y’all!

Tamara’s here from:


Visit my Lulu Storefront:


And for cosmic, moon, and children’s art:


Hope everyone has a great weekend and remember: even if you have no interest in Politics, Politics is very interested in you…


Art Update Sept 6: my latest Chiffonery Art drawing is now up – ‘Candy’s Cold Shoulder’:


~:~ if this link to Blogger gives you a  ‘blog not found’ message, this is ridulous and I assure you that Candy is in the gallery…please click the Cosmic Persona Designs link above and you’ll meet her after you push past Blogger’s ‘do you want to continue?’ alert….for if you like Chiffonery Art, Candy may be worth your effort!

McCain says join the military and Palin’s birth time

Lots of cheering going on tonight at the RNC as John McCain suggested that Americans join the military, become teachers, help the needy, and other good ideas to keep busy and not notice how the balance of the Supreme Court, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights will continue to be eroded under another Republican president. They failed to mention these things tonight.

No, I was not comforted…sounds like 100 years in Iraq to me. And will a McCain presidency extend the civil-liberties-squelching provisions of the US ‘Patriot’ Act? Neocons didn’t go to all that trouble only to let go of power and control now.

Cut to Palin in the audience! Eric Francis has a reported birth time for Sara Palin if you want to check out his excellent observations. Eric is working on rectification and says the chart works:


So if 4:40 pm is correct it gives Palin Leo rising just as has been suggested in comment threads here. It is difficult to miss her mane of Leonine hair and her past beauty queen competition for the approval and applause that Leo adores.


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