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Venusian Fashion photo-video from Paris!

Dispatches from Paris!

The lovely Tara Bradford, writer and purveyor of the blog, Paris Parfait, has published a Venusian-flavored Fashion photo-video direct from Paris, France with a little help from one of her talented friends. Check it out bwo YouTube!


Plus, you may wish to visit Tara at http://www.tarabradford.com where you may parlez-vous as you like and catch up on all things Parisienne.

You may also reach Tara’s yummy confection Paris Parfait here: http://parisparfait.typepad.com/

Written by Jude Cowell

August 9, 2008 at 11:16 pm

Search Option added to Jude’s Threshold!

Just a quick heads-up for both readers of this blog: for your convenience, a handy Search Option feature has been added to the very end of the sidebar column, so search away if you shall.

WordPress rules!

Written by Jude Cowell

August 9, 2008 at 9:20 pm

Weddings and Marriages of John McCain

Since by my own fault there’s been some confusion concerning posts vs Pages here on John McCain’s two Wedding Days (two so far!) – Carol Shepp vs Cindy Hensley, you could say, here are links to both entries to tether them no matter where on this blog they may roam:

John and Carol Shepp McCain

John and Cindy Hensley McCain

And for a smidge of political balance here’s the John and Elizabeth Edwards’ Wedding Day Astrology entry in case you’ve managed to miss it so far:

John and Elizabeth Edwards

How about a little George’n’Laura with your pink champagne?

George and Laura Bush

Well, that’s quite a gaggle of political weddings. And too much cake can be a bad thing for the waistline.

Yet surprisingly, the stats for these Wedding Day Astrology articles remain firmly in the John-and-Cindy-McCain column! Now how crazy is that?

Dissing the Fed now popular past time in America

Heather Johnson’s Jan 31, 2008’s info-rich article, ’10 Reasons to Be Critical of the Federal Reserve’ is available here:


Notice reason #10’s link to Ron Paul’s thoughts on the matter…or skip the Fed stuff and go directly to Paul’s remarks by clicking:


Gotta remember fondly Bush’s propagandistically touted “ownership society” slogan slinging as the good ole days! And like so much of Washington’s politics, that’s really all it was: a slogan to hoodwink the masses.

On loathing John McCain

Although you’ll find some cross-pollination of links from one blog to another (to this one!) you may wish to check out a new post at Stars Over Washington. It concerns the opinions of people who have known John McCain for years, people of the good state of Arizona, McCain’s ‘home’ turf.

Now it’s agreed that if politicians weren’t opportunists, they wouldn’t get very far, but some of them take it to a new level – a new depth, I’d say. From greed to sleeze to deserted wives and all in between, McCain’s done it all. Shall John McBush be allowed to operate from the bowels of the White House come 2009?

So where was John McCain on April 12, 1988 and what was he engineering?, you ask. Whom did he sabotage on that particular day? And what does asteroid Nemesis have to do with it?

Click below to read Amy Silverman’s article and find out:


Christian Zionism has it wrong

Since I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am a Christian and believe in the thought-inspirational Bible of my childhood (yes! born in the southeastern region of America, so there ya go) I admit it was with great interest that I ran across a website, ‘Christian Zionism.’

One basic issue discussed there is that Christians who don’t agree with the current “support Israel into Armageddon” madness of our political wags, wastrels, and so-called religious leaders should speak up – or the idiots will think we agree with their self-interested psychopathic mindset which will lead first to totalitarian police state control before God decides to pull the plug on this particular incarnation of the planet. And that’s HIS Decision, not theirs.

The politically-driven ‘rapture’ makes no sense within my understanding of the Bible I read and I’m not sure why the terror-promoting jackals take verses out of context – unless it’s to deceive the very elect. And taking verses out of context in order to pervert Scriptural meaning is a Very Big No-No.

That false prophets will arise in the final days is well-known, but perhaps it’s little understood as well by the majority of people who don’t bother to deeply study Scripture.

An Easy Path?

Accepting the next new book’s theories from a hooked-in millionaire guru is a shortcut one may wish one had avoided at length for even the Bible admonishes us to prove its precepts for ourselves and not to automatically accept teachings simply because others promote them – even our ancestors’ understanding should be updated within our own culture, time, and spiritual condition. 

It isn’t the teachings that change – it’s our ability to understand and profit from deeper truths and our need for such knowledge that change. It IS a Living Bible, after all – a message directed to friends of God so that when someone grumps that they can’t get anything out of it, you wonder if they’re actually reading someone else’s mail. Opening the Bible without humility is precisely the wrong approach for the know-it-all overly rational types among us!

So here’s a brief excerpt from Christian Zionism for you:

“Not exactly a new idea, Christian Zionism in simplest terms describes Christians who believe in supporting, politically or otherwise, the State of Israel. It has risen as a force in international politics primarily because of two factors.”

And what are the two factors?

Please check it out asap for these political and ‘religious’ psychos have the jump on us and we must catch up so we can call them out on their wacky ideas which are taking our world – and America – down the wrong path to darkness, and not to the light promised by God’s Word.

“Pray for the peace of Israel,” says Scripture, and I do – have for years. But not through the cloudy lens of amoral political hacks and sadistic fascists pigs!!

Bankruptcy-bound America?

U.S. Headed Toward Bankruptcy, Says Top Budget Committee Republican

By Terence P. Jeffrey

The ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee said the U.S. government is
headed toward bankruptcy if it stays on its current fiscal course.



Well, how nice of him to let us know – so all is going just as planned. We’ll be accepting any “solutions” offered when the cupboard’s bareness can no longer be denied – and at long last the power elite – both “Republicans” and “Democrats” can break the New Deal into its last smithereens.

It’s Gingrich’s “Contract (on) America” being fulfilled. Seems the neocon “Prayer Breakfast” crowd took out a Family-style contract on our nation and her populace and America is going down in financial flames with “faith-based intitiatives” blazing. Not that these crooks were first in line for the job which has been in the works for decades.

Patience and timing are the keys which so often determine the ultimate success of any plan, aren’t they?

After the attacks of 9/11, I got myself told off roundly online many times by those who shouted in CAPS that “America is too rich to ever go bankrupt” yet now we can all see how these determined ideologues, who consider themselves above morality, can finagle our country’s demise at our dire cost for their obscene gain.

Politics! it’ll get your goat every time…which is semi-ironic considering Washington DC’s satanic ‘goat of Mendes’ symbol which links perfectly to the authoritative sign of Capricorn and its ‘business, law, and politics’  interests.

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