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Celeb Charts: Amy Winehouse 9.14.83 w death transits

UPDATE July 24, 2011

This is an update I regret having to make, for while I was out of town this weekend, some very sad events occurred, a horrendous massacre in Oslo, Norway, and the death of Amy Winehouse whose Sun-to-Midheaven natal chart you see below.

There are several difficult transits just now to the talented singer’s natal planets with ruler-of-needles and other sharp instruments Mars being most active: a square to her natal Sun and Mercury, and oppositions to natal Neptune and to n Moon (though her precise hour of birth is unknown, her Jupiter-ruled Sagittarian Moon near drug-using Neptune during the 24-hour period of her birth date is too descriptive to ignore. So Mars opposes natal Moon and Neptune, if not last Friday, then recently.

Thus a midpoint picture is formed…

Moon/Neptune oppo tr Mars: nervous troubles through unnatural practices; weakened natural powers in relation to the sex life; irritability; danger of infection. (She’s been plagued by emphysema, as you know, along with drug addiction in which alcohol must be included.)

Two other midpoint pictures are formed by a transiting planet which is often associated with loss, restriction (of air to breathe?), or death: Saturn, now in Libra. And though we might be tempted to think, “Uh-oh, her Saturn Return brought lessons she ignored, age 27” when we hear of a person’s death around that age, the timing is off in this case.

For Amy Winehouse was born with Saturn in very early Scorpio and so her tragic death occurred prior to her Saturn Return (as did Janis Joplin’s at age 27; see ‘Nodal Half-Return’ below.)

And Scorpio is a sign of drugs, along with Pisces, though Scorpio often prefers the intervenous variety.

The two midpt pictures formed by tr Saturn are:

Natal Sun/Pluto = tr Saturn: physical impediment; restriction; separation by a Higher Power.
N Mercury/Pluto = tr Saturn: nervous irritation through overwork; exposure to heavy and bitter attacks.

(Note: as usual with midpt pictures, any, all, or none may apply; Mars squaring and opposing natal planets can indeed support the potential for ‘attacks’ though whether from the results of disease, a bad batch of heroin, or from an opponent or opponents (Mars in dualistic Gemini, sign also of siblings) within the environment I cannot say especially until and if more details come out.)

Supporting a theme of separation is the factor of a Nodal Half-Return (tr NN to natal SN, and vice versa, a time when relationships not strong enough for current stresses may suddenly break apart–or, it seems, the thread of life may be broken irreparably.)

Transit Pluto 5Cap37 Rx also makes a difficult aspect to n Mars in Leo, a sesquisquare (interlocked squares, 135 degr, which may have health connotations) showing complex circumtances which in the case of the singer, may relate directly to drug use (Pluto, ruled by Saturn.)

Also making three sesquisquares to n Moon, Sun, and Mercury is expansive Jupiter in Taurus (sign of the throat) so her recent performances that were confused and slovenly (sorry, I had to type it) can be described by Jupiter’s tendency to overdo things–too much of a good thing can turn into too much of a bad thing and lead to death.

Actually, tr Jupiter of ‘slippery slope’ fame is often active at times of death (as is the tr Moon) but I prefer to be unspecific since I don’t have Ms. Winehouse’s correct times of birth or death.)

Tr Neptune 00Pis20 Rx (Pisces, sign of negative escapism) opposes n Venus (venal; veins) so it’s been a time of jealousy, revenge, and/or a dissolution of relationships, values, and possibly of material possessions.

Well, there are more factors to consider here but I confess that this is an update I never wished to write at all and I’m feeling melancholy thinking of the music world’s loss. Personally I shall sorely miss such a vibrant, sultry voice being in this old world as I suspect you will, too, if you are reading this.

As for her psyche, my suspicion is that Amy Winehouse couldn’t believe in herself or in her own existence, a temdency made worse by her natal Moon out-of-bounds, a planetary ocndition which, if the Moon is all that’s OOBs, results in a faulty connection with Mother and by extention, with the rest of the world. Whatever her emotional demons (Moon conjunct Neptune), Amy Winehouse is now at peace, and my heart goes out to her family and friends, and to all her many saddened fans.

My original post begins here, sans any edits at all:

Amy Winehouse Sept 14, 1983

Amy Winehouse was born Sept 14, 1983 in an area of London, England at some point during those 24 hours…aka “birth time unverified” or “time unknown.”

Yet natal horoscopes or birth charts (or ‘maps’) must be set for some hour + minute so often when considering the natal charts of  famous folk,  whether artists, musicians, political figures–whomever you place under your microscope–Sunrise or *Sun-to-Midheaven (the pinnacle of Public Status in the chart) is in view.

In the case of Amy Winehouse, a Sun-to-Mc chart is pictured here and which seemed a ‘given’ when I saw that asteroid Terpsichore was rising in the chart! Music is playing, and her talents are genuine and inherited to some degree…see her Moon near artistic Neptune. During the 24-hour period of her birthdate, Moon is near enough slow-moving Neptune to cause me to add a Moon/Neptune conjunction to her credit…see what you think of Moon conj Neptune:

imaginative, creative, and emotionally sensitve, there is otherworldly romance in this pairing. Both Moon and Neptune represent unstable energies, and with Neptune’s linkage with negative escapists tendencies, there is psychic receptivity along with a love of daydreaming.

Moon/Neptune conjunctions are the “patsy for the needy” duo esp when conjoined.

In ‘Oken’s Complete Astrology’ Alan Oken calls this aspect between these very feminine influences “The Visionary” OR “The Escapist.” What did I tell ya?

Sadly, the needy people she encounters bring difficulties into her life (as they could for anyone) and usually tend to blame her when all their problems are not magically solved (by Amy.) Emotional disappointments may follow on one or both sides as the afflicted who do feel raised up soon desert her when things improve for them. She is left alone when they fancy they don’t need her anymore. This may have been her story until her Blake and their marriage. And now?

