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Biden’s MBNA ties and US banking legislation

Did Joe Biden’s ties to credit card company MBNA affect his role in banking legislation that draconically re-wrote bankruptcy law AGAINST consumers? Yes.

MBNA has since been bought by Bank of America but was spawned in Delaware, Biden’s home state.

Will it affect his ability to help Obama become president? Depends on how many other culprits come under fire for similar corruption. Biden’s staffers are defending him with ‘compromises must be made’ which could justify most anything you like.

Credit cards are Delaware!

And Biden sold his house to an MNBA executive and has received about $240, 000 in contributions through the years, as NPR is now reporting. Well, is Biden really an outsider to Washington’s ways? Apparently not esp when it comes to big money – and natally he does have a happy Jupiter in busine$$-oriented Cancer.

And since the objective during political campaigning is to wound your opponent/s without getting caught, tit-for-tat revelations should surely be in preparation to stem the damage.

We’ll see how this ‘gotcha’ plays out for Obama-Biden…esp if this week’s out-of-bounds Moon signifies plans you have no intention of fulfilling anyway…such as resting the helm from neocon hawks and Zionists of the GOP. It’s not as if Dem strategists hadn’t known Biden’s financial ties and their implications Before he was chosen as VP running mate -are they trying to lose like Kerry? 

Oh for an honest man? They’re all pocket-liners in Washington…US natal Jupiter = “6Cancer”: “Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests.” Clear to me, how about you?

I still believe all candidates should disclose to the hoodwinked American people just how much moola they’ve gained from the ‘war on terror’ and the war in Iraq (ha! right?) Iraqi children are suffering so horribly and it makes me Very Angry when children suffer.

With an ‘out of bounds of the earthly plane’ Moon affecting events, plans, moods, and other Moon-related factors this week – and with security concerns included in the scenario – safety needs are again indicated (see two previous posts below.)

But plans made under this Moon won’t tend to pan out, so the saving grace for this Dem Convention’s OOBs Moon is that their plans were, of course, made Prior to this week; still a Moon OOBs gives a scattered, vague, and/or warm-and-fuzzy feeling to the proceedings.

Pass the mac’n’cheese, no pork please!

So the lack of realism and wasted effort occurring under an OOBs Moon may show through misjudgments of some kind with mistakes being made. Good! Perhaps my expressed fears about safety and sabotage this week are what will come to nothing.

Dem Convention 2008’s Sun-Moon blends

Managed to post this week’s Sun-Moon blends with their ‘Images for Integration’ at Stars Over Washington in case you haven’t seen them:


It’s political thespians on grand display, Y’all, beginning with a 3rd quarter Moon, the ‘crisis in consciousness’ stage of developmental evolution. Or you could simply gaze up at Luna’s moonglow and let her beams wash over you while pondering the ultimate destiny of America…

Moon Signs of the Dem Convention 2008

As we look at the *out-of-bounds Moon’s progress through the zodiac during this week’s Democratic National Convention we find that Luna’s emotional tone through the signs she traverses (Aug 25 to Aug 28) is displayed by way of the sign she ‘wears’ at any given moment.

Publicity, popularity, public relations, the public, the people, intuition, emotions and feelings are all Luna’s natural provinces, and her timing ability is well-known and oft-used in Astrology.

Here I’m using Denver, CO, ‘Aug 25 sunrise until Aug 28 midnight’ to get a full range of the Moon’s activities and influence. (And please pardon typos as this posting will be cut short at any moment by Fay’s stormy auspices.)

The Dem Conv begins with Moon in Gemini 22Gem56, with Gemini the sign of Obama’s natal Moon (3Gem+) yet tonight’s keynote speaker, Michelle Obama has no placements in Gemini, but has Uranus 9Vir36 Rx and Pluto 13Vir58 Rx which describes her speaking on behalf of her husband (tr Sun 2Vir – 7Vir for the week) rather than for herself…’Moon reflects Sun.’)

