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Got pesky Digital TV issues yet?

You may notice there’s a new link and Category in my sidebar for Digital TV.

Mandated by the US Congress and soon to hit sparse pocketbooks all across America on Feb 17, 2009, Digital TV with its compliments-of-Congress problems and questions are piling up so we’d better get stirring and figure out what’s going on with our idiot boxes and their needs if we (I!) am not ready.

No matter if you think the ‘Digital Transition’ sounds like suspicious New Age rigamarole or merely cool technology, it’s knocking on your analog door, but the thing is, even if you’re signed with cable or satellite TV, there may still be some issues you’ll want to know more about.

Therefore, in a tempest of linky love, I have added Matthew Torres’ blog here for your convenience:


And if you’ve yet to do so, you may wish to visit the official site for information on this frenzy of increased TV sales with clearer pictures zinging through the Earth’s atmosphere by checking out:


A Personal TV History Revealed:

My parents bought their first TV in the summer of 1954 and never looked back. Then I came along and happily there weren’t a plethora of reruns to become jaded by either! In fact, Atlanta, GA beamed a popular local children’s puppetry show and little me went with my school class to sit in the audience one afternoon to be magically entertained by puppets and ‘Pop-Eye’ cartoons.

As we arrived, I remember stepping over fat cables on the floor and feeling pretty special as I successfully dodged the monster-sized cameras being swung about the place…a dark, cool, and fascinating TV studio! I had seen ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Gone with the Wind’ by then, so was completely hooked on the magic of film and photography.

Plus, the TV Magic of Disney made my private world bright with their inspiring drawings and storylines such as Peter Pan – still one of my favorites. They showed the animated Peter Pan on TV recently, perhpas yuo caught it. You can probably spy Disney’s Art influence in my Dreamyfish Art drawn on black paper in a fairly similar style to Fantasia’s dancing fishes…


But the big February switch-over is nearing while I wonder sometimes if the talking heads on my TV screen are pixilated illusions or real human beings reading scripts. Then there are motivational concerns about the spacey, millennial-sounding ‘Digital Transition’ with its propagandistic possibilities.

Will our TVs finally be able to watch us back? Is what my household watches of any concern to anyone in authority?

Must we go back to Code Puce alerts? Is this an evolutionary chess game?

The map of the solar system for Feb 17, 2009 is quite interesting and maybe I shall publish it when I have more time to discuss. If this change isn’t described astrologically by the Saturn (old methods; tradition; Earth; restrictions) opposite Uranus (technology; progress; space; out of the blue or the sky; freedom), I don’t know what is!

And 2009’s Great Conjunction of Jupiter (expansion; ideology) and Neptune (film; mass consciousness; spirituality; deceptions; propaganda) will last the entire year with three meetings: in May, June, and December. And this Speculating duo meet upon America’s natal Moon (the people; the public; publicity; home; emotions; perceptions) so we have a midpoint picture:

Jupiter/Neptune = Moon: a desire to dream; losing oneself in plans or illusions; becoming involved in speculation; instability; wastefulness; an emotional swoon; going with the wind. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Did society really need progressive TV? Or some decent chow and a jug of clean water?

Plus, there are two possibly pertinent things to consider within the Sun AQ-Moon Sag blend of Feb 17, 2009: one a quote from a famous musician who shares the combo in his natal chart. A personal favorite of mine, it’d be cool if his music was broadcast during an hour of Transition, wouldn’t it?

“When I am…completely myself, entirely alone…my ideas flow best and most abundantly. Whence and how these come I know not nor can I force them…Nor do I hear in my imagination the parts successively, but I hear them gleich alles zusammen (at the same time all together.)”

– Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Then may I suggest The Magic Flute? It’s beautiful tunes and simply full of Masonic, Rosicrucian, and/or Illuminati secret codes, numbers, and symbols revealed, after all. Made ’em mad, too. The TV folk could toss in a smidgen of OTS ritual weirdness and we could soon have a worldwide shout-out to the White Lodge on Sirius, dog gone it!

That’s where the real control comes from, say such adherents – signals from the Dog Star Sirius. And Sirius Radio grew fatter recently, now didn’t it? Arff!

So do tell, Wolfie, will we be receiving barked yet subliminal messages from the highest order? Our broadcast muse (Isis?) has many wonders in store from the digital world, she assures us.

Well, perhaps one of three ‘Images for Integration’ from Charles & Suzy Harvey’s ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ book might be enlightening for this New World we’re entering whether we like it or not (thanks, US Congress – but your promised improvement of reception for first responders and police departments can bring to mind police in US streets, you know.)

Regardless of my 1984-esque misgivings on propaganda catapultin’ and its nefarious possibilities for mass manipulation, here’s the Image for you:

‘Alice in Wonderland.’

Seems it’ll be Through the Looking Glass we go!

Measles on rise in US after decades

Having almost been taken to the Great Beyond as an infant by Red Measles, then later having a raging case of German measles, it was not my favorite story from NPR’s Morning Edition today to hear that 131 cases of measles have been treated in the US this year, and that the number is over 3x the number reported in 2007…a “dramatic increase.”

