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Obama uses the internet


Eye of Egg by jude cowell

Eye of Egg by jude cowell

The inference being that John McCain does not – there I typed it out loud like so many others before me! So does non-techiness make him John Dinosaur McCain?

Cindy Royal has a link to Barack Obama’s Nov 2007 statement on Net Neutrality issues here:


If you care about a democratic web and Net Neutrality, you may agree with Cindy: let’s vote for someone who’s used the internet a time or two!

Yes, the Saturn-Uranus opposition in November is very much an Old vs New issue for America in many ways – so which shall it be?

America’s natal Saturn is strong being exalted in Libra, but everyone knows that rebellious, revolutionary Uranus was discovered in tandem with the American Revolution (well, actually between ours and France’s – in 1781.)

So will progressive Uranus win the day in November? Or will tradition-bound Saturn, the old man, creak his bones down Pennsylvania Avenue in cold January to the Oval Office? Make that, his limo – probably no US president will ever stroll to the White House again – the thrown eggs of George Bush’s coronation 2000 retired that little of-the-people affectation, didn’t it?

Funny that the ‘Oval Office’ may be symbolized by…an egg.


Image of drawing from  http://secretmoonart.blogspot.com/

Obama’s July plane landing WAS an emergency

Since ABC News broadcast last evening the tape from Barack Obama’s unscheduled plane landing in St. Louis in July, the FAA is now saying that, why yes, it was an emergency landing after all. Read or listen to the brief news item on NPR:


Here’s what I posted on the sudden landing of Obama’s plane at the time with a few astrological details concerning the current Uranus-opposite-Mars transit to Senator Obama’s natal chart:


And you know that as Obama’s natal Mars is being opposed by transiting Uranus, and with BHO’ s n Mars conjunct US n Neptune, this is also a Uranus-opposite-Neptune transit for the US.

This is a time when one ideology is in process of being replaced by another. Now if that turns out to be an improvement bwo a Dem presidency, I’m all for it, with the common good being favored once again. We totter on the edge of the abyss where neocon rule has led us with more totalitarianism to come, if we don’t change our ways.

However, it may signify ideological replacement in a more “loss of ideals” sort of way, too, and that doesn’t sound nearly as good to me. America without ideals is like a fish without flippers.

Then we may take Obama’s Mars paired with US Neptune and read the Uranus transit as a completion of a midpoint picture…

*Mars/Neptune = Uranus: changing energy levels or a state of weakness emerging suddenly (on the airplane?!);  sudden disadvantages caused through lack of energy; a crisis; illness or accident; energetically following one’s personal dream; reaching for pie-in-the-sky.

Well, I’m glad the ‘pie that was in the sky in July’ resulted in a safe landing for Obama’s campaign plane.

Now if America can get a slice of it, that’d be fulfilling for the rest of us, too.


*midpoint pictures: Noel Tyl; Reinhold Ebertin.

John McCain: underachiever

Have you read ‘Why McCain would be a mediocre president’ by Rex Nutting over at MarketWatch?


Check it out, if you haven’t, and you’ll know John McCain much better for your potential voting purposes.

After all, if the elite power puppeteers want McCain as their shill in the White House, we may as well face the facts about this Vietnam-era thinker in all his thin-resume, unfit ‘glory.’

Weekend Moon Eclipse cam!

Space Weather News for Aug. 15, 2008

LUNAR ECLIPSE: This Saturday, August 16th, people on every continent *except* North America can see a lunar eclipse. At maximum, around 2110 UT (5:10 pm EDT), more than 81% of the Moon will be inside Earth’s shadow, producing a vivid red orb in the night sky visible to the naked eye even from light-polluted cities. The entire eclipse lasts more than 3 hours, so there’s plenty of time for gazing, drinking coffee, and taking pictures.

North Americans can watch the eclipse via live webcast beginning 3:30 pm EDT on Saturday afternoon. Eclipse-cam links may be found, along with time tables, visibility maps, and eclipse photo galleries, at http://spaceweather.com .

