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Archive for August 18th, 2008

McCain’s address to the VFW: headbuts continue

You know the one about butting your head against a brick wall?

That’s the feeling I’ve been getting from the neocon-GOP types in the last few years. Their usual tactic of painting Democratic candidates as “weak” or liberalism as being ‘weak’ is in full play, as is McCain’s ‘show me someone to hit’ mentality which is the same revenge mindset that Bush-Cheney used with such good (political) effect after 9/11.

To use diplomacy first, to withhold one’s fire with a measured approach rather than depleting arsenals and wearing thin your human and other resources, are not ‘weak’ tactics – they’re intelligent and show that thoughtfulness has occurred. Withholding power shows true power more than expending it can.

Neocons don’t mind if the energy is misdirected as long as they retain power. Never mind if true culprits sneak away in the night (assuming that you are not the true culprit – as in, false flag ops.)

Here’s a link to the text of McCain’s address to the VFW so you can admire the GOP-neocon-scripted bullish bullheadedness in his own words:


And it’s not as if we can’t clearly see where such vengefulness has led America so far, now is it?

It’s to al-Qaeda’s and others’ advantage to keep warmongering neocons in the White House. Not to America’s advantage however.

You may wish to read George Washington’s opinions on such subjects:


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