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Astrology of Russia June 12, 1990

There are several possible natal charts for Russia, but the one I’m currently studying is set for June 12, 1990; 1:45 pm BADT. Moscow, Russia – 26Vir11 rising, Mc 24Gem45.

This birth date means that the Solar Eclipse of Feb 6, 2008 – the ‘Unmasking Eclipse’ from the 10 North Series – is the Pre-natal Eclipse Series for Putin’s Russia. Ah HAH! Has Putin’s unmasking as an anti-democratic leader really been a big old surprise for George Bush who never believes his first impressions are wrong? Pshaw, Mr. Infallible!

Russia’s chart shows North Node at 8AQ04 so the current August 1 Eclipse is conjunct South Node and relates to the ongoing aggressions in the Georgia-South Ossetia region as the Big bear falls back on past behaviors (SN) on behalf of future plans (NN) which worked in previous times but may not be best for current circumstances.

Russia signed an agreement today with Georgia but has so far made no move to pull out Russian troops who seem to be hanging about the place, sharing cigs probably.

Yet you will find no better articles on the Astrology of Russia than at Michael O’Reilly’s Neptune Cafe.

Topics include: The Astrology of Putin’s Russia, the planting of a titanium Russian flag at the North Pole (Aug 20, 2007 – oil and gas resources are underneath the ice), and other articles of note.

Drop by Neptune Cafe for a good read – though not as long as ‘War and Peace’ but it will keep you engrossed for a while and includes Russia’s 1990 natal chart with details…highly recommended!

You may also be interested in two previous posts from this reluctant astrologer, the first concerning the 1990 Eclipses which, due to the Saros Cycle of 18.6 years, are repeating in 2008:

Solar Eclipse Series 2008 – 1990.

(How almost prescient of me! I wasn’t thinking consciously about Russia when I wrote it);

and the original ‘Unmasking Eclipse’ post at ‘Stars Over Washington’ – my Political Astrology blog which has had something of a face-lift today (sort of an ‘unmasking’?!!) with more changes to come as I attempt to learn the strange new ways of Blogger…

Unmasking Eclipse Feb 6, 2008.

Soon I’ll be posting the horoscope of the next Solar Eclipse for Jan 26, 2009 which must surely affect the presidential term of whichever personage inhabits the bowels of the White House by then as it speaks of ‘suddenly changing groups one mixes with’ – well I guess so!

The Jan 2009 Eclipse falls at 6AQ from the 11 North Series and is near enough to Russia’s natal NN to keep the Big Bear in the news and busy with its totalitarian and resource-grasping projects…this Eclipse conjuncts Russia’s natal Moon 5AQ29 (the people; publicity.)

6AQ is also conjunct US natal South Node so issues from our past come back to haunt as Neptune (oil; gas; drugs; the masses; the Unconscious; deception; illusions; spirituality; Islam) on 9/11/01 is triggered by the 11N Eclipse. Russia and America have a NN/SN ‘flip’ where we bring out either the best in one another or the worst…and lately it seems to be the worst.

And in the Leo/AQ polarity, too – aka the Will Axis (or Will Power Axis.)

Now as you know, the attacks of 9/11/01 were about as close as one can get to a Neptune Return for the establishment of the great religion of Islam because spiritual Neptune was at 6/7 AQ when Mohammed entered Mecca centuries ago and Islam was born.

Neptune is in the 4th House (Foundation of the matter) of 9/11’s WTC attack chart, yet Neptune also signifies oil and other natural resources. So a 4th-house Neptune may describe the oil industry’s oil-and-gas grab as a basis for the attacks, if you roll that way – but also the confusion surrounding the mysterious perpetrators and their shadowy backers.

So – lots of Eclipse influences in the atmosphere these days and it isn’t possible for me to keep up with all the info pinging around the interweb or in my brain. That’s one reason why I like to pass on links to you when something informative turns up like Neptune Cafe’s amazing feature on the Astrology of Putin’s Russia.

Swift-boating Barack Obama well underway

Swift-boating John Kerry worked so well in 2004 that the GOP is at it again against Barack Obama.

A new book purports to have the goods on the Chicago politician and here’s an example of the message they sent to my Inbox yesterday bwo of ‘Human Events’…thought you might want to *know the points covered in the book.

To me it sounds like Obama has engaged in…POLITICS! And has perhaps taken a leaf from the GOP playbook (how dare he succeed!)