Well, as you know, Blake is now incarcerated (which is also a form of ‘leaving’ her alone.)

Moon/Neptune conjs indicate high idealism and an ability to self-mesmerize (a habit which makes it impossible to know with whom you are partnering. Alcohol and other drugs add to the tendency and to the misunderstandings. The thud later on must be deafening, I should imagine.)

Others may find it impossible to live up to Ms. Winehouse’s dreams of them for her expectations are sky-bound. Amy feels disoriented when meeting new people so she tends to characterize them according to her own way of thinking. This also causes the wake-up-later-on feeling that she never knew the person who has disillusioned her–the truth is, she didn’t because of pre-conceived illusions about their true characters.


These Moon/Neptune traits may be experienced by any or all of us even without the conj–bwo transits, progressions, etc–how we react is up to us. Stronger people have defenses against what is actually intrusions from elementals unless a forceful defense is put up psychically against them. Ms. Winehouse has her demons as do most of us but hers are consuming her as we watch. Personally, I’d rather watch and hear Terpsichore SING than self-destruct, how about you?

My hope is that her pharmacist Mother, sister…whoever really cares about Amy will do what they can to keep her safe from herself. It isn’t easy, I know, esp with Chiron opposite rebellious Uranus, for drugs are a grave danger with this ferocious aspect’s penchant for chaos and burning out. (‘Chiron’ by Barbara Hand Clow.)

This conj is one of the significators for adrenal exhaustion due to repeated shocks and upheavals and with Moon (mother; family; the past; the physical body) conj leaky, drippy Neptune, Amy’s infancy and childhood may be at the base of the emotional bottomless pit at the bottom of her glass.

Must mosey–there’s a lot more info on this complex and driven Amy Winehouse lady of such talent, but I must return to complete this entry as time permits.

Next we’ll take a closer look at her natal Chiron, ‘the Key’ and ‘the Blindspot,’ plus, transiting Saturn-opposite-Uranus will be triggering her natal Sun (ego; purpose; essence; adult self) near the end opf 2008, and we’ll talk about these sharp contacts which could have health connotations (although one hopes not) or indicate relationship breaks.

And while we’re at it, we’ll have a small, discreet peep next time at her creative, frisky Venus/Mars conjunction in romantic Leo…Rrrraorrrrwrrr-r-r-r!


*Astrology Note: Sun to the top of the chart, or Midheaven (MC) is the WHY? Point, the Aspirations/Goals Point of any chart yet either a Sunrise or a Sun Culminating chart may give ego recognition as well as creative information when you’re snooping through the stars.

Update April 2008–Amy on Richest List!   http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20195377,00.html

UPDATE May 17, 2008: on Amy’s natal Venus/Mars conjunction in romance-loving Leo…this shows a strong desire nature as we would expect, for Venus natally shows what we attract and are attracted to, and lusty Mars shows what we desire. In this case they are one in the same.

Venus conj Mars doesn’t mind making the first move in love relationships and may be considered pushy by some. There is an eagerness for social contact here but with a lack of discrimination about the types of people she associates with. Fulfillment is gained by working with the public in some creative way along with co-workers (bandmates) and this helps avoid the dreaded boredom. Frequent drug use may be part of the boredom-avoidance syndrome as well. 

This conjunction gives her a “live wire” quality which is very useful onstage, but perhaps not conducive to long term relationships…still, she loves crises generated by close human encounters.

It also indicates an attraction to aggressive, active, and amorous people but if they try to exercise control over her, it’s a no-go, for Amy won’t tolerate anyone trying to restrict her. This is probably obvious from her “No no no” to rehab, and other law-unto-herself behaviours.

Yes, Venus/Mars conjunction folk expect others to make many concessions to them while they don’t make them without a lot of thought, and then reluctantly, for doing so interferes with their sense of personal freedom. Entering rehab facilities would definitely do that, wouldn’t it?

This is the “love ’em and leave ’em” aspect which can cause potential mates to seek elsewhere if they’re wanting a binding relationship, and her demands for attention, approval, and applause are like a lioness who rules the pride. In fact, idolization is okay by her, so keep it up, world.

Leo is, of course, the sign of the entertainer, and having Venus/Mars in Leo gives her a generous and warm nature which helps explain some of the massive appeal of Amy Winehouse…that, and her voice and talent easily doing the rest!


Here’s an Amy Update from Jan 12, 2009 concerning her cavorting and Blake’s divorcing:



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  1. She does have some difficult transits upcoming and with the Saturn-Uranus opposition, there could be a breakup from her Blake incarcerated–Uranus’ freedom vs restriction.

    Thanks, Monica, glad you found her chart–I probably wrote “Page” when I should have meant “post” plus I’m glad you clarified something for me–I had always thought that it was great mimes who thought alike! ;p

    Your Jupiter-Pandora article is stuffed full of insight and info–what’s not to reread?! Is there another article we all should know about? jc



    May 14, 2008 at 10:46 pm

  2. Great minds think alike! Amy may have gotten off this time, but I think she is going to have to pay the piper when Saturn gets to 21 degrees of Virgo, conjuncting her Midheaven and her Sun. (You say as much in your post above.) I don’t have my ephemeris close at hand, but I know off the top of my head that Saturn will be opposing Uranus in Pisces close to this degree in early November. That opposition will also draw in Amy’s Mercury. Will there be a sudden split or an accident? Mars in Virgo is in the mix in August. Amy needs to be careful or she’s going to land back in the hospital again. Also, if she is involved in an accident that hurts someone else, the public and the law aren’t going to be so forgiving of her antics.



    May 14, 2008 at 8:55 pm

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