Looking at the **Democratic Party’s natal chart, there are several midpoints which will be triggered by Luna this week and I shall split them into two entries.

(As you know, midpoints bring planetary energies into action as a team and are the averaged position of the two bodies or points.)

Dem Party midpoints range from Venus/Uranus 22Gem54 to Mercury/Neptune 11Leo55 with a certain natal planet 15Leo04.

I will note when a sign change occurs since Luna’s instincts, moods, and feelings will show a marked change as she changes signs: Gem = communications; the Good News; oration~~Cancer = nurturing; emotional needs, intuitions, and security issues~~Leo = the hero’s journey, the need to lead, the natural or divine leader (Bush 43 falls into this category, not just Obama), and needs for applause, approval, and recognition.

Dem Party midpoints (since all are being triggered by the Moon, I shall omit ‘ = Moon’ to save my typing finger); as usual with midpoint pictures, it’s ‘all/any/none’ in play:

Venus/Uranus: new ideas for a new future; hysteria; sudden excitement in fulfilment of one’s needs.

Saturn/ASC: difficulty being accepted; disagreements; an oppressive environment; separation from a female (this may refer to Hillary’s delegate release and their strong feelings about it.)

Venus/ASC 00Can18 (Hillary’s natal ASC degree in the 8:02 pm chart I use for her Cancerian round face – also 00Can00 is a World Point of manifestation and was involved with 9/11 bwo of the June 2002 Solar Eclipse on that degree): an expression of affection; an engaging nature; motherliness; a show of emotions.

Sun/Uranus: the intense woman; demand for need fullfilment; emotionally excitability; nervous, agitated women;  impulsiveness or rashness.

Uranus/MC: a quick temper; sudden mood changes; easy upset; extraordinary state of excitement; prominent shift of direction for emotional fullfilment; a new bid for life advancement.

Mercury/Uranus: valid instincts about the situation; a correct grasp of a subject; logical thinking; practicality.

Mars/Saturn (one of the most difficult combos in any chart and since it links with health problems it may relate to Ted Kennedy but also to disgruntled Hillary supporters – and possibly to HC herself): illness; feelings about losing something; moodiness; depression.

Venus/Mars: maternal feelings.

Sun/ASC: feelings/needs become important esp with or through females; fruitful activity with others.

ASC/MC (‘Identity Awareness’): showing to others  just how one feels; life attitudes are governed by feelings; attitudes toward the female sex; associations with females.

Mercury/ASC; projection of emotions; a search for inner contact with others.

Saturn/NN (‘seeking contact with experienced people; lack of adaptibility ; inhibited associations’ – Ebertin):  a person standing alone in life; an orphan, widow, or widower (Biden has remarried but was a widower); showing precocious maturity; qualifying for responsibility; appealing to senior persons ( BHO’s VP choice of Biden is as much to garner the senior vote as for his foreign policy expertise – two political birds with one stone…stone = Saturn.)

Now the Moon reaches Dem Party’s natal Chiron 15Can06 and has moved 2 degrees beyond US natal Sun. Moon/Chiron contacts are the perceptual shield being completely open and spirituality may enter in either positively or negatively.

Read the rest of these midpoint/Moon pics here:



NPR reporting at 1:01 pm Aug 26: poll shows ‘only 43% of Hillary’s primary backers say now they’ll vote for Obama!’

And I report that this is part of a GOP ploy dubbed “OPERATION CHAOS” by Rush Limbaugh – Rs were roused to vote for Hillary in the primaries in hopes of causing trouble at the Dem Convention!!! The Dem’s UNITY theme is in danger, Will Robinson – and Rush’s hoofprints are all over it, in tandem with genuine Hillary supporters who are disgruntled by BHO’s eclipsing her. ~

* out-of-bounds of the earthly plane for the public’s Moon/public relations/publicity/needs beyond normal expectations indicates the out-of-this-world quality to Obama’s fawning press coverage (by those who participate so for whatever reasons), his high popularity,  and to the public’s excessive attraction to and hopes for Barack Obama as America’s next leader as we project dreamy notions upon one man. This is made easier by his natal Mars conjunct US natal Neptune…’rockstar status.’

