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Obama the heartbreaker? + Bush the torturer

Slip-Sliding Away

By Charley Reese

The present administration has a bad habit of questioning the patriotism and loyalty
of people who disagree with it. It spies on everybody without any judicial restraint.
It has riddled the government with partisans who are incompetent. It is the most
secretive administration in American history. It lies like a drunken fisherman.
It puts people in jail and holds them incommunicado without charges. It tortures
people. It is contemptuous of the Constitution and especially of the principle of
checks and balances.


Obama and the Empire

By William Blum

I’m afraid that if Barack Obama becomes president he’s going to break a lot of young
hearts. And some older ones as well.


You know I’ve asked this before: even if Obama wanted to change America’s course completely – who in Washington will cooperate with him?

Obviously there’s a ‘higher plan’ underway as evidenced by Bush’s success at dissolving and undermining America’s foundations in every way he can (and ruining the DOJ has been one of his main tasks) so will the enabling rats of Washington simply roll over and squeak yes! under the warm glow of Barack Obama’s rockstar mojo?

The surge to war profits

Home Truths You’ll Never Read in the Press

Who’s Really Running Iraq?


The success of ‘the Surge’ is becoming almost received wisdom in the US. This is
strange since, if the US strategy did win such an important victory, why do America
generals need more soldiers, currently 147,000 of them, in Iraq than they did before
‘the Surge’ started?


Did McCain’s Foreign-policy Advisor Profit From the Iraq War?

By Mark Benjamin

In a confidential memo, a company tells investors consultant Randy Scheunemann can
help it win Iraqi oil contracts — because he was a “key player” in getting the
U.S. to invade.

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