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The Pope Blessing the Faithful: 30 Sagittarius

In glancing at Pope Benedict’s natal chart, it’s clear what’s going on–Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter popped right out, a transit indicating long-distance travel and a broadening of horizons and experiences. New paths are the usual result of this transit and traveling to new places certainly describes the pope’s visit to America this week.

Other possible manifestions of Uranus to natal Jupiter are expressions of freedom and independence in one’s choice of political and religious affiliations. (Interesting, for as in life, Astrology works on the AC-DC principle–the energy may manifest in either or both directions at once or alternatively–prez to Pope or vice versa.)

As you know, Shepherd One touched down at Andrews AFB Tuesday afternoon with Bush, Mrs. Bush, and daughter Jenna on call to meet and greet him. Naturally, one wants to see if anything–planet, asteroid, or whatnot–is now positioned at “30 Sagittarius,” for in the Sabian Symbols, this is “The Pope Blessing the Faithful” degree.

Well I’m glad you asked, for there is: asteroid JUNO, the wife (29Sag40.)

And since Jenna is engaged it occurred to me to wonder if the Pope’s visit to the White House was actually something of a wedding consultaton! You see, Mars (18Can14) is at the “A priest performing a marriage ceremony” degree, so wedding plans seem to be in the air along with Shepherd One all decorated with US and papal flags.

And yet Laura is said to have been Methodist all her life, while George converted from Episcopalian…on the surface, at least. (If my church condoned bombing the Holy Land to smithereens I’d be finding me another church, wouldn’t you?) Is Jenna’s soon-to-be Catholic?

So perhaps Pope Benedict, the birthday boy,  is here to give Jenna marriage advice on top of taking a political audience with her father because the boys must have much to discuss concerning the world revolution they’ve been involved in.

Plus, you know that keywords for JUNO include: ‘the abuser or the abused’, so pedophile priests are on the menu. The Pope made a statement (or was it an apology?) concerning the subject while still onboard his plane, I heard, and Vatican coffers and pews have suffered in recent years for obvious reasons…and well-deserved, imho.

~~Perhaps it’s time to add here what I’ve mentioned before–that some of the kindest people I’ve known all through my life have been of the Catholic persuasion–they really put their faith into action for their fellow beings. Just don’t get me started on the Vatican and the church hierarchy and we’ll do fine together, because I am not a fan of the papacy and have never minded saying so.~~

Here I quote from Dane Rudhyar’s ‘An Astrological Mandala’ the details for “30Sag”, “The Pope Blessing the Faithful” and keeping in mind the world domination plans of the *hidden hand through the centuries–the secret organizations determined to rule the world, destroy religion as we know it, and spread global revolution bwo chaos, mayhem, and the dissolution of the world’s social fabric:

“Keynote: The need to pay homage to traditional values upon which the Invisible Community of the spirit is built.

The concrete integration of myriads of human individuals within a great religious institution with a long tradition reflects, as well as having produced century after century, an invisible spiritual community.

The “flag-bearer” (“26Sag”) has now become the “Pope,” who assumes the role of God’s representative on earth. It is a role, but culture is based on embodying great Images and deeply moving sumbols in physical reality.

The symbol asks of the individual: ‘Are you willing to live a transpersonal life as a symbol?’ A collectivity of human beings is seen having ‘transferred’ their sense of spiritual value to a man who has become an incarnation of their common ideal.


It can be a blessing or in some cases, a curse.”


Well, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t transferred my sense of spiritual value to any man on earth…not in the Vatican, the mosque, or (gag)–the White House. Use of the word “spirit” may have positive or negative connotations, kind or sinister, and we see what Bush and his syndicate cronies have produced in the world so far. All goes successfully, says Cheney, and I believe that from their exalted perspective, it does.

So to my mind, the word “curse” fits “the elite”–the new world government types perfectly.


*hidden hand, secret organizations, revolutions by design, spirit Godly or Satanic–all from “The Secret History of the West” by Nicholas Hagger–if you haven’t read it, I recommend the book to you for an unusual overview of 550 years of history as directed by the real powers in the world with the true purpose of the Illuminati being “nothing less than to win power and riches, to undermine secular or religious government, and to obtain mastery of the world.” –Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian sect of the Illuminati.


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