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Sandmonkey says it all: why Obama will fail

Not fail to become president – fail as president!

You may or may not like Sandmonkey’s article which I’m about to give you a link to, but if you’re an American, please read all of it, if you dare:


Is cynicism realism after all?

That’s what I often ask myself and the echoed reply is always the same in this, the New Millennium which so far, sux royally – and not just for the almost-universally-hated America, but for the whole wide world so busy doing the hating.

And then there’s George Bush: longing to pass the terror-promotin’ baton on to John McCain – coming soon to a voting booth near you. Yet Sandmonkey doesn’t give McCain a chance of snagging the Oval Office…well, click the link and let him explain it to you in his…er….straightforward way!

Well, unless you have your state-of-the-art bunker all lined up, that is, and you pre-know when the cork will pop.

Obama, McCain, Hylan, Bernanke, and the Fed

Quite a group of players in my title, huh?

It’s been something of a week what with doctor appointments, a car stranding in one-hundred degree weather, and other such events, so it may behoove me to give you a small heads-up on two posts at Stars Over Washington – one recent, one from a while ago.


has financial tidbits along with a mention of Barack Obama’s then-fresh meeting in New York with global elites who ‘vetted’ him as a candidate (and the important question he had to answer correctly to gain the Oval Office); plus, an explanation of our Washington pocket-liners’ business-as-usual culpabilities from a NY mayor of the 1930s which has come to fruition in 2008 – as pertinent as if he stated it yesterday, in fact…”cat’s paw” and all.

Well, our national Venus (values, money, relationships) is at ‘4Cancer’…”A Cat Arguing with a Mouse”!

As for campaign 2008, you may find this entry of some interest with its link to an article from The August Review which is a must-read for Americans of all political stripes including the outsourced, the downsized, and the just plain out-of-work and uninsured among us:


And try to catch radio’s Fresh Air interview with author Ron Suskind tomorrow – Thursday – on his new book, The Way of the World, and he’s guesting on Tavis Smiley tonight in this time zone, with yet another skewering of the Bush administration’s ruination of our nation. Quite a plethora of Bad Bush Books coming out all in a wump – now that the miserable 8 years are almost over…or ARE they?

Beijing Olympics open: Sun Leo-Moon Scorpio

Lonely Wanderer by jude cowell

Lonely Wanderer by jude cowell

This has been a busy ‘real world’ week around here and my blogs are suffering some smidge of neglect.

But I have peeked at the horoscope for Friday’s Opening ceremony in Beijing, China, 8:00 pm AWST (or is it really 8:08 pm on 8.08.08?) and I see that Pisces, sign of the Two Fishes, is rising and Sun is in mid-Leo (the Lion Point) with a Scorpio Moon nearing mid-Scorpio, the Eagle Point.

Obvious references may be made to nations such as US as ‘the Eagle’ and France or Britain as ‘the Lion.’  China’s symbol is the Dragon – in Astrology, the Nodal axis, with North Node (the head of the Dragon) now conjunct Chiron in Aquarius, and yet the rising Fishes may apply, too, especially with Olympic swimming competitions scheduled. (Pluto also moonlights as ‘the Dragon.’)

Images for Integration for this Sun-Moon blend are interesting because of August 1’s Total Solar Eclipse, the path of which ended in central China. Ongoing earth tremors are brought to mind as well with an Eclipse in the neighborhood, but I’m focusing here on the Olympics:

“The conception of a divine child takes place during a total eclipse of the sun…A fateful, passionate love affair between the queen and a mysterious, wandering peasant.” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

One thing the first image puts me in mind of is China’s reputed changing of some of their young athletes ages on passports to make them appear to be 16, the age they should be during the year of competition, along with the obvious timeliness of the image pointing to the August Eclipse.

The second image sounds like it’s behind closed (palace?) doors so I’m not peeking in there, yet I will add an image of my drawing, Lonely Wanderer, because it was inspired by an I Ching hexagram and a vision of Chiron leaving his cave – a possible symbol of China’s “coming out” into the world with the Beijing Olympics and centuries of knowledge and wisdom under its sash!

WordPress signs on Dan Lyons, the fake Steve Jobs!

Funny that I should happen to notice the announcement from WordPress about signing on ‘the real Dan Lyons’ who posed as the Fake Steve Jobs…it was exactly one year ago that I blogged on the subject after running across his blog – a very entertaining blog, I must say.

You’ll find a link to natal chart details for Mr. Jobs (his very brilliant self) by following this trail:


It’d be tres cool to have Mr. Lyons’ birth data so a comparison of their charts could be made! There are often links and correspondences between actors and the roles they play that are based on real people – Madonna with Eva Peron, etc, and you may know of others.

Yes, it’s Real Saturn vs Fake Neptune…so much in the news, so deep within our psyches as Neptunian inspiration flows into Saturnian form…and paintings are brushed onto canvases, music is written and recorded, and – glory be – blogs are created!

Written by Jude Cowell

August 6, 2008 at 2:31 am

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