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Robert Kennedy martyred June 5, 1968

As I study the horoscope for the date, time, and place of the horrific ritualized murder of presidential candidate Senator Robert Kennedy in the wee hours after midnight as he entered the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, California, it brings back the ‘oh no not again’ blues which most Americans felt at the time–that we’d been duped and coup’d again by conscience-free individuals yanking our heart strings.

12:15 am pdt: 

Rising is 22AQ07 with RFK’s natal 11th house of Groups/Associations/Hopes and Wishes and natal Moon posited there, with 6Sag10 at Midheaven, the most visible point in any chart indicating the WHY? or Aspiration Point.

Sagittarius is ruled by expansive explorer Jupiter so you know the Quest was involved as part of, if not all of, the reason for the assassination of another Democrat from the Kennedy Clan. Guess they’d gotten too big for their britches or sumthin’…too close to the sacred flame.

And Jupiterian largesse had to be involved as well. War profiteering reigned supreme then as now.

It is no accident that ‘eternal flames’ decorate many gravesites of early-fallen leaders and major figures on the world stage. Eternal flame as trophy in a sense.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is in first house (Self; Physical Body) and is located in Aries (the head); RFK was shot fatally in the head (among other wounds–natal Chiron also in Aries) and he died almost 26 hours later.

Recently it’s come to my attention that there may be another investigation opened. For such an enormous abomination which deeply effected the populace (a tactic of the globalist plan, as we now see, and the undermining demoralization remains ongoing) the case was closed prematurely.)

But one must be careful who does the investigating and “probing” (one of Washington’s most oft-used words for obvious reasons) lest the usual whitewashing be spread thick.  Whitewash is quite thin, you know, so what a tiresome task that would be.

Well, it’s taken two days to coax the tech grems into allowing me in the door here and my time is limited for blogging this morning. But in the assassination chart there is a wildly interesting triple conjunction which by 12:15 am was beyond the tr 8th cusp and had moved into 7th house. There remains controversy over a young couple ‘running away’ who may have been among the shooters — they may be represented by the Geminian Venus and Mars snugged awfully close to the Sun (Sun = the leader; where we shine and he dazzled that night, didn’t he?

So there’s Pluto 20Vir11, Uranus 25Vir05, and Moon 28Vir32. The Great Conj of Uranus and Pluto (every 127 years) in 1965/66 (16Vir–17Vir10) electrified Bob Dylan’s music and added to the flower power generation’s revolutionary and restless spirit. We were dancin’ AND marchin’ in the streets.

This triple conj forms a midpoint picture to be considered:

Moon/Pluto = Uranus: identification with the world; intensity out of hand; a nervous crisis through excesses; tremendous personal projection.

That’s what Robert Kennedy had been up to on the campaign trail, all right. He identified with the world and had to be stopped by those whose fine feathers he would ruffle from the Oval Office were he to get elected.

As you know, the combo of the emotional Moon with intense, deep, and richly transformative Pluto describes all manner of things such as extreme expressions of feelings, emotional excitability; fanatical zeal; jealousy, conceit or offended vanity, personal insults; inner shocks; blood diseases–and charisma, publicity, fame, and influence with the masses.

Mix in the disruptive, spark-of-genious energy of electrical Uranus and you have an over-the-top situation on several levels.

RFK intended to be on his way to Chicago and would, it seemed, be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States. His enemies showed patterns of behavior which are clear concerning America’s assassination problem–there are powerful elements that simply remove those who stand in their way.

In the 8th house of Death crouches the South Node (of the Moon, a Saturnian and separative point) with Rx Ceres, an asteroid representing ‘security’ in a mundane chart–she’s Rx and near SN–the LAPD refused to provide security for Kennedy’s safety while he was in Los Angeles…and Saturn, planet of authority and responsibility) is conj NN! Handy for someone, eh?

So RFK met (NN) restrictive, grim-faced Saturn as security (Ceres) was denied by the dragon’s tail (SN), a circumstance repeating from the past.

And now for a few Sun Gem/Moon Virgo details from the Harvey’s book, ‘Sun Sign, Moon Sign.’

The following Sun/Moon details for the assassination (first shot) of Robert Kennedy are the same as those of his brother, Jack (natally) and no one would deny that ignoring the fact that the RFK hit following in the hoofprints of JFK’s martyrdom (in a Masonic Square in Dallas) sends the wrong message to present-day elitists, world bankers, sheiks, princes, robber barons, and other bandits, both seen and unseen. 

We-the-People continue to ignore the wider view at own peril and at the expense of our nation’s sovereignty.~

RFK shot June 5, 1968; and JFK natal (May 29. 1917; 3:00 pm est, Brookline, MA):

Sun Gem/Moon Vir (Air-Earth): a combo with much mental energy, a true restless worrier. There is a deep sense of service based on ‘divine discontent’ in this analytical pairing; an ability for clear expression is usually evident and intellectual pursuits and possibly artistic interests are part of the personality.

Finding fault and over-anxiety are two favorite tendencies with this combination. Yet there are technical skills coupled with teaching talents. Zestful, logical, and investigative, this perfectionist blend has an independent streak that can show a painful awkwardness when feelings need to be expressed.

The Images for Integration: ‘A specialist in nervous disease gives a lecture in aid of local charities…An art critic gives a brilliant master class…Gaugin’s ‘Arearea.’

In honor of both men–who acted their public roles within the ancient ‘noblesse oblige’ tradition which kept the wolf from the rabble’s door in many cases while it had at least a chance of rescuing the social fabric from out of the tatter bin–I shall close with a quote from President Kennedy along with the Images for Integration for Bobby Kennedy’s natal Sun Scorpio/Moon Capricorn…I believe both word pictures were demonstrated in excruciating detail that fateful night at the Ambassador Hotel…my prayer on this 40th anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s sacrifice is that America never face such a time again.

Sun Sco/Moon Cap: ‘A general leads his troops to victory…A film director plans each shot to maximize its emotional impact.’

“If we cannot end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.”  JFK


note to 2008 and beyond: that’s supposed to be “safe for diversity” not for “democracy.”



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