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Chiron and North Node in Aquarius

Have you been wondering about the meaning of the conjunction of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, with North Node, a joining point of destiny, and what it might have in store as they dance together in Aquarius?

So have I, so I scouted out a wonderful and enlightening article by Julie Demboski here:


The upcoming Mercury Retrograde period is a partner in the dance, so look to the involved areas in your chart to see how you’re affected in the healing and/or talent department, and let Julie explain the details!

Mercury Rx: May 26 (21Gem31);

Direct Station: June 19 (12Gem59);

Out of shadow period: July 4/5 (21Gem31.)

Because Mercury the Messenger travels so quickly, it will be forward-moving within a day of reaching 21Gem31 when Mercurial things (like election issues) can then proceed further into Gemini, one of its natural signs.

~The above dates and degrees are from an old fashioned ephemeris, the hard copy kind printed on paper and thus may not be as accurate as your Astrology software. I will get the exact dates and times today as I plan for an article on the subject relating to the presidential campaign and a certain candidate. jc



A poem for Hillary (5.25.08)

Hillary Clinton 2008  Here’s a freshly written poem for Hillary…


When loos’ed lips are sinking ships

along with campaign runs

a lady tired may soon be fired

though sticking to her guns

I’ll not drop out we hear her pout

my rival may be shot

in June perhaps while someone naps

then I will take his slot

You won’t regret this teacher’s pet

upon the stage I’ll stride

my years of service don’t forget

have filled me with such pride

a Senate seat was rather sweet

it tided me awhile

but there’s one thing your votes can bring

designed to make me smile

Now send me up and fill my cup

with power so sublime

the new world order will salute

my pantsuit it’s my time

Who eats my dust in campaigns must

agree with me and then

you’ll wonder why I had to cry

to vanquish all the men.


jc  5.25.08


Collage: His American Majesty

His American Majesty

Guess who? it’s a paper collage of our lame quacker with a meercat upon his snoot.

His American Majesty by jude cowell (c) 2008

Bush’s ‘red legacy’ will outlast a proposed ‘blue legacy’

War Abroad and Poverty at Home

By Paul Craig Roberts
The “world’s only superpower” is so broke it can’t even finance its own wars.
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article19977.htm  #
Even if George Bush creates marine reserves in every ocean in order to leave behind a so-called ‘blue legacy’ to polish up his overspent and warring presidency, the red ink he’s leaving behind for the American people to swim in will drown it out–and that’s not even mentioning the red life’s blood of millions of people spilled with Bush at the helm.
Years ago, when I was a member of The Fray at Slate Magazine, I wrote against the wasting of American soldiers, weaponry, and money as being part of al-Qaeda’s long range plan to take down our nation. You can hardly imagine the crude barbs directed at my stupidity for saying that super-rich America could be ever bankrupted and weakened by any means. Some of them were in on the game, but not the average self-imagined elitist.
Seems The Fray’s many neocon Bush supporters of the day believed that America’s pockets were deep as the oceans and absolutely impossible to deplete.
Why, according to them, little me (writing as ‘peacely2’) bordered on being unpatriotic and quite mad, as you may imagine. Vitriol met all my attempts to warn against wasting our treasure.
But it’s 2008 and our treasure is lost after several years of Bush speculation and waste, so I hope those incredulous Fraysters have their credit card bills up to date, because it’s no longer a cerebral argument or a rude bragfest.
Perhaps their eyes have been opened by recent developments, now that the wolf is at the door along with the barbarian at the gate–and thanks must go to the neocons, their puppetmasters, minions, enablers, and dupes…pocket-liners all, at US taxpayers’ expense. 
And I must remember to thank George W. Bush above all for he’s been the mouthpiece of globalists everywhere.
He defined his presidential job early on, you know–as “catapultin’ propaganda,” and he’s filled those boots rather too well with his natal Ascendant (Asc = his nibs himself) at “8 Leo”…
“A Bolshevik propagandist.”
In his book on the Sabian Symbols, “An Astrological Mandala” Dane Rudhyar adds to this word picture. You may not like it, but I’m giving it to you anyway…
“A Communist Activist Spreading His Revolutionary Ideals”…
Keynote: The emotional and ideological attempt to return to a state of non-differentiation and chaos as a prelude to a new type of order.”
CATABOLIC ACTION…one witnesses a struggle for personal and dictatorial power.#
It will be interesting to see who the NWO allows into the Oval Office on Jan 20, 2009, for you can be sure of it–they haven’t planned and worked for so many years only to give up control of the White House now.

