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Barack’s war and peace contradictions

Barack Obama and the Iraq War
By Shamus Cooke
If he is eventually elected President, the contradiction between Obama’s public anti-war face and his real pro-war beliefs will produce incredible shock and disappointment in millions of people.
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article19995.htm  #
Well, we know they’ll say anything (artfully rationalized) to get themselves elected.
And as stated here and elsewhere, no one gets to be seriously considered as a US presidential candidate unless and until they’ve been vetted by the powers-that-be…the financiers and speculators who are rolling in war profiteering dough and have more plans for chaos on the way.
Yes, 2009’s “winner” is very important to the elite. This race is about who can shove the swill down our throats the quicker and with the least amount of trouble.
But that’s American Politics, one of the fakest and most corrupt endeavors anyone could aspire to command and spew propaganda for.
Well, bless my Aunt Granny Fanny, I can’t wait to see who tops the charts come November, or whenever the ‘results’ are tallied (Mercury will be Rx–do-overs and recounts again? Florida and Michigan problems?)
Whichever political thespian it turns out to be, we’ll know exactly who’s tops with the elite powermongers of the world…the one they think will best do their bidding. And the race goes to…

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  1. Stella, that’s ‘wizened’ perhaps, ‘wiseacre’
    definitely! Thanks for finding my blurbs here–hope
    there’s something useful for you here.

    The vexatious infestations of Washington grumped me up some years ago and i don’t like what they have coming down the Pike with our names on it…they’ve hornswoggled our America out from under us.

    Someone elsewhere asked me about marching, etc, but that’s what they want. Pretext, you know.

    Well, Word Press seems to be ‘more visible’ than blogspottin’…so i’m happy as a puppy with 2 tails that you dropped by and thanks a bunch for your kind comments, jude

    ps: got blog or site? ;p



    June 1, 2008 at 8:53 am

  2. Thank you!! I’m so grateful to see wise political commentary combined with astrology. It’s been really frustrating to witness the majority of astrologers (at least the ones writing about politics) jump right on board with the election rhetoric, utilizing their astro-skills to predict “who will win the election?” while ignoring overwhelming evidence that the previous 2 elections were stolen. How about astrology as a tool for giving a higher perspective on all this madness? Thanks again for your writing – I’m really happy I came across your blog, and I’ll keep reading…



    May 31, 2008 at 6:28 pm

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