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Jupiter in Barack Obama’s natal chart

With his Jupiter Return occurring Jan 9, 2009, and natal Jupiter at 00AQ56 Rx, I’m looking today at jovial Jupiter, the Great Benefic, in Senator Obama’s chart. Becoming US president would be quite some Jupiter Return, wouldn’t it? Well, astrologically speaking, the timing is perfect for such a reward.

With Jupiter in an out-of-sign conjunction with the other societal planet, Saturn 25Cap22 Rx, Obama has driving ambition and the means to assert himself in the world. Robert Pelletier, in his ‘Planets in Aspect’ says this conjunction indicates one who is: hopeful yet realistic, assertive yet deliberate, and eager yet serious.

The balance is due to Jupiter’s expansion principle aligned with Saturn’s restrictive principle.

And because Obama’s conj is between Capricorn and Aquarius, both signs ruled by Saturn, their being out-of-sign is not quite as complex as it would be with two other signs side-by-side in the zodiac…Cap and AQ have affinity which is absent with other neighboring signs, for a sign following is a reaction to the sign before it–and often in negative fashion shown by lack of patience. Further along on the evolutionary wheel, you know.

Capricorn’s Saturn is tradition and the past, while Aquarius’ link to high-frequency Uranus brings in progress toward the future.

People with Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions tend to have vivid mental pictures of their futures already realized, and the drive to make it happen unless negative factors interfere. One may assume that the Senator is handling this conj quite well so far. Generally he prefers proven methods to get what he wants but it’s not enough unless it satisfies his clear mental vision.

He seldom allows non-productive projects to waste his time (Saturn rules Time) and respects the lessons of history. Having a retentive memory is a plus of Jupiter-conj-Saturn. Obama is ostentatious (audacious?) enough to believe in himself, yet cautious enough to stay within his limits.

The main problem with this conj is a tendency to overdo to the point of physical exhaustion. Even leisure reading involves informative books related to his professional life for he’s never satisfied with the breadth of his knowledge.

Now I’m still using Obama’s Sunrise (Solar) chart since his exact birth time hasn’t surfaced (I assume) so when I progressed his natal chart to this morning, it was surprising to see that Secondary Moon is at 00AQ50–conj natal Jupiter. 

The Secondary Moon is an excellent timer for daily life, and Moon/Jupiter contacts are generally happy, expansive ones. Home life often goes well under Moon-Jupiter contacts.

That Sec Moon = a woman, and that this reluctant astrologer is one of those reflecting light upon his natal Jupiter is a tiny indication, if any!

Also in Obama’s Secondary Progressions, Jupiter continues to be Rx and has ‘backed up’ to 27Cap20–conj US natal Pluto at the “A Large Aviary” degree. Saturn is now at 23Cap17 Rx, where Jupiter has been transiting of late.

Since Sec Moon has been moseying through his Sec Jupiter/Saturn conj, midpoint pictures are created…currently it’s this one:

Moon/Saturn = Jupiter: sense of law and order prevails; appreciating why certain controls are necessary; feeling confident about structure; conscientiousness and a sense of duty; successful self-reliance; separating without sadness; quiet happiness; a journey. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

As with all midpoint pics, it’s an ‘all, none, or some combination’ deal. (The possibilities may also express on a timed basis – a level of expression with one triggering, another at a later time, etc.)

Jupiter in Aquarius! McCain and Clinton both have natal Jupiter in Sagittarius, but let’s look at the Aquarian Jupiter using Stephen Arroyo’s ‘Exploring Jupiter’ for details on this Airy, mentally expanded Jupiter.

First, Jupiter in Air gives great intellectual energy and an inner faith which is stimulated by communicating with people, exploring new ideas, and by making social improvements. There’s a broad curiosity about people and ideas (which would be a refreshing change from 8 years of President Incurious, wouldn’t it?)

In the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, Jupiter gives optimism and trust in the unity of all humanity with broad tolerance of the free expression of others. Daring experimentation is possible through risk-taker Uranus’ influence, and there is an unconventional streak there as well. Saturn’s control introduces caution, however, when it comes to taking emotional risks.

There can be extreme ideas and beliefs with Jupiter in AQ, and vacillation between quite contradictory concepts. Willful, independent, and contrary may describe the Aquarian Jupiter (and I should know for I have such a child.)

Walt Whitman’s Jupiter is in AQ…

“Do I contradict myself?

Very well then

I contradict myself, I contain multitudes.”

This contradictoriness may help explain some of Obama’s seeming lack of definition for his positions…his Jupiter, planet of the Higher Mind, is in forward-looking Aquarius and has an inventiveness and imagination not always appreciated by status quo types.

And if you read my entry concerning Obama’s Mercury in Leo, you’ll see that details are usually left for others to tie up and down. Plus, Obama’s Mercury is opposite Jupiter which adds to his insatiable appetite for learning, yet increases his lack of attention to details as it broadens the mind. Closer listening to others helps these tendencies.

Jupiter in AQ is often drawn to government service, and astrologer Marcia Moore called this placement, “the ideal democrat with a knack for handling groups of people.”

Handling and distributing money is also typical with an Aquarian Jupiter, and I ask you: what would a politician be without money to handle?

Here’s an interesting list of famous folk who share Jupiter in AQ:

Gov Jerry Brown, Marilyn Monroe, Isadora Duncan, Elizabeth II, Thomas Merton, Grant Lewi, Helena Blavatsky, Herman Melville, Vaslav Nijinski, Ed Sullivan, Alec Guiness, and Albert Einstein.

And my son, the prog rock drummer!


~~Barack Obama, Aug 4, 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii, Sun 12Leo01 at sunrise, Moon 26Tau19; I am now using the surfaced ‘7:24 pm’ birth time.


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