May 30’s US Progressed Moon to Ascendant: change of identity

It’s almost here–the progression of America’s Secondary (Sec) Moon 27Leo11 to Sec ASC occurring on May 30, 2008 (based on the July 4, 1776 natal chart, 5:10 pm LMT.) See article here:


This angular event is occurring during the Gibbous Lunar phase in preparation for our Sec Progressed Full Moon on December 24 (see Pages in sidebar, Progressed chart included) across the Virgo/Pisces axis.

The Gibbous phase is a period of asking, Why? and of working toward clarification of personal and socio-cultural issues; illumination is required because a goal is in view. This phase has been a good time for presidential campaign interests and questions. And most people may see this goal as evicting Bush from the White House, his lunar ‘home’ for lo these long long years.

Natally the Gibbous phase is shared by: FDR,  J.P. Morgan, Lord Byron, George Gershwin, Louis Pasteur, Nakita Khrushchev, Sir Isaac Newton, and Napoleon I. Don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself particularly mentioning (and hearing of) FDR and J.P. Morgan quite a bit in recent years.

While this Sun Pisces/Moon Leo blend is in effect, let’s take a peek at the details for this Water-Fire combination so soon to become Water-Earth on Christmas Eve Day ’08:

Sun Pisces-Moon Leo is emotional, moody, yet sociable, with communicative abilities, compassion, and idealism galore. Instability and depression may be prominent as well with Sun in Water and Moon in Fire.

Pisces-Leo is the star-servant combination possessing the kind heart of a humanitarian with the flair of a thespian especially when feeling neglected or invisible.

But the progression of Sec Moon into 1st house of Self will bring the American people more into view–and one assumes into the view of a new president. This promised identity change in our Progressed chart is, I believe, part of having a new White House occupant since the president represents the people to the rest of the world.

There is, however, a tendency toward self-dramatization which Leo always provides, and fear of competition is common with the sign of self-doubting Pisces…but this phase is ending soon.

There is one ‘Image for Integration’ for this blend:

“Cinderella sits by the fire mending her ballgown and daydreaming about her romantic evening of dance, glamour, and high drama.” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Shades of TV’s Dancing with the Stars?!! So You Think You Can Dance? ;p

Well, the time for daydreaming is ending as Sec Moon leaves the secretive behind-the-scenes 12th house, crosses the Ascendant, and nears the more serious sign of Virgo.

You may read more about this important change in the American people’s personality and persona in the world while viewing May 30’s Sec Progressed chart for yourself by clicking the above link to visit Stars Over Washington, if you so please.

And there’s a Royal Star of Persia rising in the Progressed chart, too, and another Fixed Star, Capulus, at Midheaven, the Aspirations/Career/Public Status point.

Capulus tends to add lots of turbulence to things, and a focused, direct, and ruthless energy. ‘Capitol’ Hill is awash with its energy, I’d say, and hasty actions have far-reaching effects when Capulus is involved.

Brady’s ‘Book of Fixed Stars’ gives Capulus’ keywords as: “male kundalini energy” and a leaning toward an “if it can be touched, weighed, or seen, then it has existence” mentality. This can bring savagery in dismissing the intuitive side of life (as we’ve observed ad nauseum from the Bush administration.)

But since man was created with the functions and benefits of a left AND a right brain, it seems to me that politicians of this persuasion look totally silly and completely unintelligent with only half a brain.

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