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Rectified birth time for John McCain

At Neptune Cafe you can find a rectified birth time for John McCain – 8:38 am rather than the usual 9:00 am.

After all, when astrologers see an even-houred birth time, our suspicions are understandably aroused since ’rounding off’ may have taken place, or guesstimating may have been done.

The direct link to the post may be found in my Pages list on John McCain’s natal chart which is in the sidebar column.

An Economic Silver Lining

Now we know that Founding Father George Washington was a Freemason and thus was well-versed in Sacred Geometry and what we call Astrology, yet I have no reason to believe that George Washington the blogger uses the sacred art for informing his posts.

Yet with Sept 29’s New Moon at ‘7 Libra’ – “A Woman Feeding Chickens and Protecting Them from the Hawks”…it is time to plant seeds for future harvesting as is the case with New Moons.

That’s what czar Paulson is trying to do as well, but the American people must beat him to the spade, in a manner of speaking.

Let George explain the details of this silver lining for America:


NOW poll: Is Palin qualified for VP?

Here’s a link to NOW’s poll on Palin – voting sure felt good!


Written by Jude Cowell

September 30, 2008 at 12:45 am

Jules Verne fireballs and DC’s gas plumes

Space Weather News for Sept. 29, 2008

GOODBYE, JULES VERNE:  Earlier today, European mission controllers
commanded the robotic cargo carrier Jules Verne to re-enter Earth's
atmosphere over the south Pacific Ocean.

The disintegrating spacecraft made a spectacular fireball observed
by at least one NASA aircraft and possibly the International Space
Station. First picturesare coming in now and may be found
at http://spaceweather.com

GREAT PROMINENCE:  Sunspot counts remain very low, but solar
activity is not zero. For the third day in a row, astronomers are
monitoring one of the best solar prominences in years. 

The plume of hot gas, twisted into complex shapes by solar magnetic
fields, is nearly 10 times taller than Earth and an easy target
for safely-filtered backyard telescopes.  

Visit http://spaceweather.com for photos and movies.#


There's another plume of hot gas over Washington today with the
drama of the bailout bill failing to pass. But then I always wait
to see if political balking is merely part of a script with
ultimate results telling more of the true plot than any Capitol
Hill Theater matinee ever reveals. 

Being away from my Astrology software at the moment I hope a
curious astrologer will set up a chart for what I hear is the
next House vote - Thursday at noon EDT. Even if noon is off
a bit it should work as a symbolic chart of the bill's vote. 

And if Hank Paulson gets the vapors again, please someone let
me know. Neptune's fog, vapors, and smokey mirrors are proving
difficult for the lawmakers to see through.

Georgia's Paul Broun cites "cow patties" which aren't appetizing
in the least, are they? Since I'm from Georgia do I need to
translate? Okay. The bailout bill is a pile of merde.

Then there's the White House refusal to cooperate on the Attorneys
General firings investigation as a certain weasel sings like a

Yes, George Bush has a lot to be "very disappointed" about today,
it's true. 

And now he knows how I and millions of other people have felt for
almost eight long years of a president's term under which the largest
failures of our nation have occurred.

Gas availability: GA-SC-NC

Friday, Sep 26, as we drove from north Georgia into South Carolina, then North Carolina, we were mainly traveling by way of I-85.

Lack of gas availability was more in evidence than not along the way with the Raleigh area, our destination, somewhat spotty. The shortages in NC are being reported today in the media as worsening, yet I ventured out this morning and saw two gas stations within the city limits that had fuel. I paid $3.99.9 gal for regular which is our preferred grade.

South Carolina along I-85 was very spotty as well – on Friday. This problem changes very quickly from region to region though so if you see a chance to tank up, go for it.

Now this post may not help anyone, but I thought I’d spill the eye-witness beans just in case!

Written by Jude Cowell

September 29, 2008 at 4:30 pm

Wall Street bombing of Sep 16, 1920

Here in Raleigh NC today it’s peaceful and quiet after a happy wedding with a well-timed monarch butterfly flitting behind the bride to land on a tree just over the couple as the rings were being blessed Saturday.

Plus, Friday late afternoon as we approached the city, a rainbow appeared – the first I’d seen in years. Seemed like a wonderful portent for a new marriage with butterfly soon to follow. And a singing bowl as part of the ceremony was a calming touch!

(Maybe I should send a few to Washington or to the over-reactive candidate McCain. ‘Oming’ may be the one thing Mr. Moon-Pluto opposition hasn’t tried.)

Finding Raleigh a-vroom with a biker convention of some sort (something to do with singer Ray Price – sorry I didn’t get more details but the wedding was uppermost) the charming old city was a hub of activity with its festival atmosphere and deep-fried cheese cake on a stick. No kiddin’…I thought it sounded awful, too.

My favorite dish at the reception had to be the Butternut Squash Lasagne which was amazing.

And although I said that politics would not be on my agenda this weekend, you know that I did manage to find a TV long enough to know that McCain showed up to debate Friday night, and I heard some of the post-debate punditry, too. Obama won, as I, and perhaps John McCain, expected. And some of the bailout info got through the wedding cake haze. Seems that Washington is desperate to affect Asians markets before their opening on Monday.

Using a laptop at the moment is driving me batty so I’ll simply close with a previously saved link I had intended to post day-of concerning the still-visible damage to the JP Morgan building by an anarchist bomb the anniversary for which was earlier in September while the current kerfluffle was in full sway.

We have a financial bomb of our own now so the timing seemed interesting to me. There are no rainbows or butterflies involved, but if you’re in a bailout kind of mood, you may find it of note:


Written by Jude Cowell

September 28, 2008 at 5:33 pm

Politics, that organized system of hatreds

As both readers of this blog know, I’m trading Politics for family wedding this weekend and will return in a few days.

Mercury, planet of agreements, negotiations, and contracts, is Rx at a spot in the zodiac you’d think might help things work out better than the snit of miffdom that Bush and McCain helped cause yesterday. Of course, it does take two to tango, but they seem to have had an abundance of pressure with campaign politics being brought into the financial negotiations. But Mercury conj Spica and Arcturus may help things yet.

Yet if you subscribe to olden Astrology, you may be tempted to wonder if the Via Combusta is behind the matter – ye olde Burning Way. Of course, Spica and Arcturus are the only two bright spots from 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio (the Eagle Point), plus, Mercury may have to go Direct before anything is settled with finality.

Maybe this IS a good time to take a break from the madness, so I’ll leave the Washington-Wall Street shenanigans to my excellent fellow Astrology bloggers while I party on down and try to forget the ‘organized system of hatreds’ for a little while.

We’ll be enjoying a rehearsal dinner this evening so whether Obama debates himself or not tonight will have to wait a while for me – but I’m sure the outcome of McCain’s crankiness will stay in the news for daze and daze. 

Hope to ‘see’ you soon, and mucho thanks to all who send well wishes to the happy couple!

Written by Jude Cowell

September 26, 2008 at 12:04 pm

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