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John Edwards: social butterfly?

Just returned from skedaddling over to my Political Astrology blog to pick up any posts on John Edwards and see how they coordinate with the current scandal du jour – his affair with Riel Hunter and its Fox-TV-touted effects on the Democratic campaign and Convention (as they hope.)

One post is from Jan 30, 2008, when Edwards made his dramatic drop-out speech from New Orleans and in which I speculate on possible reasons for the ending of his prez bid. You’ll see that I updated the entry at the start, but have left the post’s text as-is:


The second (non-updated) entry is from my ‘Mercuries of the Candidates’ series of posts where you’ll find a few notes with an image of Edwards’ natal chart, plus, a mention of Barack Obama along with a link to my article on Obama’s natal Mercury, planet of oration – from the heady days of December 2007:


May this Geminian social butterfly henceforth have the good sense to keep his pollinating within his own garden. For as my son, the prog-rock drummer, said to me a couple of years ago when we were discussing playing in clubs and its dating possibilities: there are a lot of troublemakers out there.

And as we know, lots of troublemakers love to bevy themselves around Washington DC’s men of power…when will they ever learn to just say No?

Da vp iz?

Oh go ahead, if you haven’t, and sign up to be, as Barack Obama says, the first to know his VP choice by text:


And pass it on, he says. I know you will! Two weeks until the Convention – his vp decision is on the way…

Georgia vs South Ossetia: 100-year conflict

UPDATE Aug 12: listening now to NPR’s MarketPlace and they’re talking about Russia’s motives concerning Georgia – that Putin wants to control other resources besides oil and gas – he also wants control of GRAINS. See notes on Ceres and Demeter at the end of this post!

~original post starts here~ ~

Like most bellybutton-gazing Americans I’m way behind on the history of the region now ignited.

So far, the best background info I’ve found is Russia Today’s August 11 article, ‘Georgia vs South Ossetia: roots of a 100-year conflict’ here:


NPR is reporting at noon that Russia has opened a second front. Saakashvili is saying that ethnic cleansing is going on, Wake Up, World. McCain is urging Bush to dispatch Condi Rice to the region ~like Bush couldn’t think of it himself in this macabre political farce in which innocent people pay with their lives.~ And the DOW is up, btw.)

Bush is flying back to the US now from what was “likely his last trip to Asia while in office.” That Bush would think to open his gob about anyone else using force to impose ‘peace’ has to be a clue that this is political theater, dahlink – hiding the real deal made behind the scenes. 

Perhaps it’s more instructive to listen to what they DO and not to what they say.

So last evening (just for curiosity’s sake) I consulted my set of The Century Cyclopedia, 1898 edition, and looked up ‘Abkhazia’ in the Book of Proper Names finding this entry from 110 years years ago:

“Abkhasia: A region, not an administrative division, on the southern slope of the Caucasus, having an area of about 3,000 miles. It was permanently subjugated by Russia in 1864. Population: about 80,000.”

No entry for Ossetia, South or North in 1898.

The entry for ‘Georgia’ says that the area is “almost identical to the ancient Iberia” and that it was conquered by Alexander the Great (who may be understandably rolling over in his tomb with the current goings-on) but that Georgia “soon after his death became an independent kingdom. It was at its height about 1200, and had a flourishing literature. It was sub-divided in the beginning of the fifteenth century, and was annexed by Russia in *1801. The Georgians are a very handsome race, of the purest Caucasian type.”

Well, that’s a time capsule from 1898 for you, antique racial comments and all!


*1801: asteroid Ceres was discovered Jan 1, 1801 – notably the date that Ireland was united with Great Britain thus creating a useable natal chart for the UK. Ceres, Roman goddess of the grain and Earth Mother, is now considered in Mundane Astrology to be a significator of national security, ecology, food resources, and of course, as The Mother archetype, of nurturing and safety.

Ceres’ Greek counterpart is Demeter whose origin is Indo-European. Demeter has been associated more with the Earth Mother, and Ceres primarily with grain. The ‘Cerealia’ on April 19 was the chief festival of Ceres. (‘New Insights into Astrology,’ Nona Gwynn Press.)

Russia, Georgia, and the US: top news

‘Bodies Are Lying Everywhere. It’s Hell’

By Mark Franchetti, Moscow

A wave of shock and apprehension gripped the region as survivors asked themselves
whether Georgia was about to follow Chechnya into another Caucasian war.

Petraeus: US is flying Georgian troops into battle zone

Exclusive: Deborah Haynes, Baghdad

US aircraft have started to fly some of Georgia’s 2,000 troops in Iraq back home
to join the fight in the breakaway province of South Ossetia, General David Petraeus,
the top US commander in Iraq said today.


The Pipeline War: Russian Bear Goes for West’s Jugular

By Svetlana Skarbo and Jonathan Petre

The war in Georgia escalated dangerously last night after Russian jets reportedly
bombed a vital pipeline that supplies oil to the West.
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20476.htm #


Chris Floyd at Empire Burlesque once worked at The Moscow Times. Be sure to read his take on things:



A little Astrology:

You know I’d been wondering for some time if Russia would make its presence felt on the world stage during the time that oil-and-gas-rich Neptune was lingering at “23AQ”…Sabian Symbol: “A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving All Its Paws.”

And no one would volunteer for being the one sat upon, that’s for sure.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones gives this Symbol as APTITUDE…manifesting as…

positive: a consistent desire for genuinely significant experience and a willingness to dramatize the self’s potentials to any necessary extent; (even war, apparently.)

negative/shadow side: frantic efforts to gain and hold attention.

The opposite Symbol is often instructive for gaining more information and is considered the Illumination Point due to its unconscious quality which is about to be displayed here…

“23Leo”…”A Bareback Rider”….AUDACITY…

pos: uncompromising courage in the everyday business of living, and a carefree assurance in meeting the problems of a modern society;

neg/shadow side: idle self-display and intemperant desire for applause. #

Let’s see…dramatic, frantic, attention-grabbing, audacious, assured, problem-solving, and intemperant – and undermining of an already weakened US force.

It’s plagued me all along that since the US worked against the Soviets during their ill-fated invasion and occupation of Afghanistan – with its soldiers’ nightmarish retreat – what are the chances that the favor is being- and has been pre-March 2003 – returned in kind? Just a thought on Russian-US relations.

Symbol of 8 = Saturn

Having a plethora of Capricorn planets natally certainly helps me resonate with the number 8 even though in Numerology, I am considered a 9.

Whether 8-ish or 9-ish, I had a little time just now to snoop ’round the interweb and I found an interesting article concerning the Olympics and Saturn’s 8 vibration. You may wish to check it out at BrightStarLights, a blog of “Astrology, Fashion, and Celebrities”…where you can also read astrological info about your favorite celebrities – stars of the stars:


While it’s true that Saturn, as the ancient ruler of Astrology, is in touch with the occult number 8, still  we tend to think of the old Lesson-bringer as being connected to the number 10 because of Saturn’s natural house in modern horoscopes. Which may go to show that all is connected underneath – or that ‘modern’ Astrology isn’t always completely in tune with traditional, ancient teachings, teachings which were certainly culturally sound in their time.

Then you may as well add 8 + 10 = 18 = 9.

And there you go, 9 = the number of Completion!

Written by Jude Cowell

August 11, 2008 at 12:12 am

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