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Mixed feelings about Woodward’s new book

Okay, so reading Bob Woodward’s new book, which will be excerpted Sept 7 in the Washington Post and released Sept 9, will be hard to resist since it purports to give the skinny on the inside of the Bush administration’s decision-making process (there’s a process? I thought it was Bush’s ‘gut instincts’ and eye-gazing, along with Cheney’s master planning) so it will have to be read.

But mixed feelings come in when I get the same old (tired) feeling of ‘why didn’t he tell this when it might’ve done some good?’ – as I get with so many tell-all books and articles that spill the Bush beans after the cornbread is already burned to a crisp and I’ve lost my appetite.

That mega-bucks are expected to be made on Woodward’s book for its publisher and author, and for the myriad of talking heads, pundits, and critics who will have something new to blab about online, in print, and on TV goes without saying…they’ve established quite an industry of Bush-and-Cheney bashing while barely diverting the neocon agenda from its goals much at all.

Of course, most media board members and network bosses sit on the same Trilateral Commission boards and whatever brotherhood societies that keep the billions flowing and the agenda on track – one needs a score card to keep up with everyone’s motives and memberships, if you can find a publisher of score cards not in on the big game.

The rest of my mixed feelings about Woodward’s book stem from the fact that if it’s going to be THAT revealing with such deep inside scoops as it’s being touted to contain, our enemies can read it, too.

Now I know what we once called that sort of thing years ago when I lived in Washington and you’d think we still would.

But as usual with Bush-Cheney tactics these last interminable years (and adminstrations before them), the bar has been lowered, which is, after all, what the one-world-government types have been doing for years – getting the masses accustomed so that the next outrage – ignoring the Constitution, subverting the legal system, the Bill of Rights, the banking system, failing to protect the WTC if not being in cahoots, undermining the US dollar, outing covert spies like Valerie Plame – whatever element of the social fabric we-the-people have come to depend on – will be less opposed when dissolved and may be swallowed more readily next time.

And as most people are aware, Bush-Cheney have put in place contingencies bwo The ‘Patriot’ Act, for emergency police action against the people who may dare to fight or complain too loudly against the next outrage or whatever else they have in store – called off elections, lack of response to a natural disaster,  fill-in-the-blank.

Here’s a link to a March 2007 post concerning the Attorneys General firings, Al Gonzales, and a mention of the ‘Patriot’ Act provision they inserted for certain purposes, if you’re interested:


Astrology of the Bilderberg Club

When the Bilderberg Club began in 1954 (May 29, 1954; Netherlands) their exclusivity would keep them out of the mainstream’s consciousness for many years, and the average Joe and Jill remain unaware of who pulls the world’s economic strings.

I’ve never published the ‘birth’ chart of this entity, but now Monica at Astrology Mundo has posted an excellent analysis which relates the group’s planetary line-up with the US chart, and with the upcoming Cardinal T-square of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto which financial astrologer Ray Merriman, among others, has been alerting us about for quite a while.

The midpoint picture of this T-square contains little comfort for our already stressed world yet many people who remain unaware or cynical concerning Astrology’s uses have been feeling a build-up of these energies which the language of Astrology so perfectly describes… 

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; rebellion against one’s lot in life; violence; brutality; the desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary efforts; harm through force majeure.

Now Monica, who gives me credit for previously posting on the New World Order and secret society matters such as *Masonic participation in the creation of this nation, is promoting here a great starting point for discussion of these issues (including the ‘amero’ replacing the US dollar which seems to be on the NWO menu whether we like it or not. I have previously stated that the undermining of the dollar has been in part to make the amero seem the only solution.)

Read more on these topics at The August Review:  


I hope at some point to take Monica up on the idea of further posting on such things…wish I had time this week, but the clock is ticking on too many projects already and a tech glitch ‘disappeared’ a client’s Astrology Report last evening so re-typing/sending must occur soon.

Actually, this type of subject matter was one of the reasons I began my Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington, in the first place (Oct 17, 2005, 3:30 am edt.)

Read Monica’s excellent post here:


Back atcha, Monica!


*In what could qualify as a ‘conspiracy theory’ one example of Masonic America is the theory that the rampaging  ‘Indians’ who threw the Boston Tea Party were Massonic Lodge members dressed up in paint and feathers. And I believe at last count, there are 9 verifiable Masons who signed the Declaration of Independence, plus, there’s our Masonic-apron-wearing first president, George Washington. So is the White House just a fancy White Lodge?

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