Seems the formerly declared ‘eradicated’ virus is on the rise in the US through travel, and because of parental concerns of risk involving autism. What a decision to have to make. My kids were vaccinated for it, but my intuition tells me that genetic markers may eventually tell us which children are vulnerable to the vaccination. And it only takes coughs and sneezes to pass it on.

Being hospitalized with measles may then put children who can’t tolerate the vaccine due to chemo treatments, in double peril. Small infants are especially at risk of this contagion.

The audio of this report will be available at approximately 9:00 am ET, but you can read about it right here, right now at:


Then knowing that there exists a Sabian Symbol for “An Epidemic of Mumps” for ‘2 Leo’, I consulted Dane Rudhyar’s ‘An Astrological Mandala’ for information on the phenomenon of this serious illness.

‘2 Leo: keynote: The spreading power of individual crisis through a collectivity.’

Rudhyar goes on the say that this Symbol should be interpreted on two levels – the physical one, obviously, that can be spread “in some cases all over the globe” (most quickly by travel.)

He continues…

“Why then an epidemic of mumps? A childhood disease is implied, but it may have very serious complications for adult men who catch it, since it affects not only all lymphatic glands, especially in the neck region, but also the testicles….Leo represents (at least potentially ) rebirth – at the level of the conscious and mind-based individuality.

Thus in Leo man, in this sense, is as yet only a ‘little child’ – one might say a would-be initiate, an infant in spirit. The relation of the mumps to the sexual glands is characteristic, for the entrance into the realm of the conscious and individualized mind can affect the sex force, either through overstimulation and irritation, or in terms of a deliberate ascetic deprivation.

What was an individual issue is now seen as a collective danger. Thus we are dealing with THE INFECTIOUS SPREAD OF INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCES.” (DR’s Caps.)

Here are more possibilities: Lynda Hill gives The Caution for this degree as: rampaging *gossip; widespread fear or upset; embarrassment; obsession with health; impotence; contagious thoughts; negative thinking and compulsive actions.

You’ll find Lynda’s Sabian Symbols site here: http://www.sabiansymbols.com/

Any way we view it, this degree indicates situations which may affect large amounts of people and may spread quickly.

NPR’s spread of campaign tidbits this morning included a story of threatening hoax letters that were sent to John McCain’s Denver (contained ‘powder’) and New Hampshire (no powder) offices and which may have been sent from a “detention facility.” But not from the Hanoi Hilton, one may assume.

Then there’s the McCain ad against Obama and his reputed ties with 1960s Weatherman Bill Ayers (sp?), a story you’ve probably heard before. Trouble is, Barack Obama was a small child in the 60s – a Sun in Leo child, actually – so how much unfitness for the White House he could’ve caught from the radical organization, is unclear.

Mumps, perhaps. Radicalism against the US government? Now come on, McSame!  A scandal can this you make?

Perhaps McCain or an aide forgot this small yet significant detail. Or did they mean: Obama – so dangerous to America, he started as a little child!

So can threatening hoaxes make you a sympathetic figure to the American public, or do they simply spread fear?

And yet, of course, if a case can be proven (?) against someone (?), the culprit will be facing serious federal charges. No news on what to do with a zealous staffer if found to be attempting to make McCain look more…needed.

Since we assume that the mumps-spreading headline is no hoax, let’s get back to it for I’m fond of children and take it hard if they’re harmed.

Okay, so if I put my tin foil hat on (yes, I can fashion one just by moseying to a kitchen drawer) I’d say that the specter of population control springs to my ~admittedly~ overly suspicious mind.

For as you know, the Sabian Symbol (’28Cap’) for US natal Pluto is: “A Large Aviary” which from under tin foil hats might sound a bit like avian flu fears periodically spread by the Germanically named ‘Homeland’ ‘Security’ (Moon/Saturn, a combo of energies which contain health and hypochondria influences),  and an image of a large bird as an airplane or jet, suitable for transmission of contagious disease.

Not that there’s no real threat, just that we may never find out from whence it actually came. Free floating fear? Is that a bit like free-range chickens?

As to parents’ autism concerns about innoculating children for mumps, I don’t know what I’d decide to do if my children were still whippersnappers, but suspect I’d take the risk esp considering the dangerous ordeal the virus put me through. Plus, another consideration with mumps complications is heart valve damage (Leo = heart!)


Here’s an out-of-time yet timely definition for this 2008 presidential campaign season from dry wit and brilliant playwright Oscar Wilde:

* Scandal: gossip made tedious by morality.

~~> Got your text message from Barack Obama yet? Everyone will know by Saturday in Springfield, IL when the next leg of BHO’s tour starts with VP choice on the stage. What a relief that will be.

War Economy behaving badly

Yes, you know that. And with precious little consumerism to buck up American finances, the Pentagon’s “loss” of $2.3 trillion will have to do the trick until more can be “allocated.”

But they are not crooks over yonder in that starry 5-pointed fortress, so don’t go thinking that. And a certain amount of mismanagement of funds is to be expected in such a mighty big war.  

(Well, in their defence, it IS global, you know.)

