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Not One but TWO Orators have we

Yes, I know!
Senator Joe Biden has experience in foreign policy and a certain studied gravitas but he’s one of the many politicians you can say has been in Washington all these years and look where he enabled our nation to plunk.
Do you get the feeling that if Biden had made a better showing in the Dem primaries the VP shoe might now be on the other tootsie?
Biden was born into the 17 New North Solar Eclipse Series (1942) which brings impusive energy to events, hectic socializing into the picture, and relationship issues and financial projects are focuses; plus, he’s an impulsive and passionate fellow. (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’)
17 New North last manifested Oct 12, 1996 at ’20Lib’ and its Initial Eclipse began July 28, 1870 which means that there’s an issue or issues from that time which is a shadow within his psyche. Biden would naturally have ancestors from that time period or he wouldn’t Be Here Now, now would he?
And with a natal out-of-bound Mars in Scorpio, his action principle can secretly work by its lonesome and behind the scenes without the other energies or factors in his natal chart being aware or needed in order to act.
One societal example of this condition of Mars is in 2007, when it was Mars out-of-bounds that ran around setting fires all over the place because oobs Mars feels justified to act as a law unto himself. Hopefully the senator doesn’t play with matches.
And given John McCain’s shared desire (Mars) with George Bush to send a manned mission to the planet Mars to look for natural resources, Biden could be on another short list for the special ticket!
Bide your time, says the Tarot card and it seems Biden has been biding long enough. And just in time for the Digital Transition in February to perkily beam into our homes and worm into our brains. Two known orators may gain the White House in 2009 and what better format can promoters have to reach us each and every one?
With Bush, the usual ceremonial ditty for him to pomp into the room upon, Hail to the Chief, was aptly renamed, Hail to the Thief after SCOTUS installed him (thanks, Thom Yorke!)
Sheesh! with the wordy Dem ticket we see before us, our ears may soon be longing for, Hail to the Brief.
The two egos now so sparkly on the Dem ticket are said to be friends in real life, but in Washington isn’t it wiser to simply have a dog? 
Guess Biden’s role as Obama’s ‘attack dog’ for which he’s passionately suited, fulfills the above advice from Harry Truman, that if you want a friend in Washington, “get a dog.” Here we may be seeing vicious Cerberus and Sirius, the Dog Star, paying their continued role within America’s politics and her ultimate destiny.

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  1. […] astrologers around the world are slicing and dicing the data. Jude’s Threshold has had a post on Biden since 7:54 a.m. this morning! You have to get up pretty early to beat Jude on breaking […]


  2. Two orators? How about two plagiarizers? Remember that Joe Biden dropped out of the 1988 Presidential race due to a plagiarism issue (one web site reminded us that it was plagiarizing campaign speeches…I thought it was an academic plagiarism matter)…….and Obama did concede in a mini-scandal this February that a large chunk of his signature stump speech from Massachusetts Gov Patrick Deval was ‘inadvertently’ plagiarized.
    I am not John Stanley McCain (Jr? II? III?) supporter, and I don’t know who I will be voting for this November. One Astrologer (Susan Miller?) had a bit on FOX news a month or two ago and she said cryptically that at the time of the election, ‘age will no longer be a factor.’ What was that supposed to mean? She also said that she had ‘not ruled Hillary out.” Sorry, no charts for any of this except that when I first looked at the Inauguration chart……saw that the moon is void at 29 Scorpio until about 12:30 pm, give or take. The new Pres must be sworn in at noon, or by noon, according to the US Constitution.

    BTW….the New “President” of the US, via the FOX TV show, “24” has actress Cherry Jones as “President Allison Taylor”…..Cherry Jones’s Sun (at whatever time of birth you use) is at 29 Scorpio. Hurray for President Cherry Jones!!!



    August 23, 2008 at 4:55 pm

  3. […] with other charts, links, and more analysis. In the meantime, Jude’s Threshold has had a post on Biden since 7:54 a.m. this morning! The early bird does indeed catch the […]


  4. I have a real bad feeling about this.

    Election day (I looked to see if you had the chart up – the polls close on the east coast) has the moon void all day in Cap in his 12th and then immediately going into Aquarius. Doesn’t cross his Ascendent til the next day or, while opposing his sun. Saturn on his Mars opposite Uranus.

    I think the eclipses hosed him.

    [‘McCain’s little Georgian adventure must have done the trick.’]



    August 23, 2008 at 10:01 am

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