Here are the goods they have against him so far but I’m sure they’ll dredge up more damning ‘evidence’ if the shine on his halo isn’t sufficiently dimmed by early November to make their vote tampering more believable:

“The corrupt Chicago Machine politician who “made a U.S. senator” out of Barack Obama — and how he did it.

Payback: How Obama intervened to keep the Chicago Machine in power while he was a US senator.

How he won his first election by having his lawyers knock his opponents off the ballot on technicalities.

His vocal support for a grotesque “infanticide bill” that was too extreme even for Nancy Pelosi.

How his wife’s salary tripled the year he became a senator and started earmarking funds to her employer.

How Obama has repeatedly steered legislation to pay off campaign donors.

“I’ve never done any favors for him,” says Obama about convicted developer Tony Rezko. Oh, but he has…

And much more!” #

Yep, sounds like Obama has an understanding of Chicago politics and Washington’s as well.

If they consider these tactics enough to make Obama unfit to be president, wonder how Bush’s Texas tactics fit their high standards for the Oval Office? Sounds to me like they want to diss Obama for knowing the game and how to play it.

Too bad so sad.

And one guesses the GOP might not have to slime their opponent if their guy had enough positive traits to emphasize!  They’d do it anyway for fun and good measure, but might not have to.

Why, John McCain has y e a r s’ worth of actions and tactics to scrutinize and in my smidge of research, McSame usually comes out smelling – just not like a rose.

One thing about it- voting for John McCain is like inviting George Bush to stick around the White House for four more (interminable) years and what sane American would willingly do that?


* part of my attempt to keep up with the Rs is to read certain newsletters – and sometimes I even resort to listening to Rush. These things I do in hopes of a neocon-free America!

Weekend Political Article Round-up

Even Pat Buchanan is here along with The Daily Show:

Blowback From Bear-Baiting

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Mikheil Saakashvili’s decision to use the opening of the Olympic Games to
cover Georgia’s invasion of its breakaway province of South Ossetia must
rank in stupidity with Gamal Abdel-Nasser’s decision to close the Straits of
Tiran to Israeli ships.


All the Propaganda That’s Fit to Print: The New York Times, Again, Tells It Like It Ain’t

By Sean M. Madden

As part of an all-out Western media campaign to bury the simple fact that
Georgia invaded South Ossetia a week ago — an act of aggression which led,
subsequently, to Russia’s response — Thursday’s NYT’s top headline helps to
further instill the lie, at home and abroad, that Bush and the U.S
government are truly concerned about the welfare of Georgians and human
beings generally.


Don’t Forget Yugoslavia

By John Pilger

The secrets of the crushing of Yugoslavia are emerging, telling us more
about how the modern world is policed.

Georgia: Another Neocon Farce?

By Sean Gabb

I am a citizen of a country that was a principal actor in the two big wars
of the twentieth century. I believe that these wars were unnecessary for the
security of my country and killed unimaginable numbers of people. They also
destroyed British primacy in the world and were the means of transforming
Britain from genuine liberal democracy to politically correct corporatism.

The Daily Show Live From The White House

By Paul Craig Roberts

The Bush Regime imbeciles don’t know when to stop. With the world still
rolling in laughter from John McCain’s claim that “in the 21st century
nations don’t invade other nations,” the moronic US secretary of state
declared: “This is not 1968 and the invasion of Czechoslovakia, where Russia
can threaten a neighbor, occupy a capital, overthrow a government and get
away with it. Things have changed.”


Yeah, I thought Washington’s holier-than-thou “invasions are unacceptable (unless WE engineer them)” statements were too hilarious – and I hadn’t checked in with Jon Stewart yet!

If you own a hypocrometer, it must need major recalibration after this political charade.

Being now the “21st century” should make a difference to despotism? What a hoot! Where’s Rumsfeld the Poet when you could profit by him?

Wonder when Cheney will haul off and call for war? And with what resources? You’d think even the war-drum-beating jingoists of the Bush-Cheney administration could understand that the candy store has closed due to lack of inventory – they, after all, are its looters!

And I don’t know who the scriptwriters are for this particular Capitol Hill Theater production, but either they’re fresh out of sensible dialogue, or the political thespians of Washington aren’t acting – they’re deer-in-Putin’s-headlights and showing the world how ‘crying wolf’ always gets you in the end.

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