Plus, it’s Iraq’s fault for not having the systems in place for accountability (the ones Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld and the Pentagon saw fit to destroy.) Makes it’s hard to pass the bucks but Bush does it quite well as long as they land on someone else’s desk.

Tonight I’ve cast my pea brain back to better times when graying George Bush held his second press conference of the year 2008 – April 29, to be exact – and gave the former big-spending public a shout-out on high fuel and food prices.

Blame Congress, blame the consumer monster you helped create!

Although we were only following our ‘how YOU can help’ orders post-9/11 (which were intoned directly from the megaphone of propaganda) by running up our never-pay-off credit card ‘balances’ toward the Bush-Greenspan promoted Ownership Society.

And you know that President Richard Nixon’s never-pay-off hoofprints still linger over that one.

So if you wish, you may read my real-time post from the TV broadcasting of April 29, 2008’s press gaggle, with a smidge of astrologese-into-English included. And where Bush annointed the presidency of John WOT McCain, because he’ll be the one to continue America’s War Economy better than the other guy:


Perhaps I should’ve titled it: America’s War Economy of the Wasters since Jupiter and Neptune are lining up for 2009 – The Speculators will smooze together once again up close and personal, and if I’m around for 2009, I’ll be listening for the dates of any and all big Federal Reserve sessions, stock exchange hoo ha, other monetary organisational meetings, or Summits from Mt. Olympus. ~:~


update: The Fed will meet Saturday, August 23 at a Jackson Hole, WY Conference with Ben Bernanke as keynote speaker. ‘No post-mortems yet,’ says NPR – the crisis hasn’t yet died. No kiddin,’ Bernie. But the corspe is already stinkin’ up the place from outside your velvet ropes.

Orr’s Astrology of the Georgia-Russia conflict

Falling into expert astrologer Marjorie Orr’s mundane work on her Star4Cast website has been enlightening tonight for I discovered her insights concerning Sakaashvili and the ongoing aggression in the Caucasus and how the August Solar and Lunar Eclipses tie into the natal placements of Bush, Cheney, and Rice, the “senior USA White Housers” who are on “major alert.”

See: w.star4cast.com/index2f.asp?page=forum_article.asp?id=1

Sakaashvili (known for off-the-handle actions and reactions) possesses, as Ms. Orr points out, a Saturn/Uranus opposition which forms a T-square pattern focused toward on his natal Sun:

Saturn/Uranus = Sun: tendency to rebel; egocentric drives against controls; separations in order to find one’s way; the power of resistance; inflexibility; physical exposure to severe tests of strength. (midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin.)

You know many voters in the US presidential election of 2000 (and to some extent in 2004) were led to confuse George Bush’s irrational inflexibility (and his inability to change his mind lest he look fallible – as if any man is infallible!) with strength of character rather than the perverse and cranky bossiness that it is.

November 2008 brings the American people two more presidential candidates to imagine we have to choose from, and we’re being given a chance to show support for a similar dude this November even as his bright packaging shows ribbons of mild-mannered reasonableness.

The other candidate is John McCain.

8 homes hath i spoke McCain – i think

Eight is a magical number, the octave number.

Harmonics in Music, Harmonics in Astrology, numbers are the foundation of the universe!

Yet you’ve gotta do a lot of living and entertaining to need 8 homes simultaneously within one lifetime. And as I commented to Monica earlier this evening, the number isn’t the more important thing to know when it comes to that organized system of hatreds, aka Politics.

Just ask Tony Rezko!


A blogger apology for misspeakment on Cindy McCain

Mea culpa and how.

Stunned was I just a moment ago to see that I had not yet edited and Saved the “private’ setting for my Page on Cindy McCain’s *natal chart with its big fat glowing mistake. So I want to blogpologize.

Having had a kind heads-up from a fellow Astrology blogger on an incorrect birth date I used for Mrs McCain, I then called myself taking the entry off my Pages list (‘privatizing’ it!) so  I hearby heartily apologize to anyone who read the wrong Sun-Moon info for Cindy McCain on this blog. 

You know how it gets – I really haven’t had time to devote to re-dos with all the stuff going on in the world and in my environment. And with a family wedding coming up in September, the stew will soon be thickening quite a bit more before the bowl turns empty.

Should not long-scheduled nuptials take precedence over (rigged) prez campaigns?

You betcha!

Suppose now I must file myself under the Craig Ferguson ‘Naughty Monkey’ category…a monkey so naughty she takes the first birth date info link and runs with it before counting all the eggs in the basket…and doesn’t even bother confirming the date with Wikipedia – the noive!

Talk about sheepish – I feel just like Elizabeth Bennett so readily taking Mr. Wickham’s word against Mr. Darcy – which is perhaps one of literature’s ultimate Doh! moments.

But this, mercifully, is only a blog. And one of billions at that.


*Cindy Hensley McCain was born May 20, 1954, and not in December as stated on a certain website and carelessly passed on here by your blogger of the moment. And so I ask you to remember but one thing about my careless gaffe:

the fault lies not in the stars, but in this astrologer. jc

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