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Maureen Dowd headshrinks Dancing Queen McCain

Maureen Dowd’s NYT op-ed from today discusses the McCain campaign’s tactic of heroes-can-do-no-wrong, a strategy which may be petering out for him and leaving a gasbag running on empty:


And speaking of John McCain’s POW exerience it seems tragic to me that a man would further the ends of those who visit the same treatment upon others as if it’s okay if it’s from his side. McCain’s prez-bid capitulation on torture is a sad testiment to a crippled mentality with guiding goals which are put ahead of America’s soul and our nation’s very existence.

Biden idealizes Obama’s best traits 8.23.08

And Obama returns the favor!

As I’ve studied the planetary placements on this auspicious day for the Obama campaign with the events in Springfield, IL marking the kick-off of the Biden leg of the prez tour, I was struck by how complex the astrological picture is, from natal, progressed, and composite charts.

Interesting with my wizard’s hat in place, but difficult to write anything remotely resembling a unified and clear analysis without giving both my regular readers crossed eyes and headaches.

So I shall confine myself to a few observations, beginning with today’s Sabian Symbol for the Sun’s position, “1 Virgo”…”In a Portrait, a Man’s Best Features Are Idealized.”

Dane Rudhyar gives the Keynote of this degree as relating to the path of discipleship and the harvest season as the Sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo. Perhaps Obama may be said to have been Biden’s disciple? Biden has attempted to enter the White House and stay there before so it seems that Obama may be HIS ticket.

Now the Sun’s reaching the end of Leo/00Vir+ links to Egyptian star lore, the Sphinx, and to ancient mystery cults, plus, there are other indications between today’s chart, Obama’s and Biden’s natal and progressed charts, and their composite charts – indications of mystical influences and supernatural concerns.

Is Astrology Afoot Along with Biden’s “Firm Stand”? 

Timing today’s speech with the Moon’s position (29Tau+) because it’s opposite the Inaugural 2009’s Moon is a clue, as well as transit Sun today being conjunct Joe Biden’s natal NN…see above Sabian Symbol. Either there’s a campaign astrologer or two behind the woodpile in Lincoln’s land, or synchronicity times and wins the day along with some crumbling temple in Giza!

Now you may or may not think that this is (or will be) problematic for the Dem team, however, it is possible that if there are mystical associations, they may aid the Dems in their bid for the White House, or ‘White Lodge’ as I often think of it.

How benefit?

Besides support from abroad and from possible connections with secret organizations, these two grand egos, both of which are vying for the highest recognition and glory, must be able to consciously direct the sublimation of their personal egos on behalf of a higher cause and this will be the difference between success or failure.

What I can’t tell you astrologically – at least not yet – is whether their shared cause, mission, and goals are truly on behalf of the common good. A new direction for America away from the Bush policies? Yuh, sounds great! And sorely needed.

For we know that America always corrects course after too much of one Party’s ideology has run away with the day and overly fatigued us with its falsehoods and self-serving high-handedness.

Yes, the Obama-Biden team talks a good game of it, but we’ve been burned too many times by cynical politicians whose agendas are not remotely in tune with our own best interests. Yes, Barack and Joe sing a melodious tune, but who wrote the lyrics and for what ultimate political purpose?

But since the charts mentioned show a somewhat better story on the people’s behalf, I’ll try to muster a little faith in the Dem ticket’s duet because a vote for John McCain is like a vote for George Bush, and you know it.

And thennnn….?

Along the campaign trail will appear the anti-common-gooders who try to march off with the prize, and we’ll recognize them as neocon goose-steppers and enablers who hatchet the backs of the more popular contenders in order to continue the *Bush Doctrine and agenda and keep themselves top dogs.

But will the ‘old boss same as the new boss’ model take the cake?

What a Dem administration may do to scale back the constitutional weakening that Bush-Cheney have overseen will show how straightforwardly they intend to do the people’s business which has tragically been disregarded for too long – and to much ill effect for society’s sake, I may add.


*Link to chart image of Bush Doctrine but no grimey details added as of yet:


And here’s a Page I’ve added with a link to NPR’s audio player so you can listen to Joe Biden’s first speech as VP nom today in Springfield in which he idealizes Obama’s best traits…you’ll find a link to Obama’s speech today – in which he idealizes Biden’s best traits –  in the previous post:


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