** Democratic Party: May 13, 1792; 12:00 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA; Sun 23Tau31, Moon 28AQ30; Pluto 23AQ31 with tr Neptune 2008 conjunct…Neptune to n Pluto encourages the rise to power of those who bring a religious message and/or who favor use of spiritualism or psychic power; use of history analysis is a positive benefit of this transit.

However, treachery is in the wings, and use of poison or bio-weapons cannot be ruled out, along with religion-based attacks – by and against Dems.)

In spite of the religious right’s **attack on his faith -ex: his ‘Messiah complex’ – Obama IS using his religious faith in this campaign as a way to connect with church folk of any political stripe. It may work- he seems to be doing well with Catholics, another reason his VP choice was Joe Biden, a Roman Catholic.

The right’s ad: ‘he may be The One, but is he ready to lead?’ Is BHO the anti-Christ as they imply? Sheesh! I thought perhaps Bush41 and 43 had already fit that bill! The ‘Left Behind’ series is riddled with squirrelly Scriptural inaccuracies, but don’t get me started on that…

Cont’d just below…

Dem Convention 2008: Moon and the Dem Party’s midpoints

Continuing the Moon’s transit through the Dem Party natal chart’s midpoints during this week’s Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO, we begin just after natal Chiron is visited by Luna (perceptual shield opens wide, but there is a possibility for Wounding as well) with Moon 16Can29; Moon into Leo will be noted:

Venus/NN: a desire for complete and cordial understanding (Moon to Chiron!); expressing one’s feelings liberally.

Sun/Mars: the husband;  awareness of male/female principles in relationship; the feminine influence.

Mars/MC: changing status bwo emotional ‘feel’; publicity; impulsiveness; a desire to impose one’s will upon a woman; a lack of deliberation; premature action.

Mercury/Mars: emotions are added to the issues at hand; one needs to be heard; ‘clearing the air’ by talking it out or by quarrels; a nagging woman.

Jupiter/Saturn (‘societal planets’ and Jup = Rs, Sat = Ds): hypersensitivity about one’s ego position; easily upset; annoyance through the female sex; changing moods; a shifting relationship toward women.

Venus/Jupiter: affection and cordiality; a joyful woman; charm; pleasant circumstances.

Sun/NN; relationship dynamics between husband-wife are highlighted; compassion; homeland and people.

NN/MC (‘Individual relationships’; ‘Being recognized’): inner ties of a woman; the challenge and fullfilmentof sharing emotions with others.

Mercury/NN: desire to share/communicate one’s troubles; emotional expressions.

Venus/Neptune (‘illusions; creativity); love in a swoon’): being easily influenced or led by others; a renouncing or unhappy woman; a projection of dreaminess; chaotic emotions.

The Dem Party midpoints now begin with 00Leo05 and Uranus/Chiron, the radical reformer pair. Barack Obama’s natal Mercury is conjunct this point making him a good agenda communicator for the Dem Party.

Sun/Jupiter (‘recognition; success; joy; ego expansion; shining out one’s ideals’):harmonious expresions; a healthy mind in a healthy body; a joyful hour; a happy marriage; needs fulfilled.

Jupiter/MC: cheer; confidence; a harmonious disposition; recognition; a deserved sense of importance.

Mercury/Jupiter; talkative women; a lively exchange; pleasant communications; emotions inspre impressive ideas ands welcomed solutions.

Sun/Neptune (‘sacrifice of ego; sensitivity; weakness; remoteness; impracticality; inspiration; deception; illegalities’): high impressionability; moods are dependent on environmental factors;  disappointment through the spouse or consort; very special inner experiences not easily understood; a weakened female.

