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Astrology Mundo on the DNC’s Void of Course Moon

Astrology Mundo has published an excellent article by guest host Sasha on the void-of-course Moon which has been in effect during the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week…until 6:13 pm MDT…woo! that was close.

Turns out the Dems were fortunate that the Roll Call of States was shortened and the acclamation for Barack Obama came when it did – and I can’t help but wonder if there are any astrologers on staff!


And a note on the proceedings in Denver: John Kerry gave the most hard-hitting speech so far, saith the TV guys, Lehrer, Shields, and Brooks (although I’m not certain if they all were in agreement with that accessment but it was, “un-Kerrylike”) and Bill Clinton got the usual ovations and said he was there “to warm up the crowd for Joe Biden” – not that Joe needed it.

Joe will do all right.

Bill kept his self-written speech down to 20 minutes! And perhaps my favorite line was the one about the Republicans wanting us to reward them for hte last 8 years by giving them 4 more…which came after a legal-esque litany of the GOP ills we’re slogging under.

10:00 pm: a video presentation on our military and its real live people, the ones Bush-Cheney haven’t used up. Pardon me, but that’s how I feel about politicians who avoid serving themselves yet maneuver their careers to cynically send our brave children in to war – especially wars of choice.

It’s 10:06 pm EDT now and still no Joe Biden. He should be on soon though, and I’ll be recording it for posterity while using the Solar Fire software’s Animated Chart feature set for Denver to see the planets rise, set, culminate, and fall, and leaving/entering houses as they do.

10:09 pm note: Bill Richardson has been bumped into Thursday evening…

Catch ya later…

Greek god Apollo: McCain or Obama?

Since I had noticed in chart studies this week that asteroid Apollo was active due to ‘his’ nearness to Sun and transit Saturn (columns, architecture), I was interested in HuffPost blogger Bob Cesca’s photos of Republican photographs with columns as backdrops suggesting Greek gods from on high…


You’ve probably heard by now of the RNC’s ‘DNC Rapid Response Headquarters’ set up about one mile from the Pepsi Center in Denver, and their website which I don’t care about passing on to America.

Well, when the R strategists got a gander at the stadium where Barack Obama will accept the Dem nom Thursday night and the fact that it was staged with Greek COLUMNS, they naturally assumed the Ds meant to reference Greece and Greek gods as being Obama-like (the other way round, but you know what I mean.)

Well, America did, for the most part, swipe their democracy concept, but it’s the ‘god’ part the Rs are hoping to emphasize, not classical political thought orits continuance under a Democratic White House. Must be part of their ‘style no substance/he’s not ready/celebrity status only’ ploy against Senator Obama.

If you follow the link to Cesca’s photo collection, you’ll soon see that Republicans fancy themselves as Greek gods, too, with as much right to pose in front of Greek columns as any popular Dem candidate ever claimed.

Now astrologically, Sun-linked Apollo has been traveling in tandem these last few days with Saturn, significator of the D-Party, and highlighted by the Virgo Sun. Anciently, Apollo was one of the pantheon of sun gods, the major one for the Greeks, and now serves as an indicator of the hero’s journey in a chart.

There’s an interesting mix here with natal planets being triggered by orbiting Apollo this week conjoined with John McCain’s Sun 6Vir02 (his Solar Return is Aug 29, Katrina Day, with Mercury Return Aug 30) and Barack Obama’s natal Pluto 6Vir59 – sorry, McBush, but Pluto’s power and coping ability trump Sun’s ego.

So if either of you fits the Apollo archetype in this modern day and age, it’s Barack Obama, now nominated by acclamation as Democratic candidate for President of the United States.

Guess you’ll want to find another emblem to use in your own staged presentation…maybe some body bag photo-ops would be more suitable for a hawkish neocon such as yourself.

And all this may be described, along with much else, as being part of the soon-to-come Saturn (past) opposition to Uranus (future.) For as honorable and stalwart as McCain’s Vietnam service was (and is), His hero’s journey was Then, and THIS, is Now.

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