PERSEID RECAP: The Perseid meteor shower peaked on August 13th with maximum rates exceeding 130 meteors per hour. Despite interference from the bright Moon, it was arguably the best Perseid show in years. Browse the gallery starting here:

George Orwell blogs 70 years later!

Have you found it yet? The Orwell Prize folk have put up a WordPress blog of George Orwell’s diary entries beginning Aug 9, 1938 – so that each entry will be 70 years to the day he wrote them.

The ‘posts’ will be as-is, errors and all, and promises to be an interesting read – virtually a 70-year-old blog by Eric Arthur Blair, aka George Orwell.

So Aug 9, 1938’s diary notation morphs into Aug 9, 2008’s blog post! Find it here:


As Orwell said:

“Whoever controls the past controls the future and whoever controls the present controls the past.”

Well, so far I’ve learned that he had a dog named Marx, and that various snakes tended to be caught in the garden, but the subject matter may change with the start of his ‘political’ diaries on Sept 7, 1938…which will become Sept 7, 2008. Nifty idea. 

These ‘political’ diaries are subdivided into ‘Morocco,’ ‘Pre-war,’ and ‘Wartime’ so if you’re a fan of Animal Farm, 1984, or Orwell’s other writings, you may wish to peek into his diaries now appearing in modern blog format!

Wonder if any of this late-blooming techiness shows in transits to his natal chart?

We ordinarily think of Uranus for progressive technological methods and inventions so perhaps Uranus’ visit to Orwell’s natal Jupiter 22Pis44 is enough to spur on and electrify this project.

Plus, natal Amor (‘intimacy’) is conjunct n Jupiter and aren’t diaries supposed to be intimate portraits of what’s going on in the writer’s life?  (Unless you had a snoopy older brother like mine, that is! That’s why I devised an alphabet of my own – drove him nuts trying to crack the code har har.)

But wait! Pluto, planet of the masses, and of transformation, has recently traversed the 23 – 24 Sag zone of the zodiac, and therefore was conjunct GO’s natal Uranus – just in time for the preparation stages of the diaries-into-blog project.

Now Astrodatabank gives Orwell’s birth info as DD for Dirty Data, although one assumes that by now many expert astrologers have worked with his commonly used natal chart enough to know whether it ‘works’ or not.

My smidge of research into his life and times indicates that it is near, if not exact, to the correct birth hour. There ARE only 24 hours in a day, after all.

June 25, 1903; 11:30 am LMT; Motihari, India, with 25Vir11 rising (health problems off and on – mostly on – throughout his life, died age 46, advanced TB) and Virgo is the sign of health. This puts 25Gem03 at Midheaven, the Career Point – and Gemini is one of the signs of the writer. (Virgo writes longer stuff, Gemini mainly articles, essays, or short books.)

If his natal chart is basically correct, he was born during the dark of the Moon, the Balsamic phase, which makes him a prophet. (You’ll get no disagreement here on that score so don’t even go there.)

That transiting Jupiter, now Rx at 13Cap+ will be rejoining his natal Chiron 21Cap03 Rx is also an indicator of the new promotion of his diary entries due to his natal Chiron *sextile Jupiter – now linked through the above-mentioned Uranus-to-Jupiter in Pisces, sign of the collective unconscious – and by the fact that natal Chiron-Jupiter sextiles often provide their ‘owners’ with forums for social expression (Nolle) – even decades later, it appears.

So express and forum away, George Orwell, we’d like to read your daily innermost thoughts from 70 years ago. Well, at least, I would…how about you, lone reader?


Here are some previous posts with an Orwellian hue:

‘Orwell and the WTC Attack 9.11.01’ has Orwell’s natal chart with 9/11’s chart around it + details:


‘Orwell explains mass-media deception’ and he does it perfectly, too – from Nineteen Eighty-Four:


‘It’s only words: George Orwell and Thomas Paine’ – some quotes from two very smart fellows:



*sextile = an angular aspect of 60 degrees, give or take one or two degrees, and which indicates opportunity.

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