Neptune/MC: reveling in fanciful imaginings; misinterpretation of perceptions and impressions;  a dreamy nature; active imagination; a peculiar state of feelings.high sensitivity; being lost in one’s own world.

Mercury/Neptune 11Leo55 (‘special awreness; alert imagination; fantasy; sympathy; idealism; a subtle grasp; confusion perceptions; liars; self-deception): pictures and ideas from the unconscious mind; a deceived or deceptive woman; misguided imagination; personal impressions dominate thinking processes; possible paranormal awarenesses; receptivity.

And that ends the Moon’s transit this week throundthe Dem Party’s natal midpoints which fall within Luna’s range…22Gem to 16 Leo, the Lion’s Point. The ‘Lion’ archetype, with its hero’s jrney and Nemean Lion arechetypal links represent Barack Obama perfectly, imo.

And the Dem natal planet which will be triggered at midnight of August 28, the night Obama accepts the annointing?

Uranus 15Leo04 in natal 12thhouse of Karma, with only a semi-square tying the radical, disruptive, excitable rebel into the Dem Party’s natal chart bwo NN. Natal NN 2Libra13 (in n 2nd house) is this week being triggered by asteroid: LION! 

Roaring, annointing, high excitability, emotional feelings, and a percpetual shield wide open as ‘attack dog’ Joe Bidden barks to announce the coming of the annointed one, Barack Obama. And Dem natal Chiron 15Can06 – opening of the perceptual shield of Moon-to-Chiron previously mentioned – has this series of implications:

Saturn/NN = Chiron = Venus/NN withtransiting Moon triggering them all (see above.) This is a moon-tidal ‘watershed moment’ for the week, along with the Moon’s change of sign to 00Can, and into Leo as Obama prepares to speak.

Quite an emotional and moody week for America, a week which I pray is not interupted by a ‘big shock’ for there is danger in the environment for the Dem hopeful. 

Don’t like closing on such a note, but I don’t have time to add the difficult indications showing in the Aug 28/29 charts – Fay’s storm system is overhead and threatening my pc so I’ll close until the weather improves…thundering big boomers now – but you will find a mention of poison and treachery in the Moon’s transits, as well as a difficult midpoint pic for Obama here:

Tr Sun/Saturn = n Pluto: developmental inhibitions owing to illness; health threat; separation; the misunderstood person.

The entire Convention is occurring under a tough background influence:

Mars/Uranus = Pluto: interventionof the big shock; force; a Higher Power; violent interventions.

This could only relate, of course, to protesters disrupting the Convention, or to a secret hand sending out its saboteurs to make sure the Aug 28 Void-Of-Course Moon fails to achieve its goals and that any loopholes are exploited.

If this turns out to be the case, it’s ‘here we go again’ for the American public – and once again on TV? There are organizations in the world who delight in disrupting society in plain view for their power is demonstrated by pre-emptingthe natural course of things while they thinking themselves above both manmade and natural laws.

And then there’s the health of the Lion of the Senate.

Uh-oh! Fay is here…gotta go…

Astrologer in Denver!

Thanks to John Townley, creator of AstroCocktail, I nabbed this link to an al Jazeera article quoting a local Denver astrologer concerning the planetary energies overhead for the 2008 Democratic Convention about to get underway:


And I’d very much recommend you treat yourself to a visit with John at:


And no, my Convention ticket didn’t arrive in time, but then again I did no canvassing for Obama whatsoever. But I did field several phone calls from his grassroots team though no ticket was offered for my trouble, only a later dinner hour!

However, I know two people who will be in attendance at the stadium so I’ll be scanning the crowd on my TV for M and L, one of whom is a political science professor in Colorado. His success with canvassing has gotten him two tickets smack dab in the audience for Obama’s speech Thursday night, so kudos, L!

It should be quite a collective peak experience, I only hope practical improvements may accrue from all the politicians’ fine words – for America’s sake!

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